The Bunny Buster: Best Air Rifle For Rabbits (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)


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Talk of rabbits and crop farmers feel like crying.

In both fiction and real life, rabbits have been known to be troublesome. 

The story is told of Bunny the rabbit, the fox, and the wolf.

Bunny steps out of her hole one beautiful sunny day.

A hungry fox rushes up to her from behind and pounces on her.

The fox shouts, “Today I’ll have you for lunch”

Undeterred, the Rabbit replies:“Please wait for a few more days”

Fox: (visibly flabbergasted) Wait? Why on earth should I?

Bunny: I am completing my research on ‘Why rabbits are superior to foxes and wolves’

Fox: Never! Rabbits will never defeat foxes!

Bunny: In case you doubt me, drop into my hole and read for yourself. If not convinced, you can have me for lunch.

Deal made! Fox descends the rabbit hole.

Never comes out.

The wolf was the next predator.

Or is it prey?

Same encounter as the fox, same talk.

And the wolf got into the rabbit hole.

Never came out.

Top 10 Guns For Rabbits

A few days later, the research project complete, Bunny is caught celebrating with her furry buddy.

Asked what’s with all the joy, Bunny discloses her successful research project and the friend decides to go read it personally.

What do they find?

Thesis in one corner, a pile of fox bones in another corner, a pile of wolf bones in another corner.

And in the middle of the room, a satisfied lion deliciously licking her lips, who was actually the project supervisor.

What’s the moral of this story?

You guess it.

But it shows that rabbits can be a pest.

rabbit problem

You till the land so hard, plan your potential yields and start dreaming about the fortunes.

Only for a colony of rabbits to eat and trample on the remainder of the crops .

Did you know that:

  1. 10 rabbits eat the same amount of pasture as one ewe?
  2. Rabbits can render agricultural land useless as a result of extensive soil erosion that comes through burrowing?
  3. Feral rabbits cost Australian crop producers $ 113 million annually destroyed produce and control costs?
  4. Rabbits, with their rodent-like teeth, look for tiny seedlings of the most nutritious plants and eat them before they can grow?
  5. Rabbits indirectly contribute to the decline of native species?  

Hunt the rabbits

Whichever country you are reading this from, you must have come face to face with the menace of rabbits. 

Methods suggested for controlling rabbit populations include poisoning, fencing, tree wrapping, cleaning up, using repellents, keeping dogs, and trapping, and shooting. 

How to Get Rid Of Rabbits 1 The Bunny Buster: Best Air Rifle For Rabbits (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Here is a brief account of the methods.


The most commonly used poisons for eradicating rabbits include Pindone and 1080.

You will first need to give the rabbits some carrots or other bait before giving the poison. 

  • Cost effective
  • Foxes subsequently killed by eating poisoned rabbits
  • 1080 is biodegradable and does not leave any toxic residue in soil
  • May endanger people’s health as well as domestic animals and wildlife if poorly used
  • Requires controlled substance license to use
  • Dry weather required


This is used where rabbit burrows are deep and elaborate.

Rabbits inside the burrows inhale the toxic fumes and die.

fumi 1 The Bunny Buster: Best Air Rifle For Rabbits (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)


  • Easy method as it does not require any technical skills
  • Useful if rabbits live underground in inaccessible spots
  • Labor-intensive
  • Can only be used on a small scale
  • Cannot be used where rabbits live above the ground

Rabbit proof fencing

These can be used around farms to keep rabbits from accessing.

fence 1 The Bunny Buster: Best Air Rifle For Rabbits (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stops re-invasion
  • Possibility of rabbits digging burrows deep below the fence
  • Rabbit population continues to grow as none is killed
  • Requires frequent checking


Rabbit traps are set at strategic locations in the bushes.

rab1 1 The Bunny Buster: Best Air Rifle For Rabbits (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Effective when combined with other methods
  • Very labour intensive
  • Need a permit for many types of traps
  • Only useful if the rabbit population is low


This is an easy and effective way to eradicate rabbits.

The method has grown in popularity owing to the fun derived while controlling the pests.

Facts have it that a single nice shoot can eliminate 30% of resident rabbits. 

rabbit 1 The Bunny Buster: Best Air Rifle For Rabbits (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Rabbits shot are edible
  • Gets rid of rabbits in a humane way

  • Operator must have a valid firearm license

As much as rabbits are animals, they don’t deserve the suffering they undergo through poisoning, fumigation, and trapping.

With shooting, you literally take their lives in the spur of a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, without passing them through extended periods of suffering.

For this reason, thousands have taken to shooting as their most preferred rabbit control method.

It is the most used rabbit control method as of this moment.

Specifically, consider using air rifles for shooting the rabbits.

I doubt you will need the power of a firearm.

air 1 The Bunny Buster: Best Air Rifle For Rabbits (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Air rifles are quite numerous in brand, design, and performance.

To save you the pain of going through the hundreds of rabbit air rifles available, I have compiled a detailed review of the top 10 you need to consider.

Here is a quick list of the best air rifles for rabbits. 

Quick list

  1. Air Arms S410
  2. Gamo Magnum air rifle
  3. Diana 460 magnum air rifle
  4. Beeman R9 Elite Series combo
  5. Diana Stormrider multi-shot PCP air rifle
  6. Hatsan 135 QE Vortex air rifle
  7. Benjamin discovery rifle
  8. Crosman nitro venom
  9. Airforce Talon PCP air pistol
  10. Air Arms pro-Sport

Before we get into the air rifle details, it is good to know a few basics of hunting rabbits.

Rabbit hunting tips

Gerald Almy of BassProShops lists 12 tips for successful rabbit hunting. Outlined below are the top tips that concern us.

Rabbit hunting tip
  • Many hunters go for the large farms, some even developed with the most modern equipment
    • Focus on smaller farms and neglected public hunting lands.
  • Search for overgrown hedges, a land lying fallow, and brushy ditches.
  • Rabbits like hiding in abandoned property
    • If you spot any old barn, dilapidated machinery, or destroyed sheds, hang around longer than you had planned.
  • Rabbits love basking after cold spells
    • If such are the current conditions, target the sunny slopes.
  • Rabbits feed more after dawn and towards dusk
    • Plan your hunting sessions well to coincide with these times.
  • Many hunters go for the large farms, some even developed with the most modern equipment
  • Focus on smaller farms and neglected public hunting lands.
  • Search for overgrown hedges, a land lying fallow, and brushy ditches.
  • Rabbits like hiding in abandoned property – If you spot any old barn, dilapidated machinery, or destroyed sheds, hang around longer than you had planned.
  • Rabbits love basking after cold spells
    • If such are the current conditions, target the sunny slopes.
  • Rabbits feed more after dawn and towards dusk
    • Plan your hunting sessions well to coincide with these times.

That said, what should you consider when choosing air rifles for hunting rabbits?

How to choose a rabbit hunting rifle

Perhaps the most important criteria for your choice should be the punching power of the air rifle.

Before we proceed, consider the following recommendations by hunting experts.

GameMinimum acceptable caliberMinimum energy (FPE)
Small birds.177+5
Medium birds.177+7
Large Birds.22+11
Squirrel-sized prey.22+9
Rabbit-sized prey.22+9
Raccoon-sized prey.25+25
Possum-sized prey.25+25
Fox-sized prey.30+35
Coyote-sized prey.30+50
Javelina-sized prey.357+90
Small deer.357+100
Medium deer.40+150
Large deer.45+200

It seems you need muzzle energy of only 9 FPE to humanely kill a rabbit.

Quite a lot of mid-range air rifles can achieve this killing force. 


In conjunction with the punching power is the air rifle caliber.

You certainly don’t need a big bore air rifle for rabbit hunting.

Leave the .50 air rifles for the cape buffalo and hogs.

Leave the .45 air rifles for deer.

Leave the .357 air rifles for Javelina.

Leave the .30 air rifles for coyotes.

Also, the .25 should not necessarily be considered.

(For more on how to choose the right air gun caliber for your game, see this post.)

How to choose a rabbit hunting rifle

We are left with the .177 and the .22.

These two are the perfect caliber for rabbit hunting.

And that takes us to our next point.


Accuracy is the ability of the pellet to land exactly where you aimed.

Considering two pellets of .177 and .22 calibers, one is more accurate than the other.

A heavier pellet is likely to face more air resistance as it flies from the airgun to the prey.

Depending on the distance of your target, the final landing point maybe a few inches from the targeted point.

The .22 caliber is, therefore, more suitable for closer shooting ranges.

A .177 will not significantly veer off the trajectory.

rabbit hunting accuracy

That means .177 shoots are more perfect for long-distance targets.

The one advantage of the .22 over the .177 is the higher punching power. 

(For more on the differences between .177 & .22 and which jobs they do best, see this post.)

We now have the facts!

Let’s dive deep into the individual rifles listed before.

Detailed Review

Hammerli 850 air magnum – best CO2 air rifle for rabbit hunting

We start off with a CO2 air rifle.

And that is deliberate!

To bring to your attention that PCPs and Springers are not the only air rifles you can use for hunting

Although they are the most recommended.

The Hammerli 850 Air Magnum is a powerful CO2 air rifle with virtually no close competitor at its price range.

Dan Johnson of Hardair Magazine tested the .22 model with different and obtained the following results.

PelletGrainAverage Muzzle VelocityAverage Muzzle Energy
Gamo Raptor Platinmum9.7674 fps9.8 FPE
H&N Field Target Trophy Green14.66668 fps9.9 FPE
RWS Hobby11.9640 fps10.8 FPE
Crosman Premier14.3606 fps11.7 FPE
JSB Jumbo Exact14.35610 fps11.9 FPE
H&N Field Tarrget Trophy14.66609 fps12.1 FPE
H&N Baracuda Match21.14519 fps12.6 FPE

This confirms the Hammerli air magnum can adequately work for rabbit hunting.

read review here

The chart below shows the muzzle velocities obtained for 10 successive shots with the Hammerli using 14.35-grain JSB Jumbo Exact Pellets

best CO2 air rifle for rabbit hunting

Other features of Hammerli 850 Air Magnum

  •  All-weather synthetic stock – you will never need to worry about bad weather.
    • Though you are still advised to hunt when temperatures are high because CO2 air rifles perform poorly in the cold.
  • 200 shots per fill of the 88-gram CO2 cartridge
    • How many rabbits can you kill with 200 shots?
  • 8 shot-repeater function
    • If you feel the first shot didn’t get the rabbit, fire several others in quick succession to increase your chances.
  • Awesome trigger
  • Incredibly fun to shoot
  • Perfect for close range game hunting
  • No recoil at all
  • Low-quality open sights
  • High cost of CO2 in the long run
  • Bolt action not so perfect

Click for the lowest price

Gamo Magnum – good air rifle for rabbit shooting

Which another air rifle delivers muzzle velocities of up to 1650 fps for the .177 caliber?

Few, if any. The Gamo Magnum air rifle allows you to deliver a whopping 26.6 FPE on the rabbits.

I doubt they can survive that if the shot is squarely planted on their neck or head.

good air rifle for rabbit shooting

More so, the air gun features the coveted IGT Mach 1 technology.

This is responsible for the excellent muzzle velocity.

It also has smoother cocking, safer shooting, and greater penetration.

Gamo Magnum air rifle

Other features of the Gamo Magnum Air rifle

  • Shock Wave Absorber recoil pad – decreases recoil by an incredible 74%
  • 6.88 lbs weight is comfortable for hunters of all stature.
  • Accuracy of 1” groupings from 30 yards.
  • Impressive power for a .22
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Included scope is adequate, but still needs mil dot.
  • Cocking effort of 40 lbs seems heavy to many hunters
  • Louder than other airguns with similar power
  • Its high power may ruin the scope if not matched well

Click for the lowest price

Diana 460 magnum – best air rifle for rabbit control

You can opt for the  .177 or .22 model. Here’s the performance you expect:

CaliberPelletGrainMuzzle velocityMuzzle Energy
.22RWS Hobby Pellets11.9897 fps21.27 FPE
.22Crossman Premiers14.2807 fps20.54 FPE
.22RWS Superpoints14.3820 fps21.36 FPE
.22RWS Super H-points14.4801 fps20.52 FPE
.22JSB Exact Domes15.8777 fps21.19 FPE
.22Beeman Kodiaks21.5585 fps16.34 FPE
.177Beeman Kodiaks10.6822 fps15.91 FPE
.177Gamo Raptor PBA5.01145 fps14.56 FPE
.177Crosman Premier7.9945 fps15.67 FPE

Should anything stop you from purchasing the Diana 460 Magnum for rabbit control? I guess none.

Other features of Diana 460 Magnum air rifle

  • Hardwood Monte Carlo Stock – a reason to brag
  • Adjustable, two-stage T06 trigger with 3.3 lbs trigger pull – makes your shooting smoother and safer
  • Superb fit and finish
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Recoil feels quite a lot
  • Cocking levers not adequately pinned
  • Plastic front and rear sights

Click for the lowest price

Beeman R9 Elite Series combo – best air rifle for meat rabbit

Conceived in Germany by the Weihrauch & Weihrauch GmbH & Co but produced in North America under the Beeman brand name.

The result? Great quality!

See below the test results for the .177 model with the 8.64 grain H&N Field Target Trophy Pellets.

best air rifle for meat rabbit

We are looking at muzzle velocities of up to 935 fps for the .177 and 740 fps for the .22 model.

The .177 model gives an average muzzle energy of 13 FPE. 

Something else you’ll love about the Beeman R( Elite is the spectacular accuracy. 

Most pellets tested with the rifle yield genuine 1” groupings.

You also get fairly consistent shots.

Other features of the Beeman R9 Elite

  • Rekord trigger – one of the most adored in the air rifle industry – for added accuracy when firing shots
  • Mounted Mantis 4-12×40 AO Rifle Scope – sight the rabbits without strain
  • Great accuracy
  • Great mechanical quality
  • Deeply blued metal barrel combined with finely finished monte carlo ambidextrous beech stock makes it pleasing to the eye
  • The mounted scope has no mil dots
  • Automatic safety not as good as manual safety

Click for the lowest price

Diana Stormrider multi-shot PCP – cheap air rifle for rabbit hunting

Imagine you can get this with less than 200 bucks.

That’s fair. But not imply the air rifle quality is compromised.

Diana has been known for producing top-quality air rifles since the late 19th century.

And the Stormrider is no different.

Just a look at its ambidextrous beech stock will melt your worries.

The bedding quality of the blued metal parts is likewise admirable.

read review here

Have a look at the testing results for the .177 model.

PelletGrainAverage muzzle velocityAverage muzzle energy
Gamo Raptor Platinum4.71068 fps11.9 FPE
H&N Field Target Trophy Green5.561037 fps13.3 FPE
RWS Hobby7.0977 fps14.9 FPE
Crosman Premier HP7.9958 fps16.1 FPE
JSB Exact Diabolo8.44927 fps16.1 FPE
H&N Field Target Trophy8.64939 fps16.9 FPE
H&N Baracuda Match10.65886 fps18.6 FPE

To me, that is excellent enough for rabbit hunting.

Below is a shot count versus muzzle velocity graph for the .177 Diana Stormrider tested with 8.44 grain JSB Exact pellets.

cheap air rifle for rabbit hunting

We note that the very first shot, for which the gun is at its maximum fill pressure, is not at its optimum velocity.

Too much pressure does not always result in maximum velocity.

As you continue firing the shots, the pressure decreases.

The maximum velocity obtained is about 1025 fps.

After this peak, a further decrease in the air pressure leads to a decrease in the muzzle velocity of the ammo.

By the time you get to shot number 50, the velocity drops to 750 fps.

That tells you it’s time to refill the air reservoir.   

Other features of the Diana Stormrider

  • Single-stage trigger, but it still fires predictably
  •  Maximum of 40 shots per fill – Lets you shoot and shoot without swaying your focus to other air rifle issues.
  • Loudness rating of 2 is low enough to keep stealth while in the bushes
  • Sturdy German beech stock
  • Checkered grip and forend for firm handling
  • Light enough for long hunting sessions
  • Both rotary magazine and single shot tray included - you can switch from single shot to multi-shot functionality
  • Quite a long and unsupported barrel
  • Possibility of magazine jamming if not handled with extra care
  • Difficult to get spares when some parts get broken

Click for the lowest price

Hatsan 135 QE Vortex – beautiful air rifle for rabbit hunting

Hatsan is synonymous with beauty and power combined.

Who wouldn’t love:

  • The handsome ambidextrous walnut stock of Turkey origin?
  • The patented vortex gas piston by Hatsan that:
  • Offers steady and more consistent power between successive shots?
  • Gets rid of the recoil associated with the heavy Springs of springers?
  • Offers much quieter and smoother shooting?
  • The QE rifled barrel that reduces noise by 50%?
  • The 1250 fps muzzle velocity for the .177 caliber model?
  • The 1000 fps muzzle velocity for the .22 caliber model?

read review here

I could go on for days about this rifle, but I won’t!

beautiful air rifle for rabbit hunting
  • Fabulous walnut stock of monte carlo design
  • Excellent shock absorber system
  • German steel barrel that lasts long
  • Matches manufacturer’s claim on accuracy
  • Adjustable recoil butt pad
  • Beastly power
  • 50 lbs cocking effort is not that manageable by the less strong hunters
  • At 9.9 pounds weight, this guns feels heavy to many shooters
  • Heavy trigger pull 

Click for the lowest price

Benjamin Discovery – most popular air rifle for rabbit hunting 

Hunting will never be complete without mentioning this top-of-the-range airgun by Crosman Corporation.

While most other air rifles need to be pumped to 3000 psi, the Benjamin cuts this down to 2000 psi without a compromise on the power of the air rifle. 

Indeed, the .22 caliber gives you 25.7-foot-pounds of energy and speeds of 900 fps.

More so, it is designed with two power plants, the PCP and CO2.

You can easily switch from PCP to CO2 by following a few simple steps detailed in the instruction manual. 

The PCP version guarantees you about 25 shots per fill.

Switching to the CO2 option gives you even more shots. I think I love that.

most popular air rifle for rabbit hunting

Other feature of the Benjamin Discovery Air Rifle

  • A single-shot function that works just as well if you are a sober hunter in no need of action-filled shooting
  • 5.2 lbs lightweight that favors even kid hunters
  • Brown hardwood stock for added beauty
  • Widely popular across the world
  • Delivers to advertised specs
  • Easy to maneuver around the most rugged terrain
  • Great versatility given you can use either air or CO2
  • Negligible recoil
  • If only it could have a two-stage trigger   
  • Not backyard-friendly
  • Possibility of trigger leaking, but you can fix this with a few drops of pure silicone

Click for the lowest price

Crosman Nitro Venom – Best Nitro Piston air rifle for rabbit hunting

This air rifle stands out from our list as it is the only one that uses the nitrogen piston as the powerplant.

The most obvious benefit is the more easy cocking when compared to springers.

Having no spring, recoil is greatly reduced.

You are also bound to enjoy quieter shooting, given that the design features minimal moving parts.

Best nitro piston air rifle for rabbit hunting

You probably thought that a nitrogen piston air rifle will exhibit less power.

You are wrong!

Testing the .177 caliber with Crosman Premiere 7.9 grain pellets gives 1000 fps and 17 FPE.

The .22 caliber yields 800 fps and 20 FPE.

read review here

Other features of Crosman Nitro venom

  • Very handsome for its price range – that ambidextrous hardwood stock rocks
  • Comes with a Centerpoint 3-9×32 scope that is adequate for rabbit sighting
  • Eliminates the high recoil associated with springers
  • Quiet shooting
  • Can be left cocked for long periods
  • Performs optimally even in low temperature unlike springers
  • Generous return policy if defects are found
  • Stiff creeping trigger that may compromise shooting accuracy if not mastered
  • Trigger feels heavy to pull
  • Scope quality not the best out there, but you can always replace with a better quality scope

Airforce Talon SS PCP – most powerful air rifle for rabbit hunting

Airforce continuously sets the bar higher for pre-charged pneumatics, and their Talon SS air rifle is no different.

Of particular interest in the design of this rifle is the removable air tank.

It doubles up as the butt of the gun.

most powerful air rifle for rabbit hunting

This way, the need for a big stock, which adds considerable weight to the gun is eliminated.

The result is a lightweight air rifle (5.25 lbs) with a shorter barrel that is convenient to carry around.

It additionally features spin-loc technology which allows you to fill the air cylinder without detaching it from the gun.

  • No recoil
  • Easy to refill
  • Multiple power settings
  • Stands out from the crowd with its stock-less look
  • Decent power and great accuracy when used with the right pellet
  • 4 lbs cocking effort is just so easy
  • Tiresome to fill the air tank with a hand pump - takes nearly 500 pumps
  • Rear tank design is not the best for shooters who take pride in the gun stock

Click for the lowest price

Air Arms proSport – most accurate air rifle for rabbit hunting

Not to mix me up, I reckon that this is specially designed for field target shooters.

But it doesn’t really matter if you kill the boredom between shooting competitions to harvest a few rabbits for dinner.

most accurate air rifle for rabbit hunting

You will especially love its excellent accuracy and ease of shooting. Regarding power, the .177 gives you about 13 FPE when tested with the 8.44-grain JSB Exact Diabolo pellet.

Air Arms proSport

At 9 lbs weight, it seems rather heavy, given that there are air rifles as light as 5 lbs.

Coupled with this is the very beautiful hardwood beech stock.

Other features of Air Arms pro sport

  • Underlever design – a good break from the side lever action
  • The fully shrouded barrel makes it dead quiet
  • 12-groove rifled Lothar Walther barrel that perfectly directs the ammo toward the aim.
  • Sleek lines and classic curves of its stylish stock makes it stand out
  • The underlever design makes cocking enjoyable and easy
  • Features the popular Air Arms CD Trigger known for ease of adjustment to suit your taste
  • High class engineering
  • Fully shrouded barrel dampens noise
  • Right-hand only stock seems insensitive to the left-handed shooters
  • Heavy cocking effort
  •  Does not come with a scope or sights

Click for the lowest price

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you kill a rabbit with an air rifle?                

Yes, we have demonstrated this fact through the entire piece.

Indeed, an air rifle is the recommended weapon for shooting rabbits.

Most medium-budget air rifles can achieve the recommended killing power for rabbits of 9 FPE.  

Firearms are still usable, but the power is always too much for rabbits.

For instance, a .22 BR Remington gives you a whole 1590 FPE.

What do you need that for?

Unless you have a long-standing grudge with the rabbits and you just wanna show them firepower. 

Which is better, 177 or 22 airguns?        

When discussing the factors to consider when choosing air rifles for rabbit hunting, I touched on when to go for the .22 and when to opt for the .177.

It’s all about power and accuracy.

A very generalized guideline will look as follows:

  • Go for the .22 air rifle if you need more killing power
  • Go for the .177 air rifle if you need to shoot longer distances.

Personally, with the experience I have accumulated over the years, I prefer the .22.

Can a .177 pellet gun kill a rabbit?

Sure, it can. Stories aside have a quick look at the following test results for the .177 Diana Stormrider.

PelletGrainAverage muzzle velocityAverage muzzle energy
Gamo Raptor Platinum4.71068 fps11.9 FPE
H&N Field Target Trophy Green5.561037 fps13.3 FPE
RWS Hobby7.0977 fps14.9 FPE
Crosman Premier HP7.9958 fps16.1 FPE
JSB Exact Diabolo8.44927 fps16.1 FPE
H&N Field Target Trophy8.64939 fps16.9 FPE
H&N Baracuda Match10.65886 fps18.6 FPE

The muzzle energy listed on the far right is what mainly matters.

Experts have shown that 9-foot pounds of energy is enough to kill rabbits. So a .177 pellet gun can cleanly kill rabbits.

What caliber pellet is best for hunting rabbits?

Being more of a subjective question, I’ll give a personal expert opinion.

The best caliber is .22.

Whenever I shoot, I do not want to merely wound the animal.

I always feel I’ve done it when I incapacitate the rabbit with one blow of the ammo. 

I’m always afraid that the .177 ammo can penetrate the rabbit and pass out through the other side without doing much harm.

But that’s me. Should we say unfounded fears?

Certainly, yes. Coz experts, as well as me, have proven beyond doubt that the .177 is enough to humanely kill rabbits.   

What is the best air rifle for killing rabbits?                

I will also most likely suggest to you the air rifle I own.

Because I have tested it and seen its good and bad side.

That is the .22 model of the Air Arms Pro-Sport.

That will set you back about 600 bucks. Pocket-friendly indeed!

(For more on the best air rifle for the money see this post)

How many FPS does it take to kill a rabbit?        

FPS alone is not enough to determine the killing power of ammo.

The killing power is tied around the muzzle energy.

Therefore, when talking about the FPS, we must accompany it with the weight of the ammo, so that we have an idea of the resultant muzzle energy.

You can have a pellet with terrific speed but negligible weight.

That may fail to kill even a rat.

But if the weight is sufficient, a pellet with the same velocity will kill even a rabbit.

Can 600 fps kill a rabbit?

In line with the discussion above, the answer to this is both Yes and No.

Can you legally shoot rabbits?                

According to the UK government, rabbits are categorized as pests.

In this regard, the question can read: Is it legal to control pests that destroy your crops? Certainly, yes.

Rabbits are not a protected species in many jurisdictions.

But when the shooting element sets in, laws vary widely from country to country.

The Pest Act 1954 states that all land occupiers have a continuing obligation to kill or take any wild rabbits living on the land, by methods such as gassing, snaring, trapping, fencing, ferreting and shooting.

However, as to who can or cannot shoot, gun ownership legislation is applied. 

Then there is the shooting of rabbits as a form of pest and shooting of rabbits as a recreational activity.

Not all countries and states see eye-to-eye – and therefore the laws vary.

Make sure to check your local laws so you are not caught on the wrong side of the law.


Taking all things into account, hunting rabbits by shooting is both legal and enjoyable.

Whether you are on the recreational side or the pest control one, never shoot the rabbits and simply leave them to rot.

Wild rabbits are edible. Very delicious and nutritious indeed.

All you need is to get the facts and equipment and gear ready for the hunting season. 

rabbit3 1 The Bunny Buster: Best Air Rifle For Rabbits (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

We already covered the facts at the beginning of this piece. Perhaps I can list the equipment and gear you may need:

  • Waterproof boots
  • Hat
  • Hunter orange vest
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Vinyl-faced canvas field pants
  • Sturdy hunting coat
  • A firearm or air rifle
  • Ammo for the weapon
  • Air rifle case
  • Airgun cleaning kit
  • Hunting license
  • Knife
  • Flashlight
  • Map and Compass
  • Fully charged smartphone
  • Game bag

All in all, take it easy, stay within the dictates of the law.

Kill only what you can eat.

Even if your rabbit air rifle has 200 shots per fill, exercise self-control.

You are not out there to terminate the rabbit population.

I sign off with a light touch.

Two men were out hunting when one of them saw a rabbit. 

“Quick,” said the first, “shoot it.” 

“I can’t,” said the second. “My gun isn’t loaded.” 

“Well,” said the first, ”You know that and I know that, but the rabbit doesn’t.”

Sean Campbell’s love for hunting and outdoor life is credited to his dad who constantly thrilled him with exciting cowboy stories. His current chief commitment involves guiding aspiring gun handlers on firearm safety and shooting tactics at the NRA education and training department. When not with students, expect to find him either at his gunsmithing workshop, in the woods hunting, on the lake fishing, on nature photoshoots, or with his wife and kid in Maverick, Texas.


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