Are Red Dot Sights Good For Air Rifles?


Red dot sights are commonly used on pistols, but what about air rifles? Are they just as effective? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of red dot sights on air rifles to see if they’re worth the investment.

Pros of Red Dot Sights:

  • Huge range- Red dot sights have a much larger range than traditional iron sights, making them ideal for long-range shooting.
  • Fast and straight- Red dot sights are incredibly fast and straight, meaning you can get on target quickly and accurately.
  • Easy to spot- The red dot is easy to spot, even in low light conditions. This makes it easier to keep your eye on the target.
r1 1 Are Red Dot Sights Good For Air Rifles?

Cons of Red Dot Sights:

  • The Picatinny mounting rails obviously won’t fit standard scope grooves, so most airgunners will need to buy mounting adaptors. These aren’t expensive, but they’re an on-cost which needs to be considered.
  • Red dot sights can be susceptible to damage from impact or vibrations. This means they might not be ideal for some types of air rifles such as break barrels.


Red dot sights have a lot of advantages, but there are also a few things to keep in mind before you purchase one. They’re more expensive than traditional iron sights, but they offer a much larger range and are faster and easier to use. However, they may not suitable for break barrel air rifles.

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