Benjamin Maximus Review


Built-in the United States, Benjamin Maximus is the most affordable, accurate, and powerful air rifle for the money.

Available in both .177 Caliber and .22 Caliber, the air rifle is a pre-charged pneumatic, single-shot bolt-action,

And features an all-weather stock available in black.

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b1 Benjamin Maximus Review

Additionally, the rifle delivers 30 shots per fill and is able to be quickly filled with a hand pump.

For those who are searching for an air rifle for small game hunting, target practice, and plinking,

The Benjamin Maximus air rifle is the most accurate and affordable option.

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Likewise, if you’re after a good entry-level air rifle for target shooting, Benjamin Maximus .177 is a very reliable option.

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In fact, it’s probably best known for being just that – a wonderful entry-level target air rifle.

Benjamin Maximus air rifle is pretty imposing in size as it was conceived to attract people

Who were on the fence about PCP air rifles and were unsure about the value for money, real-feel, and ease of use.

The manufacturers gave a lot of consideration to young shooters during the R&D phase,

Particularly those interested in sport shooting in the likes of the Olympics,

And would need high performance but not an overly complicated weapon.

If you are a beginner, you can save your time and effort with our list of top air rifles for under $100 for beginners.

Quickly filled with the hand pump or high-pressure tank, the Maximus can contain 2000 psi

And allows 30 shots per fill in .177 or 20 shots at .22 Caliber.

The rifle features an onboard 200-bar manometer to check pressure filling.

It’s charged for action by a two-piece 11mm optic mount and compatible accessories.

If you are thinking of starting target shooting practice in your backyard

And are trying to find the best reasonably priced air rifle, the Benjamin Maximus has to be in the mix given its $200 price tag.

b2 Benjamin Maximus Review

Although the Benjamin Maximus air rifle weighs a bit more than average, the feel of the rifle is smooth and it is still lighter than it looks.

This is the reason that the air rifle is a good fit for people of all ages.

However, there is a warning from the manufacturing company to only use it if you are 18+.

Even if you are looking for an air rifle as a gift, Benjamin Maximus, with its tremendous out-of-the-box accuracy, would be the best option for you.

benjamin maximus details

However, the Benjamin Maximus is a pretty loud rifle, with no silencer and no way to lower the volume.

If you’re looking for something for backyard use, you’d better hope to have pretty understanding neighbors!

In this review, we will be discussing the features of Benjamin Maximus and comparing its performance to Benjamin Discovery, so that you can decide which to add to your collection.

Benjamin Maximus Air Rifle Review

Trigger And Cocking Effort

benjamin maximus trigger

Benjamin Maximus trigger mod comes with a synthetic trigger blade.

In this way, the standard trigger pull weight was too weighty at an average weight of 5 pounds, 13 ounces.

However, the single-stage trigger, though being heavy, did not appear to affect the accuracy of the rifle at all.

There is a manual safety catch for the trigger in its trigger guard,

And the non-automatic characteristics give full control of the air rifle to the shooter.

Talking about the cocking effort, it requires a firm pull back adjacent to the hammer spring to set the trigger sear.

However, the small-sized bolt handles help amplify the effort.

You do not have any aftermarket options for the Benjamin Maximus trigger, so it’s just a bit heavier full stop.

During the HAM test, it was surprising to note that the bolt handles of the Benjamin Maximus PCP were very tight.


The Maximus air rifle has a synthetic stock and is quite long and thin.

Having said that, it’s still only 2 inches longer than the Discovery.

The black, synthetic stock is pleasing to the eye.

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(For more on the in-depth comparison between synthetic and wood stock, see this post.)

There is a molded stippling to help with handgrip if the weather turns wet, making it pretty user-friendly.

The finish of the stock is outstanding, with minimal molding marks, and the added provision of a sling swivel stud is well finished.

The Benjamin Maximus valve is red, unlike the Discovery.

If you look at the cheek weld, the 3 – 9 X scope meets the shooter’s eye quite naturally.

The metal finish is pretty fetching too.

However, since the air rifle is nowhere close to the $1000 mark, it’s unrealistic to expect far too much here.

After the HAM test, it is evident that Benjamin Maximus does, unfortunately, have a poorly finished breech.

The surface of the Benjamin Maximus is a bit dull in its matt black style, however, this doesn’t cover the whole metal area.

In summary, the Benjamin Maximus air rifle is pretty good in terms of appearance, but it’s still far from amazing.

Shooting Ability

The Benjamin Maximus is long, light, and easy to handle.

It weighs only 6 pounds, 5 ounces, which is pretty light for an air rifle with this power.

The magazine has the most comfortable PCP, with 2000 PSI fill pressure which can be done easily with a hand pump.

Without any doubt, this would be the best option for shooters who struggle to make a more usual fill of 3000 PSI, which is required by most other PCP rifles.

Benjamin Maximus Air Rifle

Here is the good news for shooters who are in search of perfection and accuracy.

The HAM test revealed that the RATEAGUN score of just 4.5, confirmed the Benjamin Maximus air rifle is very easy to shoot accurately.

Minimal space is afforded when loading pellets into the breach due to its restrictive, compact design.

Therefore, reloading can be a little bit tricky.

Likewise, the small bolt handle also makes the air rifle cocking effort feel rather heavy.

Power, Accuracy And Velocity

The Benjamin Maximus air rifle can fire both .177 and .22 Caliber rounds.

The former is more suitable for target shooting, while the latter is best for small game hunting or pest control.

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The Benjamin Maximus air rifle HAM test showed a maximum of 943.77 FPS muzzle velocity

While shooting alloy pellets like Gamo Raptor Platinum pellet.

Moreover, a higher muzzle velocity of 875.52 FPS can be reached with 11.9 Hobby pellets from Grain RWS.

Accuracy was excellent during the test, but the HAM test revealed that light pellets (under 14 grams) did not shoot well.

However, once you reach the pellet weight of 14.3 grains or above, you can get outstanding accuracy.

Nevertheless, the HAM test claimed after much study that the Benjamin Maximus air rifle has the best in accuracy for such a low cost.

Below is the table to show the muzzle velocity, muzzle energy for measurement of the best result for accuracy of Benjamin Maximus air rifle:

PelletMuzzle velocity-AverageMuzzle energy- AverageAccuracy
Gamo Raptor Platinum 9.7 Grain943.77 FPS19.19 Ft/Lbs.Fair
H&N Field target trophy grain 10.03934.90 FPS19.47 Ft/Lbs.Fair
RWS Hobby 11.9 grain875.52 FPS20.26 Ft/Lbs.Very Good
Crossman Premier HP 14.3 Grain827.77 FPS21.76 Ft/Lbs.Excellent
JSB Jumbo exact 14.35 grain832.38 FPS22.08Excellent
H&N Field target trophy 14.66 grain820.35 FPS21.91 Ft/Lbs.Excellent
H&N Baracuda match 21.14 grain705.83 FPS21.14 FPSExcellent (best tested)

For these results, the shooting took place from 50 yards with the Benjamin Maximus air rifle.

The H&N Baracuda match 21.14-gram pellet, which fired at 705.83 FPS, gave the best accuracy for the Benjamin Maximus air rifle.


The Benjamin Maximus air rifle does not come with any kind of sound suppression system.

Furthermore, there are no aftermarket options, so you’ll just have to get used to the noise.

In all honesty, it makes a pretty thunderous bang for an air rifle!

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As the model used for the HAM test was .22 Caliber, the muzzle velocity was approximately 1100 FPS, which at least doesn’t cross the sound barrier!

It should be noted that the .177 Caliber version possibly does not have the same result as lightweight alloy pellets.


The Benjamin Maximus air rifle is not a synchronized PCP. Consequently, the muzzle velocity plunges as the gun fires.

Without any doubt, you would experience this drop quite often, but it is less rapid,

And as a result more controllable than that of Benjamin Discovery.

The trigger pull mass was a hefty standard of 5 Lb 13 Oz.

The accuracy was constant, as well — HAM tested 14.3 Grains pellets and higher shot with consistency and accuracy.

Sight And Scope

The most attractive air rifle, Benjamin Maximus, is fitted with iron sights.

The sights are modifiable and feature fiber-optic dots.

(For more on how many types of air gun sights are out there and which one is suitable for you, see this post.)

benjamin maximus

Benjamin Maximus VS Discovery

If you’re having a hard time choosing between the Maximus and the Discovery, please know that there are some important differences.

giphy Benjamin Maximus Review

Physically, the Maximus valve is red, and the Discovery valve is silver.

The Discovery is made with wood stock. Internally, there is a difference in the diameter of the sleeves.

benjamin discovery air rifle

Crossman claims that the Benjamin Maximus has a maximum muzzle velocity with lead pellets of 85 FPS in .22 Calibers.

However, in the HAM test, it actually shot much faster with alloy pellets.

While testing, for every 30 shots taken with the Maximus, the muzzle velocity dropped by approximately 100FPS.

The test was taken with 14.35-grain JSB Exact Jumbo Express Diabolo pellets.

The muzzle velocity drop is not as radical as the Discovery, and it is more accurate.

So, can you say that Maximus gives up to 30 effective shots per fill?

The answer is yes, so long as you accept that a 100FPS drop from first to last shot is effective (That’s a 23% reduction).

Market Availability

The Benjamin Maximus air rifle is available online and is trouble-free to buy, while Crosman is aiming to bring it to most sport shooting stores.

The Benjamin Maximus offers a distinctive twelve-month warranty, as the manufacturer is well known for its customer care for having replacement parts available.

In case of any problems, their team is highly qualified and knowledgeable to support the customer with any query or confusion.

Most owners will be shooting their Maximus air rifle with hollow-point pellets from Crosman Premier,

Which are available everywhere, and give the best performance.

A trouble-free pump that loads to 2000 psi, the standard foster Q/D pack nozzle, and a great look,

It’s these characteristics that make the Maximus a top PCP air rifle.

(For more on the best PCP air rifles in 2021, see this post)

The HAM test found that the air pressure gauge was not situated in the pressure tube end, but rather it was inside the underside of the stock.

It is clear that while you are checking the pressure, it would not be necessary to look down the barrel.

This makes it perfect from a safety point of view.

This feature shows that Crosman does not compromise on safety to lower the cost for the air rifle.

However, the fiber optic sight could potentially harm the user as the open front is not protective.

The shooter can install the replacement, which is cheap and can easily be changed.

Anyhow, everyone who will be utilizing Benjamin Maximus will prefer to use the scope.

The Maximus has no de-gassing capability, so should you wish to eliminate air tube pressure

Then it is mandatory to remove the pressure by dry firing the gun.

As a whole, the Benjamin Maximus accessories are easily bought on the market.


  • Manufacturer is Benjamin
  • Ammo type is pellets
  • 1-year warranty
  • .177 Calibers, .22 Calibers
  • Maximum velocity is 1000 fps
  • Muzzle velocity is 18ft/lbs.
  • 4-medium-high loudness
  • Barrel length is 26.25.”
  • Overall length 41.7.”
  • The shot capacity is 1
  • Barrel rifled
  • Front sight – fiber sight
  • Rear right – fiber optic
  • 11mm dovetail is scope
  • Single-stage trigger
  • Plastic butt plate
  • Suggested for small game hunting/plinking
  • Trigger pull is 3.75 lbs.
  • Bolt action
  • Manual safety
  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Single-shot function
  • Maximum shots per fill are 30
  • Body type is a rifle
  • Weight is 5 lbs.
  • The cylinder size is 135cc
  • Color is black
  • Ambi grip
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Metal breech
  • 2000 psi
b5 Benjamin Maximus Review

Pros & Cons

  • Thumb-hole, all-weather synthetic stock
  • Gas piston-powered (second-generation design)
  • Decent velocity in both Calibers
  • Smooth cocking action
  • Picatinny rail optics mounting
  • Reasonable price
  • Great consistency
  • Great power and accuracy
  • 30 consistent shots per fill
  • A bit dull in appearance
  • High magnification power on a rifle with a range of 100 yards or less is not necessary
  • Stock is not that durable
  • The trigger is heavy to load
  • Loud in sound, therefore; noisy air rifle
  • Bolt action can be broken if not handled properly or loaded heavily again and again
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The Benjamin Maximus is considered so highly among customers for being so low in price.

The Maximus is the first PCP air rifle to break the sub $200 street price.

This feature alone makes it more valuable and outstanding.

The low price doesn’t always come with low quality.

The main issue here is that, like any of the PCP air rifles, it requires a consistent supply of high-pressure air.

The hand pump for the Benjamin air rifle is the lowest cost suitable pressure supply, and it costs around $180.

It is impressive to note that the price of the air rifle is close to the same as that of the pump!

You should note here that the price of air rifles is falling all the time, but the cost of the equipment to fill them is staying about the same.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for Benjamin Maximus are mostly favorable. 80% of customers are satisfied with the usability of the rifle.

Benjamin Maximus is famous for its reasonable price, of course.

However, the high accuracy of the air rifle is also deeply appreciated.

As the Benjamin Maximus kit comes with its pump, target, and a can of ammo, it has saved buyers a lot of money.

In the Benjamin Maximus air rifle review, shooters have found the air rifle to be lighter than they expected, so it is an appropriate choice for less physically strong shooters.

It does not feel that heavy on shoulders and allows you to have an excellent shooting experience without any significant barricade.

The stock of the air rifle feels natural and not too bulky.

Though the manufacturers allow warranty claims to be made in case of dropping, most customers haven’t needed it.

It shots H&N 10.65gr, pellets into a9/16’ group at a measure of 25 yards, and there is no complaint about the air leakage of the air rifle.

Reviewers have also lauded the power of the air rifle, which is way above expectations given the low price.

The appearance of the air rifle is also discussed and concurs that it has a lovely shape and color, but with time, the air rifle loses its attraction and becomes a bit faded in color.

For those who are in search of an attractive-looking air rifle that will keep its luster over time, perhaps a second thought is required.

Customers have even recommended many extras of the Benjamin Maximus air rifle;

First is the air pump that must not be disconnected without the drainage of the tank.

Secondly, the air must not stay in the air gun.

One customer complained in their review that the cocking mechanism broke off after only a few uses.

Though the air rifle is loud, there is no such complaint about the noise of Benjamin Maximus among the customer reviews.

Lastly, one widely made criticism of Benjamin Maximus is that the trigger is a bit heavy but still crisp and predictable.

Some customers regret that the air rifle is unavailable in .25 Caliber.

The design of the air rifle is a cause for consternation among customers, for the durability we mentioned above.

There have also been some claims that the bolt actions broke while loading, tying into the above point.


In summary, customers are mostly satisfied with the Benjamin Maximus air rifle for being so powerful at such a reasonable price.

If you are comfortable with the loud sound, then the Benjamin Maximusair rifle is the best choice to have in your hands!


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