Air Rifle Comparison

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The easiest and quickest way to choose the best air rifle is look at the comparison chart. This chart below brings different types of air guns and  compares the most important factors such as gun type, barrel type, stock, velocity, etc. You can scan all of them to find the best rifle that fits your unique needs.

To read the review for individual product, click on the product name/model. You can filter data by typing a brand name in the search box. You can also sort the data by clicking on any column header that you like.

ModelPriceRatingCal.PowerplantCocking actionStockMax. Velocity
Daisy Red Ryder 1938Under $1004.44.177Spring pistonLever actionWood350 FPS
Crosman Nitro Venom .22 $100-$2004.43.22Nitro pistonBreak barrelWood950 FPS
Gamo Big Cat 1250$100-$2004.27.177Spring pistonBreak barrelSynthetic1250 FPS
Crosman Optimus .177$100-$2004.26.177Spring pistonBreak barrelWood1200 FPS
Crosman 1077 CO2Under $1004.42.177CO2SemiautomaticSynthetic625 FPS
Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Under $1004.32.177PneumaticMulti-pumpSynthetic625 FPS
Crosman Benjamin 392$100-$2004.6.22PneumaticMulti-pumpWood685 FPS
Benjamin Titan XS .177$100-$2004.13.177Gas pistonBreak barrelSynthetic1200 FPS
Crosman Recruit .177Under $1004.22.177PneumaticMulti-pumpSynthetic645 FPS
Black Ops Tactical Sniper$100-$2004.55.22Spring Break barrelSynthetic
Crosman 760 Pumpmaster PinkUnder $1004.34.177PneumaticMulti-pumpSynthetic625 FPS
Crosman 30131 TR77 NPS$100-$2004.3.177Gas PistonBreak barrelSynthetic1200 FPS
Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk$100-$2004.32.22Nitro PistonBreak barrelSynthetic950 FPS
Crosman Vantage$100-$2004.37.177Nitro PistonBreak barrelWood950 FPS
Hatsan 95 Walnut Stock$100-$2004.85.177Spring PistonBreak barrelWalnut1000 FPS
Black Ops Tactical Sniper Gas Piston$100-$2004.75.22Gas PistonBreak barrelSynthetic1000 FPS
Umarex Octane$100-$2004.22.177/.22Gas PistonBreak barrelSynthetic1450 FPS
Winchester 1400CS Mossy Oak$100-$2004.1.177Spring PistonBreak barrelSynthetic1400 FPS
Crosman Classic 2100Under $1004.58.177PneumaticMulti-pumpSynthetic755 FPS
Benjamin Varmint Powerpack .22$100-$2004.4.22Gas PistonBreak barrelSynthetic950 FPS
Crosman Optimus .177Under $1004.45.177Spring PistonBreak barrelWood1200 FPS
Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500$200-$3004.76.177Gas PistonBreak barrelWood900 FPS
Crosman Optimus .22$100-$2004.5.177Spring PistonBreak barrelWood1200 FPS
Ruger Yukon$200-$3004.92.177/.22Gas PistonBreak barrelWood1350 FPS
Crosman 764SBUnder $1004.15.177PneumaticMulti-pumpSynthetic625 FPS
Benjamin 397$100-$2004.93.177PneumaticMulti-pumpWood800 FPS
Benjamin Titan GP$100-$2004.88.177/.22Gas PistonBreak barrelWood1200 FPS
Diana RWS 34 with T06 Trigger$300-$4004.94.177/.22Spring PistonBreak barrelBeech1000 FPS
Ruger BlackHawk$100-$2004.34.177Spring PistonBreak barrelSynthetic1000 FPS
Ruger Air Hawk$100-$2004.85.177Spring PistonBreak barrelWood1000 FPS