The 7 Best Hunting Clothing Brands


Whether you are hunting a cool fall morning or hunting a severe and brutal winter, you don’t have to worry about that as a hunter. Instead, make every effort you can to choose the best hunting clothing for your hunting conditions.

There is no limit to the number of players in the marketplace when it comes to hunting clothing. However, for any serious hunters out there. When it comes to quality, there are only a few hunting clothing brands that are worth their weight in gold.

We’ve covered the Top 7 Hunting Clothing Brands (In Our Opinion – Which is all that counts, right?)

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When it comes to hunting gear, no brand has garnered as much popularity and recognition in recent years as KUIU. Renowned for its extensive range of cutting-edge equipment, including high-performance clothing, durable packs, and a diverse selection of accessories, KUIU stands out from the competition.

KUIU’s unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality and innovation sets it apart. With advanced materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, their gear exceeds industry standards. Their exceptional clothing ensures optimal performance, from temperature-regulating base layers to waterproof outer shells. Additionally, KUIU offers reliable packs and a comprehensive range of accessories to enhance your hunting experience. With KUIU, you not only get superior gear but also exceptional customer service from a team of knowledgeable experts.

What Sets KUIU Apart From Its Competitors?

KUIU’s top technology lies in its innovative use of Toray fabric. This high-performance material, developed in collaboration with the renowned Japanese textile manufacturer Toray, sets KUIU gear apart. The Toray fabric offers exceptional durability, lightweight comfort, impressive breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and wind resistance.

It also provides excellent water repellency, ensuring hunters stay dry and comfortable in wet environments. By incorporating Toray fabric, KUIU enhances the overall performance, mobility, and endurance of their gear, allowing hunters to focus on the thrill of the hunt with confidence.

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2. Sitka

Sitka has to be one of the most well-known and most talked about hunting clothing brands around the world. They’ve been in the hunting clothing business for many years and have clothed some of the best well-known hunters in the world.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter with years of hunting to your credit or just starting to really get into the hunting spirit, one thing that every hunter knows is the importance of having all the necessary hunting gear, and the right hunting clothing for the hunting conditions you may face.

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We all know that the right pair of hunting pants, and the right hunting jacket will get us through any weather condition we might encounter. There’s also no doubt that a solid comfortable pair of hunting boots are necessary for a successful hunt, so knowing the top hunting clothing brands are a key to having an enjoyable and successful hunting trip.

What Sets Sitka Apart From Its Competitors?

SITKA Gear understands the value of technology and how to use it to benefit the hunters their brand serves.

Sitka Hunting Clothing is made to withstand the toughest hunting conditions. That’s why they choose to employ such technologies as, GORE-TEX®, GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER®, Polygiene and PrimaLoft®. These high-tech materials allow them to provide hunters with only the best hunting apparel on the market today.

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3. Drake Waterfowl

Drake is another hunting clothing brand that has created a wide variety of hunting gear that is very popular with duck hunters. However, Drake Waterfowl hunting clothing is fast becoming a favorite with big game hunters. Drake Waterfowl offers everything a hunter could need ranging from hunting clothing, to hunting bags, and even hunting accessories.

What Sets Drake Apart From Its Competitors?

One very unique thing about Drake Waterfowl hunting clothing is that they produce a variety of different hunting clothes series, each hunting clothes series has been created to address the special hunting conditions and circumstances the hunter might find themselves in while hunting.

For example, Drake hunting clothing has a full line-up of hunting jackets, vests, hunting pants, duck waders, and hoodies. All of their hunting clothing uses a lot of different fabrics with different camouflage patterns that will provide a hunter with full concealment, weather protection, and temperature regulation. All of which is very important for a comfortable and successful hunt.

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4. Kryptek Hunting Clothing

Kryptek is a hunting clothing brand based in the USA and specializes in producing very tactical clothing for hunters. It was also one of the first brands to earn the title of top hunting gear brand in the world.

Kryptek employs military-grade features in their hunting clothing and is the perfect way to really distinguish yourself from other hunters by sporting a top hunting clothing brand.

Kryptek features military-style camouflage patterns, and other features that can provide maximum stealth and concealment for hunters. The features of Kryptek hunting clothes help hunters not only blend into their surroundings, but it’s nearly one step away from allowing them to totally disappear.

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What Sets Kryptek Apart From Its Competitors?

Hands down its Kryptek’s micro and macro layering camo design technology, which creates a camo pattern that provides a unique 3-D appearance to the hunting clothing. Creating a unique camo pattern can be done in many ways, but Kryptek has come up with the best and most effective way to do so.

Kryptek was founded by a great group of fellas with a long history of military experience. The group at Kryptek took what they learned from actively engaging in some of the most hostile combat environments. Then tailored what they learned and the knowledge from those experiences into a proven tactical camo pattern, tested it with top military professionals and hunters. Then built that into every aspect of their hunting clothing to perform in all potential hunting environments. Making for one of the best hunting clothing brands around the globe.

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5. Banded

If you are a waterfowl hunter there is no doubt that you have heard of the hunting clothing brand, Banded. Banded is one of the most well-known and top-notch hunting clothing brands within the waterfowl hunting space.

Banded hunting clothing not only combines comfort. But also, high performance, too. Banded offers a delicate blend of high-performance fabric and technology features in their hunting clothing. This makes owning and buying their hunting clothing a great idea.

What Sets Banded Apart From Its Competitors?

Banded has already earned its reputation, as the world leader in quality duck hunting apparel. But now the hunting brand is shaking things up in the deer hunting space, as well. With the creation of its ultra-lightweight hunting clothing line. Banded ultra-lightweight hunting clothing offers spring turkey hunters, and early season deer hunters with a quality clothing experience. The clothing line was created for those warmer early-season hunts that many other hunting brands fall short to address.

The Banded ultra-lightweight series was designed with spring and warm weather hunting seasons in mind. The durable poly blend fabric of the hunting clothing is breathable and has a 4-way stretch for easy movement. Banded hunting clothing also features dual layers that were added to protect hunters from early morning dew.

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6. Mossy Oak Camo

Since 1986, Mossy Oak has been a forerunner and trendsetting in the hunting community and one of the best hunting camo brand among hunters near and far. Over the years Mossy Oak has created literally dozens of unique, industry-leading camo hunting patterns that closely resemble the natural environment and seamlessly blend hunters into their surroundings better than any camouflage in history.

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What Sets Mossy Oak Apart From Its Competitors?

Powered by advanced photorealistic 3D imagery, cutting-edge concealment technologies and the most effective designs for every species and season, they’re proven in the field by three decades of successful hunts — and by millions of loyal hunters.

Mossy Oak has become the number one camouflage pattern in America by being consistently innovative and introducing new patterns that are always a surprise and a hit. Furthermore, it’s highly touted as the best hunting clothing for the money.

From camo prints, tactical camos, outdoor camo styles for hunting clothing, to even casual clothing styles for work and field. Mossy Oak makes camouflage a statement with camouflage clothing for all seasons, all occasions, and all lifestyles.

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7. Badlands

If you’re a hunter that is always looking for a cutting-edge hunting clothing brand that likes to push the envelope – Badlands is the right choice! Badlands hunting clothing offers a great balance of technology, performance, and quality that other hunting clothing brands try to live up to. Ensuring that customers are 100% satisfied is the number one priority of Badlands.

What Sets Badlands Apart From Its Competitors?

Badlands hunting clothing offers a decent selection of men’s hunting clothing ranging from hunting jackets, hunting pants & bibs along with lifestyle apparel such as hoodies, tee shirts, hats, and more.

Badlands has some special selections of camo patterns in their hunting clothing lineup. Such camo patterns include their Approach and Approach FX. Hunting clothing can be found in these camo patterns under their Whitetail, Big Game, Turkey, and Upland Collections.

Badlands hunting clothing uses something they call, “Adaptive Coloration” in their hunting camo patterns. Their Approach and Approach FX camouflage patterns are made up of neutral colors, so they can adapt to a variety of different terrains and weather conditions.

Badlands Approach and Approach FX camo patterns use pattern design and coloration technology which allows their camo patterns to seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings – which makes Badlands camo deadly!

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In Conclusion

Hunting is not just about the thrill of a hunt, but also how you dress for it. The right hunting clothes can make all the difference in your hunting success and enjoyment.

If you follow the advice given, we guarantee that every hunting trip you go on will find you dressed for hunting success. So, now move forward, select your new hunting clothing and go hunting!

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