Gamo Urban PCP Review


The most reliable, reasonable, and accurate air rifle, Gamo Urban is manufactured in the BSA plant Birmingham England.

It arrived on US soil in 2017.

Before that, it had been on the European market alone.

giphy Gamo Urban PCP Review

It’s a PCP pre-charged pneumatic bolt action air rifle with an ability of 30 shots per fill.

The manufacturer claims that Gamo Urban PCP is accurate, affordable, and can be used generation after generation.

If you are seeking a reliable rifle for backyard shooting, Gamo Urban PCP air rifle feels great on the shoulders and in hand .

There’s a muzzle velocity of 800 FPS and .22 calibers, and the 10 round rotary magazine which provides a smooth shooting experience.

It’s also very suitable for small game hunting (see this post for more)

Gamo Urban Air Rifle Review 1 Gamo Urban PCP Review

Its synthetic build makes it light, yet it still feels solid in its 6.7 lb frame.

In addition to this, the Gamo Urban Air Rifle has a two-stage adjustable trigger to provide more accuracy.

The Gamo Urban air rifle comes with the adjustment of scope rings.

Therefore, the shooter has options for their own choice of optics.

It has established itself as being reliable for those who are looking for a robust and compact air rifle for hunting.

All of this makes the air rifle perfect for the shooter.

Therefore, shooters do have the best option in the name of Gamo urban air rifle.

The stylish-looking Gamo urban .22 has made a grand entrance into the market,

Due to its reliability, accuracy, quality, and low noise level at such a reasonable price.

With all these qualities, we will now look more deeply into the useability and performance of the Gamo Urban .22.

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Gamo Urban Air Rifle Review

Shooting Strength

The Gamo urban air rifle provides the best shooting strength with its hammer-forged barrel.

If we talk about distance, at 25 yards, it offers the best result.

Additionally, a single fill enables the rifle to fire 30 shots continuously.

Though it allows for continuous shots, other than this, the Gamo urban .22 allows fast reloading of the 10-round rotary clip.

With a barrel length of 24.5”, the rifle provides the best shooting ability.

Along with this, the lightweight, due to its synthetic material, allows the Gamo urban air rifle to be handled very efficiently.

With the open option of having any caliber, the Gamo urban .22 cal allows a shooter to have the best shooting experience.

If you are searching for an air rifle with reliability and budget-friendliness, this is the one.

(For more on the 5 types of air rifles you need to know before buying, see this post.)

It is suitable for backyard shooting during your weekends.

The Gamo urban air rifle can provide you with non-stop day-long shooting fun.

A quite thin cheek mold is provided on each side of the Gamo urban air rifle, which allows it to be shot with great comfort.


The Gamo urban .22 cal is manufactured with an all-weather synthetic stock. While light to carry, it has a solid feel.

(For more on the in-depth comparison between synthetic and wood stock, see this post.)

The valve is well-tuned, making the shooting is smooth.

It is to be noted here that the adjustable cheekpiece version is only available in Europe, and not in North America.

Gamo urban air rifle comes with the SWA (Shockwave absorber), the rubber recoil pad which is best for the grip over the shoulder.

Hence, it does not allow the rifle to slip from the shoulder.

For a shooter, the grip is outstanding because when there is the target, there must be an accurate shot.

You can boost your confidence as a shooter if you shoot with accuracy, especially if your weapon is reasonably easy to handle.

Therefore, the Gamo urban air rifle is the right option for you if you are seeking a superior experience.

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Gamo urban air rifle has the SAT (Smooth Action Trigger) and is very much adjustable for the second stage, but not for the weight at least.

The trigger is relatively smooth, light, and quite easy to handle and understand.

It is noted here that you can use the second stage,

But you have to be careful while reducing the aftermarket screw setting.

With this procedure, you run the risk of making your gun unsafe by upgrading the trigger.

This is because you can reduce the trigger pull point unknowingly. It is recommended to have a mallet test to check the trigger.

Gamo Urban .22 Cal Air Rifle 1 Gamo Urban PCP Review

Moreover, the Gamo urban PCP .22 caliber air rifle does have a CAT (Custom Action Trigger), which can be adjusted at the first stage.

For experienced shooters, it is suggested that they use both ways as they are precisely the same.

The distance between the trigger and the bull stock is 14.5,”, which is the generous length of the pull.

It would be accurate for most users.

The pistol grip is very comfortable, though shooters with larger hands may have difficulty handling the trigger.


The Gamo urban air rifle comes with a velocity of 800 fps.

In addition to this, the pressure gauge or the manometer is located near the muzzle at the end of the reservoir.

At this stage, it clearly shows the max fill pressure of 3365 psi.

Gamo urban .22 cal is filled with a 105 cc cylinder.

If you wish to fill 200 bars, the small cylinder is hand pump-friendly.

You can store the air gun fully pressurized in a cylinder filled to at least 70 bars or 1000 psi.


The bolt handle is attractive, and ambidextrous i.e. it can be switched from side to side.

The bolt-action cycle is a very sleek method and allows you to make quick follow-up shots.

On the right, the bolt handle works well and looks authentic, but on the left, it is not so impressive but it still works fine.

Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle 1 Gamo Urban PCP Review


Gamo urban air rifle is very reliable and straightforward to fill.

Though the magazine holds ten rounds, what you have to do is naturally rotate the magazine one space at a time, inserting each pellet as you go.

The Gamo urban magazine has a magnet inside which seats the pellet as you insert

And makes it feel firm and satisfying as you set them into place.

You will be warned by the White-Dot to give a notification that the last pellet is loaded.


The Gamo Urban comes with a manual that gives some good advice on making changes.

If you want to alter the trigger, for example, you really should read the manual to ensure you’re taking proper care of the rifle throughout.

Power And Accuracy

A shooter truly knows the value of power and accuracy of their weapon.

This is the only thing you CANNOT compromise on.

With this viewpoint, tests were taken for the Gamo Urban air rifle to check the accuracy;

Most consistently accurate results were observed with the 5.51 H&N Baracuda Match and Crosman premier ultra-magnum.

It is, undoubtedly, good news for the shooter that Crosman has given the best results as its pellets are available and affordable on the market.

g4 Gamo Urban PCP Review

The Gamo urban .22, at 35 yards, puts 10 Baracuda Match in a round hole of 0.29 inches from center to center.

Gamo urban .22 cal is like a regulated gun due to its efficiency.

It is recommended that you only fill to 2900 psi where you will get the 25 very sharp shots with 30 fps.

You will not notice the variation coming in between 50 yards, or even beyond this figure.

Below is the table of performance of the Gamo urban air rifle.

Performance Test Results for Gamo Urban .22 Calibers
(Five-shot String Test)

Ammo TestedGrainHigh ShotAverage ShotEnergy
JSB DIABOLO EXACT JUMBO-HEAVY18.1gr791fps755fps22.95 ft-lbs
H&N BARACUDA MATCH (5.51mm)21.14gr730fps726fps24.68ft-lbs
GTO Predator11.75gr946fps934fps22.16ft-lbs
Crosman premier

As mentioned, the hammer spring is evenly adjustable, but you should adjust it to the downward side, not the upward one.

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If you circulate it counter-clockwise, you will get up to 15 shots extra with the power of 40 to 50 fps.

Maybe you lose a 1 foot-pound to get extra 15 shots, while you are shooting in the backyard.

After a successful test, the Gamo urban air rifle has already built a reputation.

Veteran shooter Ben from Air Gun Web shares his thoughts about the Gamo Urban in the video below:


The Gamo urban .22 cal is easy to use, therefore the manufacturers have offered the combo so that you save money on guns and pumps.

There will be scope for you with the rifle so that you can shoot right away without any delay.

Along with this, an Air Venturi 74 CF Tank is provided, which allows you to refill as the magazine’s costs are pretty high.

Air Venture Nomad is a compressor that is easy to handle and quite affordable.

You can use it through your car battery and continue hunting for the whole day.

In short, the Gamo urban air rifle would be the best choice as it gives you the BSA internals, which makes it the most valuable on the market.

These accessories allow you to make significant changes to your hunting experience.

It is noteworthy that if you wish to alter anything, you must go through the guidelines first.

With proper guidance, if you put these accessories in the air rifle, you can have astonishing results like refill or triggers.

If you want small hunting or shooting in your garden or backyard, the Gamo Urban .22 should be at the top of your list

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Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

The Gamo Urban air rifle has a Cold-hammer forged barrel.

It is wonderfully smooth, accurate, and vigorous at 35000 hammer strikes that forge a barrel.

Cold Hammer Forging refines the surface of rifling, the structure of the grains producing the mirror-like finishing in the bore, presenting an accurate and reliable air rifle.

giphy Gamo Urban PCP Review

The accuracy permits that you can shoot adequately for a sustained time.

Urban is the first gunning brand that has introduced the Cold-hammer forged barrel at such a reasonable price.

(For more on things you should know about air rifle barrels before buying, see this post.)


Gamo urban air rifle comes with a silencer, which is integrated with whisper maxim.

It allows the rifle to work silently without any hindrance or disturbance.

Accordingly, it can be said that Gamo Urban .22 cal is noise-free when compared to other guns.

Gamo Urban Vs. Benjamin Marauder

marauder .22 air rifle Gamo Urban PCP Review

The Gamo urban air rifle is worth $299, and is a silent, accurate, and reliable air rifle. At PyramydAir, it has the lowest price in its class along with shipping charges.

It fits comfortably in the hands and easily handles.

The accuracy can be improved but is pretty good at this price.

Due to PCP, magazines are much more expensive to refill.

On the other hand, the Marauder costs more than $400 and is heavier than Gamo urban .22 cal, so the Marauder rifle is not for everyone.

Talking about the accuracy, the Marauder is accurate and reliable.

Because of the higher price, shooters have stayed away from the rifle for a longer period.

The Benjamin Marauder is quieter than Gamo urban .22 cal. Magazines are worth $14 for each.

Gamo UrbanPrice

Many shooters have strayed away from the pre-charged pneumatic PCP

Due to the reason that they are expensive and on the heavier side to handle.

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Being a slim person or a female, you would discourage yourself from buying something that you may not be able to handle easily.

It is impressive if you have a weapon that is light in weight and reasonable in price.

The Gamo urban air rifle serves this purpose, offering you the best at an unbeatable price.

With those qualities mentioned above, the Gamo urban air rifle comes in with a reasonable price of between $269.99 and $299.

Its capability to shoot with accuracy, the silent shooting, and accessories would surely excite you enough to consider buying one.

Pros and Cons

g1 1 Gamo Urban PCP Review
  • Mechanism of multi-shooting
  • Any option for the caliber
  • Cold-hammer forged barrel
  • Synthetic stock
  • Custom Action Trigger
  • Length is 42 inches which fit perfectly at shoulders
  • Available in U.S stores now
  • Tested Accuracy
  • Tested reliability
  • Can be used generation after generation
  • Shock wave absorber
  • Extreme shot capability at lower fps
  • Bolt-action
  • Silencer
  • Safety measures in Manual by Manufacturer
  • 30 continuous shots
  • The trigger is adjustable at two stages
  • Light in weight due to synthetic material
  • Built-in air pressure gauge
  • Attractive Black color
  • Accuracy is tested with incredible results
  • Reasonable price
  • Not everyone needs the Black Color
  • The trigger has two stages which if not handled carefully may harm
  • Synthetic not real material
  • Change in the product sold in Europe and North America

Gamo UrbanSpecs

  • Caliber is .22
  • It is manufactured in BSA plant Birmingham England
  • It has Exceptional Accuracy
  • 800fps of Muzzle Velocity
  • PCP pre-charged Pneumatic
  • Total length is 42 inches
  • Weight is 6.7 pounds there it is light
  • The trigger is CAT (Custom Action Trigger)
  • It comes in the Stock black in color
  • The shot capacity is removable 10 round rotary magazine
  • Scope rings-11mm dovetail groove
  • Technology for Noise suppression
  • Self-regulated valve
  • 30 shots per fill
  • The stock is of All-weather synthetic thumbhole
  • Thin cheek pad molded
  • 25 extreme shots if filled with 200 psi instead of 232

Evaluation from customers

Gamo urban review by the existing customers becomes crucial when you wish to buy one.

You must first go for a detailed analysis of the product to understand its reliability.

The Gamo Urban PCP review provided by the customers mostly ends up with positive feedback because the rifle is basically in a very stylish black color.

Moreover, the customers like the concept of silent shot introduced in the Gamo urban air rifle.

This allows them to shoot in the backyard or their gardens during weekends or the evening without any noise especially.

When you are uninterrupted while shooting your rifle, with no noise, then you perform well without any hindrance.

The Gamo Urban .22 review shows that there is less noise, but they are not claiming that rifle shoots with zero noise.

Another thing that is liked is the accuracy of the Gamo Urban .22 cal, particularly from 25 yards.

The higher prices of pre-charged pneumatic rifles have often kept customers away from the weapon,

But the reasonable cost with quality features attracts more customers.

The Gamo Urban PCP air rifle reviews are positive which urges the shooters to at least try once.

Moreover, the shooters call the Gamo Urban .25 the perfect gun for the backyard.

The customers with negative comments talked about the magazine, as maybe they did not know precisely about the refills.

As per the magazine, there is a $50 cost.

But, if they tend to read this article, all their confusion may vanish eventually.

Those who did not have accuracy in shooting, gave a try to .22 Gamo Urban PCP air rifle,

And it is impressive to read the reviews that their shooting accuracy has genuinely developed, and their confidence has improved.

In addition to this, the combo introduced by the manufacturers is also liked by customers a

As they have significant accessories where they can change anything according to their requirements.

Concluding thoughts

With the high quality and the great look, the Gamo urban air rifle .22 is a market leader.

It’s reliable and affordable, granting you a great time shooting!


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