Winchester 1400CS – Mossy Oak Review


As soon as I saw the Winchester 1400CS, I’m attracted to it.

It’s simply beautiful and unique.

They say “judge the book by its cover” but hey, you have to admit that it’s one of the most gorgeous-looking rifles in the market today.

But is it good as its beauty?

Let’s find out in this detailed Winchester 1400CS review.

Winchester 1400CS – Guntype

winchester 1400cs

This is a spring-piston air rifle (springer) which means that it gets power from a coiled spring and a piston inside the chamber.

Springer is generally cheap and consistent on performance.

It’s one of 5 types of air gun you need to know before buying,

Winchester 1400CS has a caliber of .177 (4.5 millimeters) .

It’s a break barrel, single-shot gun so you can only shoot 1 shot at a time.

After the first shot, you have to reload the pellet manually to prepare for the second shot.

A single-shot gun makes you a disciplined shooter: you know you have to make your shot count because you have only one chance to hit the target before reloading.

The barrel is rifled with helical grooves inside the bore (more on that here).

Moreover, this air rifle has a muzzle-mounted sound suppressor at the end of the barrel that cuts the sound of your shot by 50%.

It allows multiple shot at the animal without scaring them away and is the perfect choice for the shooter who wants to enjoy pest elimination without worrying about bothering the nearby neighbors.


winchester 1400cs mossy oak review

The stock is made of composite material which stands up against all kinds of weather and is impervious to water.

(For more on the in-depth comparison between synthetic and wood stock, see this post.)

Furthermore, it is designed in a beautiful Mossy Oak break-up Infinity Camo style so it conceals effectively your presence in the hunting field.

Besides, it allows some movement for shooters without startling their prey.

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This type of stock is best suited for picky shooters who demand absolute stealth on the hunting trip.

The stock has a thumbhole grip for added wrist support and a straighter trigger pull .

In addition, this Winchester 1400Cs has a bipod attaching to the sides of the forearm

And can be extended from 9” to 13.5” to provide steady support on the bench when you need it

But it can be folded up out of the way when you are done shooting.

No confusing bipod adapter is required.

Also, it has a rubber buttpad to reduce felt recoil and texturing on the grip and forearm to add friction to your arms, prevent slippage from the shooter’s sweat and enhance accuracy.

If you are in the air gun world for quite a time, you probably know that lots of shooters like to attach the sling on their air rifles,

But it’s a pain to struggle with the sling swivel stud.

Winchester has already done that for you.

Just pull the sling through the swivel loops, and you are good to go all day in the field: the gun will be there when you need it

And it won’t weigh you down when you are on the move.


.177 pellet is the only type of ammunition for the Winchester 1400CS.

The price of .177 pellet is lower than others pellets’ prices,

And if you look at the pellet count box, you will see that you’ll get exactly twice as many .177 as .22 for the same price.

Therefore, .177 is very cost-effective when it comes to long-hour target shooting and plinking.

(For more on the differences between .177 & .22 and which jobs they do best, see this post.)

Cocking and Loading

Cocking the gun:

  • First, put the gun ON SAFE, hold the gun by your side, and then firmly tap the muzzle end to expose the breech.
  • Let the gun rest on your upper thigh and grasp the muzzle end.
  • Continue to pull the barrel down to its limitation to perform cocking action
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Loading the pellet:

  • With the breech opened after cocking, put the pellet (with the pellet’s nose lying forward into the breech.
  • Then pull the barrel up to its original position until it locks and you are ready to fire

Winchester 1400CS Sight

winchester 1400cs scope

The Winchester 1400Cs doesn’t have traditional iron sight.

Yep, no front sight, no rear sight.

But it does have a 3-9x 32 scope.

32 is the diameter of the front lens, measured in millimeters.

3-9 is the magnification ability of the scope.

It means that the image you see when looking through the scope is 3 to 9 times bigger than the picture you see without it.

This variable power scope gives you dead-on accuracy in the long-range shooting situation.

Velocity, Accuracy and Power

The velocity of Winchester 1400 CS is 1400 FPS (feet per second).

Since the speed of sound is 1100 FPS (vary with altitude and temperature),

If you use a lightweight pellet you may hear the loud crack when shooting because the superfast pellets break the sound barrier.

This springer can shoot into 3/4″ plywood at 25 yards so it has more than enough power to deal with squirrels, chipmunk, possum, prairie dogs, etc.

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Remember the maximum velocity for this Winchester is 1400 FPS which is lots higher than the speed of sound

So even your actual performance will not achieve the mind-blowing velocity as the manufacturer advertised,

You still need to expect a loud crack because the pellet breaks the sound barrier .

Lucky for you this gun has a sound compressor so the noise it makes will be a lot quieter than the loud crack of a rimfire rifle.

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Shooting range and intended use

The effective shooting range for Winchester 1400CS is up to 50 yards.

You can use this rifle for target shooting, plinking, pest control, and small game hunting.


The Winchester 1400Cs doesn’t need any accessories at all

Winchester 1400CS Specifications

  • Caliber: 0.177”
  • Velocity: 1400 FPS
  • Loudness: 3- Medium
  • Overall Length: 51.2”
  • Shot Capacity: 1
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front Sight: None
  • Rear Sight: None
  • Scopeable : 11mm dovetail
  • Sight: 3-9x 32 scopes
  • Buttplate: Rubber
  • Suggested for: Target shooting/Plinking/Small game hunting/Pest control
  • Action: Break Barrel
  • Safety: Automatic
  • Powerplant: Spring-piston
  • Function: Single-shot
  • Body-type: Rifle
  • Weight: 9.0 lbs

Pros and Cons

  • Attractive design
  • Awesome stock
  • Comfortable thumbhole grip
  • Fantastic composite material
  • Wonderful foldable and extendable bipod
  • Already-integrated sling
  • Superb knockdown power
  • Great scope
  • Quite heavy for small shooters

Winchester 1400CS Price

w1 Winchester 1400CS - Mossy Oak Review

The price for Winchester 1400CS is only about 200 dollars.

It is a good price for a supersonic gun that delivers lethal knockdown power, even in a .177 caliber.

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Customer Reviews

There are not so many online reviews about this gun.

Positive reviews indicate that buyers like its velocity, power, and design

Whereas negative reviews complain that this gun is too heavy for them so it’s not an air rifle for kids and small build shooters.

And it’s best for bench-rest shooting or shooting on the bipod.

Many reviews show that this is a very accurate gun while others said they cannot get a small shooting group.

This couldn’t be a serious problem after the break-in period and when you get used to it.


The Winchester 1400CS is a good gun for the money.

This is the rifle that deserves to be added to your air gun collection.

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