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Before the season begins, and once the scouting is over, sometimes you realize that you might need a little extra help when it comes to attracting those deer. Why waste your time with a simple corn pile? Why not go out and get the best deer attractant to guarantee success?

While searching for the top options, it’s important to remember that there are several kinds out there – Spread, Spray, Plot, Mineral, etc. Each type provides its own pros and cons, as well as the best picks within each category.

This blog focuses on the four major types of deer attractants and calls out the attractant we think is best for its intended purpose. Enjoy the comparison chart below and some top questions we decided to answer before choosing a deer attractant.

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Best Overall Deer Attractant

Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage

While it might not be the newest item on the list, it sure has been time-tested – and the results speak for themselves. The Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage deer attractant is our top pick for 2024 because it’s the most popular and highly reviewed option on the market.

The Acorn Rage pretty much guarantees deer will come to your stand, and it’s something I can personally attest to. I’ve not only used this attractant for the past several hunting seasons, but I’ve noticed that deer are more likely to return to areas where this used.

It’s widely known that acorns are at the top of the list when it comes to prized deer food, and what’s more convenient than having it an easy to disperse pack?

Pro Tip: Deer attractant minerals release slowly over time, and can create an active mineral site for up to a year, improving your deer feeder location over time.

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Other Top Technological Features include the following:

This blend is made out of 100% real acorns and roasted soybeans to create a nutritional snack with jam-packed scent. It’s also combined with Wildgame’s Airborne Technology which disperse 600% more scent particles than standard feed – WOW! You can mark this down as a solid long-range buck attractant too.

As far as actual specifications, the mix is 17% fat and 28% protein, with 11% fiber. It’s also high in rack nutrition and can be used year around (similar to other deer protein feeds). Because of this, man hunters say this is the best deer attractant for summer.

Best Deer Attractant - Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage

Best Deer Attractant Spray

Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure Deer Attractant Urine

Nationwide Scents has been producing authentic, field tested scents for nearly 20 years, and they continue to be a reliable tool for many deer hunters. Their Scrape Lure Deer Attractant Urine is our top deer attractant spray for 2024 because of the authentic urine collected from Nationwide.

The Pure Active deer attractant spray is a great option for year around use, but does exceptionally well in early to late rut. The performance is all in the recipe, which is above industry standard. Check this out:

Fun Fact: Nationwide Scents is the largest deer urine collection company in the world.

Other top technological features include the following:

Nationwide Scents facility holds over 600 live whitetail deer and collects all urine in their state-of-the-art stainless-steel facility. Additionally, it’s all collected fresh that season for best results.

As far as quality, the company is a certified member of the RHSA and all of their scents are CWD certified free. If you don’t like it, Nationwide Scents guarantees all of their products and will make the purchase right!

Of course, from personal experience, I’m not that big of a fan of liquid lures just because they are so messy. I always

Nationwide Scents Active Scent

Best Deer Attractant To Plant

Antler King No Sweat, No-Till Plot Mix

All whitetail deer hunters would love to create their own multi-acre food plot, ensuring they have a solid setup for the season. However, not everyone has the land or the equipment to get it done. The Antler King No Sweat, No-Till is the best deer attract to plant because it requires minimal tools and effort to reach its full potential.

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The No Sweat, No-Till deer attractant mix is great for those with limited space, or if you’ve found a nice pocket but can’t get equipment to it. If you’re asking, “Is it really no till?” then the answer is – YES! Antler King has created a shade tolerant mix that will grow almost anywhere with minimal preparation.

This attractant is a mix of perennial and annual seeds that can be planted in either Spring of Fall. Additionally, it also contains varieties of oats, rye, clover, canola and more.

One final note, Antler King has provided a handy food plot mix chart for all their products!

Antler King Plot Mix

Best Mineral Deer Attractant

Big & J Headrush

Big & J is best known for taking salt based supplements (which deer love) and using added technology to advance their performance. This is best established in the strongest mineral deer attractant we could find – the Big & J Headrush.

The Headrush deer attractant is a perfect combination of pure supplement and attractant for whitetail deer hunters across the nation. The added Calcium is key to antler growth, while the product’s Bioavaible Trace Minerals contribute to overall herd health.

The attractant’s greatest feature is their BB2 Aroma, which creates a strong scent that will pull in deer from long ranges. This concoction, which contributes to a deer’s energy level, is a property blend that drives deer wild!

Honestly, the science in this product is just too much to summarize. For a full story about all its benefits, check out the link below to be amazed even more.

BJ Headrush

FAQs When Buying Deer Attractant

1. What Is The Best Deer Attractant To Mix With Corn?

Overall, the best deer attractant to mix with corn is going to be the GYT 90 liquid mix.

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This particular nutritional supplement combination is great during the summer months as deer are more accustomed to consuming corn with agricultural fields being so prevalent.

This mix also provides great benefits during the winter months. The high fat crude soybean oil serves as a strong attractant, helps them gain weight, and provides many essential minerals for antler growth.

2. What’s The Best Deer Attractant For Late Season?

Attracting deer during late season can be difficult as traveling patterns are quickly becoming more disrupted. Priorities obviously change for both younger and older bucks, while does split and go beyond their normal feeding trails.

And to locate the feeding trails, try to pay attention to deer poop and what it means. If you find an a large amount of deer pellets in one location, that look to be evenly spread out, this is a great indicator of a feeding location. Deer typically defecate frequently while grazing.

You might be able to attract deer with a stronger acorn or apple scent mix, or by using active scape scents like those provided by Nationwide Scents. However, it’s going to be somewhat difficult with a standard spread mix or simple corn pile.

Keep in mind that as it gets colder air odor molecules move more slowly through the air, making it tougher to pick up scent. As a result, using long range mineral scent attractants can combat this if combined with beneficial wind conditions.

3. Can You Make Homemade Deer Attractant?

Yes, you can make homemade deer attract very easily. For the best homemade DIY deer attractant recipes check out the links below:

Animals Mom

Gone Outdoors

Feather Net Outdoors

4. Does Molasses Attract Deer?

Yes, molasses can be used to attract deer due to its strong and sweet aroma. Most standard attractant blocks use molasses as a bonding agent to hold everything together while enhancing the scent.

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