Can a Felon Legally Possess an Air Rifle in Tennessee?


“Understanding the Legalities: Felon Ownership of Air Rifles in Tennessee”

can a felon own an air rifle in tennessee?

f2 1 Can a Felon Legally Possess an Air Rifle in Tennessee?

In the state of Tennessee, the ownership and possession of firearms by felons are regulated under both federal and state laws. While federal law prohibits felons from possessing any type of firearm, including air rifles, Tennessee law provides certain exceptions for non-powder guns such as air rifles. However, it is important to note that these exceptions do not apply to all felons.

Under Tennessee law, individuals who have been convicted of a felony offense are generally prohibited from owning or possessing firearms. However, there is an exception for non-powder guns, which includes air rifles. Felons may be allowed to own and possess air rifles in Tennessee as long as they meet certain conditions. These conditions include having completed their sentence, including probation or parole, and not being convicted of certain specific offenses such as domestic violence or drug-related crimes.

It is crucial for felons in Tennessee to fully understand the restrictions and exceptions regarding firearm ownership. While owning an air rifle may be permissible for some felons, it is advisable to consult with a legal professional or seek guidance from local law enforcement to ensure compliance with both federal and state laws regarding firearms.

In Tennessee, felons are prohibited from owning firearms, including air rifles. The state law considers air rifles as firearms, subjecting them to the same restrictions. Therefore, felons are not legally allowed to possess or own air rifles in Tennessee.

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