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Sean Campbell is an enthusiastic firearm instructor currently working with the National Rifle Association. Born in 1983 to a cattle-grazing mum and dad in the Maverick county of Texas, he developed an early interest in hunting. His dad influenced him to look up to Charles Goodnight as a role model. His love for the outdoors was amplified by joining the Boy Scouts of America association during his elementary and high school years at Pete Gallego Elementary School and Eagle Pass High School respectively. The frequent camps arranged by the scouts body significantly imparted incredible survival skills to Sean. After successfully graduating from high school, Sean enrolled in United States Naval Academy for a course in marine sciences. This earned him an unopposed admission to the Marine Infantry division of the United States Marine Corps, where he worked for seven years. During his stint there, he participated in the 2010 Battle of Sangin in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. He managed to escape unhurt from the war, but nevertheless called it quits shortly after returning home. He had found a new passion in gunsmithing. Being the detail oriented and hands-on guy he’s always been, he registered for a diploma in gunsmithing at Ashworth College in Georgia. That’s what earned him his current job as a firearm instructor with the NRA. When not at work, you’ll find him hunting, fishing, taking photos, and fixing guns. Above all, he’s happily married to Katie Anderson, with whom he’s sired one kid, Larry, and probably others may soon be coming.

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