Hatsan Bullboss Review – Your Best Hunting Partner


With the accessible bullpup format, the Hatsan Bullboss is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers.

The manufacturer Hatsan claims that the air rifle is designed with a streamlined bullpup

That provides shooters with a quality PCP, including advanced features.

Bullpup PCP air rifles are generally expensive.

Regardless of this, Hatsan decided to provide shooters with the air rifle they dreamed of without breaking the bank at $499.99.

giphy Hatsan Bullboss Review - Your Best Hunting Partner

Hatsan Bullboss QE is among the best PCP air rifles under $1000.

The Bullboss has a power level of 42 ft/lbs.

This power level is available in .25 caliber version.

The air rifle utilizes a smooth side lever action.

The manufacturers claim that the lever-action provides the shooters with steady and consistent shots.

They also claim that shooters will love the trigger guard as it allows easy access to the safety.

The Hatsan Bullboss is equipped with the Hatsan’s proprietary QuietEnergy Technology.

With this technology, the air rifle has a shrouded sound, which diminishes the noise by 50%.

giphy Hatsan Bullboss Review - Your Best Hunting Partner

Besides this, the Hatsan Bullboss incorporates an anti-double feed system.

The anti-knock system ensures that there is no air leakage if the air rifle is dropped.

The Hatsan Bullboss can be customized according to the shooter’s preferences.

It is not only the features that can be adjusted but a Picatinny optics rail and a 6-slot Picatinny rail can be bought to add.

Hatsan tells us that the Bullboss air rifle will be even more customizable in later years as more add ons and upgrades become available.

Here I will be discussing all the features and the benefits of the Hatsan Bullboss air rifle and will leave it up to you to make an informed decision on whether it’s the best air rifle for you.

h1 4 Hatsan Bullboss Review - Your Best Hunting Partner

Editor’s Rating

4star reviews icon e1619523382631 Hatsan Bullboss Review - Your Best Hunting Partner
Quality 95%
Accuracy 90%
Price 85%
Loudness 98%
Power & Accuracy 95%

The Hatsan Bullboss Pump Combo Features

  • Synthetic ambidextrous stock
  • Pre-charged pneumatic Air rifle
  • Air Venture G6 Hand Pump ($199.99 value)
  • Bullpup design
  • Side lever cocking mechanism
  • Picatinny scope rail/Accessory rail
  • Detachable 230 cc air cylinder
  • Extra cylinder availability
  • 10-rd rotary magazine ( 9-rd in .25 caliber)
  • The anti-double pellet feed system
  • Anti-knock system for the prevention of gas wastage
  • 2-stage Quattro trigger
  • Elevation-adjustable cheek combo
  • QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel – Integrated sound moderator
  • Muzzle energy is .177 caliber, 27 FPE, .22 caliber, 38 FPE, .25 caliber, 42 FPE
  • Ideal air rifle for hunting up to medium size quarry
  • Various O rings, reservoir bleed valve, four rotary clips, sling, hard case
  • Owner’s manual for the guidance.

Come with Quattro Trigger

hatsan bullboss trigger

Most impressive is that the Hatsan Bullboss is equipped with a Quattro trigger.

Therefore, you can easily adjust the trigger travel and trigger level according to your requirements.

Here’s some info on how the Quattro trigger can be adjusted.

  • Screw 1: this is for the trigger pull force adjustment.
    • You have to rotate the screw clockwise for less trigger pull force before discharge.
  • Screw 2: This is also for the travel trigger adjustment.
    • You will rotate the screw clockwise to have less trigger travel before discharge.
  • Screw 3: this screw is to adjust the force to pull the trigger until the end of the 1st stage .
    • The force will be increased as you turn the screw clockwise.

You should note that to obtain this adjustment, the adjustable butt pad should be pulled out a bit.

Moreover, you should only make small changes at a time, as over adjustment can make the air rifle inoperative.

Loading The Rifle And Shooting Ability

hatsan bullboss specs Hatsan Bullboss Review - Your Best Hunting Partner

The Hatsan Bullboss with its rear sight and magazine incorporates a raised boss.

If you take aim from the rear sights, this would be rotated clockwise.

You can load the pellets through the rear of the magazine.

Through the retaining O rings, push the pellets’ noses until their skirts lie flush or maybe below the bottom of the face of the magazine.

You have to pull the cocking handle backward to fit the magazine into the rifle, and then you will be pulling until it stops.

Note here that this operation cocks the trigger mechanism. You have to be wary of safety measures here as otherwise, the rifle will discharge.

After that, put the magazine into the slot from the right side, then unlock the magazine release bolt.

You do not have to close the cocking handle until you are ready to shoot .

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Make sure that the magazine release bolt is fully closed before you fire, as it can compromise performance if left even a little bit open.

The cocking handle should lie against the rifle. Now you can pull the trigger, and the Hatsan air rifle is ready to fire!

Jon from Airgun Depot gives us an in-depth look at the Hatsan Bull Boss here:

Hatsan Bullboss Stock

The Hatsan Bullboss is made of synthetic stock, however, it’s very attractive and classical in appearance.

(For more on the in-depth comparison between synthetic and wood stock, see this post.)

h3 Hatsan Bullboss Review - Your Best Hunting Partner

The Hatsan Bullboss has a butt pad that is adjustable for the length of pull.

The butt pad is quite friendly for your use.

All you have to do is to loosen the two screws located on the right of the stock.

After that, you have to tighten the screws so that the pad becomes solid.

Note that there is no stock length of pull and butt pad adjustment on the Bullboss model.

How to maintain Hatsan Bullboss

Here, I will be discussing the ways you can maintain the Hatsan Bullboss.

Magazine O-Rings Replacement

You shoot hundreds of times, so the magazine in which the O-rings retain the pellets should be replaced from time to time.

As you substitute the magazine, the cocking lever of the rifle becomes stiff to operate.

Moreover, if you reposition the O-ting in its groove, this may also alleviate the stiffness. Oiling can also be beneficial.

Lubrication Of The Rifle

After every 500 to 1000 shots, it is recommended to clean the barrel with a cleaning rod.

Never lubricate inside the barrel.

Always keep in mind to unload the rifle before oiling or cleaning.

h2 Hatsan Bullboss Review - Your Best Hunting Partner

Make sure that the gun barrel is clean and not blocked. Periodically apply the oil on the following parts of the air rifle.

  • The mechanism
  • The pellet probe
  • The cocking lever sliding surface
  • The stern of the magazine pin
  • Magazine release
  • Outer O-ring
  • The magazine axis hole

You should not attempt to disassemble the Hatsan Bullboss when it is charged, but you do have to remove and replace the air cylinder.

Never fire the Hatsan air rifle when the cylinder is empty. Otherwise, the air rifle can be damaged.

hatsan bullboss Hatsan Bullboss Review - Your Best Hunting Partner

Manual Safety And Precautions

It is of the utmost importance to have safety measures when you are dealing with something dangerous.

The safety button can be set to ON and OFF manually, according to your will.

If you want to ON the safety button, pull the lever to the rear. In this way, your trigger cannot be pulled.

Moreover, if you want to turn off the safety, push the safety button forward.

Here are some precautions while using the air rifle.

  • Make sure the air gun is not cocked while you fill the air cylinder.
  • Safety is in the ON position; the magazine is not mounted in the air gun.
  • If the air tube is empty, fill in the air tube after cocking the air rifle and keeping the cocking bolt open at the rear.
  • You must have a concern for the safety measures before filling the air cylinders.
  • It is compulsory for the shooters to wear eye and ear protection while filling the air cylinder.
  • You have to monitor the air pressure from the air gauge of the hand pump/scuba charging kit while you fill the air cylinder.
  • Do not come in contact with eye contact while you fill the air cylinder.
  • The air gun will fire if not cocked correctly.
  • Never pull a firearm towards you by the muzzle
  • Do not walk, jump or run when carrying a loaded air rifle
  • The air gun should not be used under the influence of alcohol

Bullboss – Speed and Accuracy

Here we will measure the speed and accuracy of the Bullboss.

CALIBER.177 Caliber.22 caliber.25 caliber
MAXIMUM MUZZLE VELOCITY1170 fps1070 fps970 fps
ENERGY27 ft.lbs38 ft.lbs42 ft.lbs
AIR TUBE VOLUME200cc200cc200cc
OVERALL LENGTH935mm935mm935mm
BARREL LENGTH585 mm585 mm585 mm
WEIGHT4.3 kg or (9.5 lbs.)4.3 kg or (9.5 lbs.)4.3 kg or (9.5 lbs.)

The results may differ up to 20% owing to the change in pellet weight, temperature, elevation, shape, and other aspects.

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The above results are gained with the energy when there was no constraint on the rifle calculated with the air tube at optimal pressure value .

PCP air rifles start at the minimum velocity, and then they tend to augment and acquire the highest of optimal pressure value, and then again start to decrease as the air tube pressure goes down.

Jim Chapman takes the Hatsan BullBoss air rifle in .25 caliber, to see how it will perform against feral hogs in central Texas, and the result will surprise you:

How about the Hatsan Gladius?

Another Hatsan PCP air rifle, the Hatsan Gladius comes with a maximum of 10 shots and manual loading.

The Gladius has a side lever action like the Hatsan Bullboss.

The Gladius is also available in an extended version ( Gladius Long) with a 585mm barrel and 100 fps (30 m/s) more muzzle velocity.

It allows the air rifle to perform better than Bullboss.

Below we will weigh up the Bullboss and the Gladius to find which is best.

Speed and Accuracy

The chart below details Hatsan Gladius’ velocity, energy, weight, and barrel length, and clarifies the speed and accuracy of the air rifle.

ModelMax. Muzzle VelocityEnergy No. Of Shots per FillWeightBarrel length
Gladius1070 fps3022904.65 kg (10.2 lbs.)495 mm
970 fps4231854.65 kg (10.2 lbs.)
870 fps4634804.65 kg (10.2 lbs.)
Gladius long1170 fps3627854.8 kg (10.6 lbs.)585 mm
1070 fps5138754.8 kg (10.6 lbs.)
970 fps5742654.8 kg (10.6 lbs.)

Due to some changes in temperature, pellet shape, pellet weight, and elevation, the Muzzle velocity can differ a bit.

If you have any restrictions from an energy point of view, you can adjust the muzzle velocity.

The above results are obtained when we have no restrictions.

Therefore, it has been measured at optimum pressure to have the desired outcome.

For PCP air rifles, the velocity would be lower initially, and then you can have a maximum pressure level in the tube.

Likewise, it will start to decrease again as the pressure in the air tube goes down.

Gladius Power

Here, I will be discussing the power of Hatsan air rifle at different calibers, i.e., .177 caliber, .22 caliber and, .25 caliber

Power settingGladius average energy 4.5mm/.177 caliber (in joule)Gladius Long average energy 4.5 mm / .177 caliber (in joule)
Power settingGladius average energy 5.5mm/.22 caliber (in joule)Gladius Long average energy 5.5 mm / .22 caliber (in joule)
Power settingGladius average energy 6.35mm/.25 caliber (in joule)Gladius Long average energy 6.35 mm / .25 caliber (in joule)

Hatsan Bullboss vs. Gladius

Both Hatsan Bullboss and Gladius have almost the same specifications, power, and accuracy, but there are differences.

First of all, the Gladius is more expensive than Hatsan Bullboss,

Secondly, an extended version is available for the Gladius but not for the Bullboss.

The above data shows that in accuracy and power, there isn’t much to separate the Gladius and the Bullboss,

But as we said, the Gladius has an extended option, which is helpful for long-range shooting.

Little Noise

The Hatsan Bullboss is not the quietest air rifle, but it’s still calm enough to ensure that you are not going to bother the neighbors.

The Hatsan Bullboss is equipped with QE technology, making it one of the quietest PCP air guns out there, but it is still not totally silent.

Compared to the Hatsan Gladius, both use the same QE technology.

Hatsan Bullboss – Pros & Cons

  • Powerful and consistent
  • Has three calibers of your own choice, .177 caliber, .22 caliber, .25 caliber
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Manual safety trigger
  • Great on shoulders
  • Weight distribution is perfect
  • Synthetic
  • Great appearance
  • It feels lighter than the actual weight
  • Level action, so it is very accurate and reliable
  • Spares magazines are available
  • Easily accessible accessories
  • Slings
  • Tools to purge the cylinder
  • Popular bullpup format
  • Competitive price
  • Quality PCP rifle
  • Advanced features 
  • Great maintenance manual
  • 42 ft/lbs. of energy available in .25 caliber
  • Lever action is smooth
  • Consistent and follow up shots
  • The trigger has safety which is inside a trigger guard
  • Quiet energy QE technology
  • Fully cloaked sound and it surely diminishes the blast by 50%
  • Anti-double-feed system
  • Original anti-knock system to ensure that there is no air leakage
  • great guidance to have precautions
  • Air leakage is negligible if gun drops
  • Easily adjustable Picatinny optics rail and a six-slot Picatinny rail 
  • 32 consistent shots at .25 caliber
  • Highly expensive
  • The butt pad is not adjustable
  • Heavier
  • A limited number of air rifles available in some countries in northern Europe.
  • No any version for long-range/distance
  • People discouraged to buy the Bullboss when they come in a cross with the Gladius as it is much updated than Bullboss
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Hatsan bullboss Specifications

  • Price is $499.99
  • Average power:
    • .177 caliber – 27 ft-lbs (1070 maximum fps)
    • .22 caliber – 38 ft-lbs (1070 maximum fps)
    • .25 caliber – 42 ft-lbs (970 maximum fps)
  • Detachable ten shots magazine of .177 caliber or .22 caliber
  • Nine shots magazine of .25 caliber
  • Automatic & manual safety
  • Anti-double pellet averts further loading into the barrel
  • The original anti-knock system thwarts gas from wasting when the air gun is knocked
  • 2-stage fully adjustable Quattro trigger system
  • Air cylinder discharging cap with Quick fill nozzle
  • Manufacturer is Hatsan
  • Velocity is 1170 fps
  • Ammo type pellets
  • Side lever action
  • Barrel style is rifled
  • Fire mode is a repeater
  • Gun weight 9.5 lbs.
  • Overall length 36.8
  • Firing Hatsan Bullboss with Barrel length 23
  • Loudness is three medium
  • Magazine capacity is 10
  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail is weaver/Picatinny
  • Shots per fill are 40
  • Two-stage adjustable
  • Small game hunting/shooting/target
  • 1-year warranty
  • Product dimensions 1x1x1 inches
hatsan bullboss anatomy Hatsan Bullboss Review - Your Best Hunting Partner


The Hatsan Bullboss’s price is about 500 dollars.

This is a reasonable price for a gun full of exciting features, and it’s 200 dollars cheaper than Gladius’s 700 dollars price tag.

What shooters say about it

The reviews for the Hatsan Bullboss .25 calibers are mostly in favor of the air rifle.

Users are happy with tools like spare magazines; tools to clean the Hatsan Bullboss air cylinder, and the consistency, power, and ease of use.

The weight of the Hatsan Bullpup is distributed so evenly that it is very easy on the shoulders.

Customers relay that it feels lighter than it actually is.

One of the reviews reveals that for the power output, the air rifle is very quiet, and can do some damage at 20 yards.

Additionally, shooters appreciate the synthetic stock and the cocking lever.

Their experience mentions that it is not an effort to cycle the next round to take another shot.

Overall, the Hatsan Bullpup is recommended by users to use at .25 calibers; the shooters find it performs the best among the 3 calibers.

Many people claim that the regulator is not necessary, but if you would like to shoot small targets at varying distances, a consistent shot string would be required for that shooter.

For most hunting, the accuracy level of the Hatsan Bullpup is quite adequate while pressure is in the green arc.

Customers find the lever action better than the bolt action.

Likewise, the magazine is easy to load and seems to operate flawlessly.

Some customers have also suggested some changes that could be made to the Hatsan Bullpup.

First of all, the first rail does not feel the sturdiest with a bipod hooked up.

The trigger of the Hatsan Bullpup is considered excellent, but it is a 2-stage trigger.

Customers would also like to see the Hatsan Bullboss QE featuring interchangeable calibers while keeping the same power and accuracy.

This is because the Bullboss does not have the same potential for three different calibers; instead, they perform differently.

Also, people claim it would be better if the butt pad was able to be adjusted.

While comparing the Hatsan Bullboss to the Gladius, customers prefer the Gladius for being an accurate and long-distance air rifle.

However, the price of Gladius is a bit higher, so that is to be expected.

Overall, people’s impressions of the Hatsan Bullboss air rifle are very positive.

Concluding Thoughts on the Hatsan Bullboss QE

The Hatsan Bullboss QE rifle encompasses each and everything you wish for your hunting trip, or even for backyard use.

The versatility & ergonomics of the Hatsan Bullpup stock make your shooting experience comfortable and memorable.

The incorporated QE technology in Hatsan Bullboss .25 adds a certain quiet to the air rifle,

Which is also loaded with realistic features like a detachable air cylinder, Picatinny rails, anti-double pellet feed, and a two-stage adjustable trigger.

In addition to this, the air rifle is perfect in accuracy and speed, and it comes with inside lever action, which is far better than a bolt action.

Other than this, the .177 caliber air rifle, .22 caliber, and .25 caliber air rifle give the best shot experience.

All three features perform differently but not the same way.

(For more on how to choose the right air gun caliber for your game, see this post.)

While it’s not as good as the Gladius extended version, it’s still a good air rifle in its own right!

Overall, this Hatsan Bullboss QE review reveals that it would be the best partner for your next hunting trip.

(Are Deer Nocturnal, Diurnal, or Crepuscular? See this post)

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