Beeman QB Chief Review – A PCP gun on a budget

beeman qb chief air rifle review

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Back in late 60s or early 70s when the production of Crossman 160 and 165 stopped, to fill the void in the market an updated version of it came all the way from China and went viral under many brand names. We get our present-day Beeman QB Chief air gun this way. There is an interesting history behind that I am going to share but as a shooter, you are here while looking for something powerful and Beeman QB has been on the top of the list for quite some time now for its accuracy and power.

beeman qb chief air rifle review

Looking back to its invention, someone upgraded a Crossman 160 gun and sent it to China for mass production and provided the product with a comeback in the air gun industry. However, due to high price, the product was not so popular. Here after, China made it their own and started selling it in the market for lower price point, and the popularity kicked off. After that it started being sold after many names like Tech Force or Industry Brand, and finally it came under the umbrella of Beeman. However, it is not the Germany based air gun giant Beeman.

For the people looking for some cheaper options or trying to challenge themselves, excluding the high end guns with some ultramodern facilities would love a Beeman QB for all the right reasons. Beeman QB is available in two models that are QB78 and QB79 which has some difference in their specification. Let’s see why Beeman QB Chief is one of the best PCP air rifles you can buy right now!

China made crosman 160 their own and started selling it in the market for lower price point, and the popularity kicked off.

Gun Type

Any air gun or for that matter, any weapon is categorized by its working principle. Beeman QB Chief air gun works on pre-charged pneumatic mechanism using high pressure of compressed air to drive projectiles outwards. Beeman QB Chief uses 2000 psi pressure as its driving power. The above mentioned value is the highest permissible limit for Beeman QB Chief and filling beyond could jam the gun or simply over pressurize the air reservoir leading to malfunctioning of the instrument.

beeman qb chief air rifle review

This is a single-shot rifle like most conventional air rifles. Many hunters still prefer it the old way, and Beeman QB Chief seems to respect the choice. You have to reload the gun every time, after every shot and compared to multi-shots repeater guns of these days it is a lot more work and tiresome too, but it has its own essence. With a single-shot gun, you learn how to make each shot count because if you miss one, it will take time and effort to reload and the moment of your success may slip away by that time. It makes you a better and skilled shooters.

Beeman QB Chief offers you a two-stage trigger immediately improving the accuracy, and the manual safety makes the gun simpler. The air tank is engineered smartly and rightly. While updating many co2 guns, they got this simple reservoir calculation wrong, making the whole gun a lot risky and accident prone but Beeman QB Chief is an exception. The tank wall is made of thicker tube material for sustaining 2000 psi. They figured the formula of keeping the budget on point and avoided the fill pressure of 3000psi, which would have required even thicker tube wall resulting increase in price of the product.

beeman qb chief air rifle review

Besides, the 136cc reservoir can be filled with 2000 psi air pressure by a hand pump easily whereas if it were somewhere around 3000 psi it would be too tiring and being practical I can say confidently that a person buying an air gun worth $200 will not be very interested in paying thrice on an air compressor.

The hardwood stock gives it a classic authentic look which is much more preferred among the hunters than the black sleek look of common synthetic stocks.In fact, it’s one of the most stunning guns to have for the money.

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The rifled barrel is not shrouded, neither fully nor partly, making it a very loud gun. We will talk about the loudness later in detail. Besides, Beeman QB Chief offers an open sight that has optical fiber element, but this comes in the updated QB78 model popularly known as the deluxe model. Here we can see certain added features in stock as well. The sleek Monte Carlo look is always celebrated among shooters, and the cheek rest offered by this model ensures better alignment of scope. The regular Beeman QB Chief comes with one 11 mm dovetail ring for mounting scope of your choice.

The QB79 is more flexible than QB78 as it allows greater accuracy and higher degree of consistency. Another striking feature of this updated model is that you can detach the gas bottle after using the gun. It will eliminate the work you had to do for degassing the gun as co2 air rifles should be degassed always after use for durability of the product.

Apart from that, what is worth mentioning here is the claim by the manufacturers of shots per fill. They claim it to be 50 shots per fill for .177 caliber and 35 in case of .22 calibers.


Beeman QB Chief comes with a wood stock that gives it an authentic look. The wood looks and feels really high end given its price point. It has great surface finishing given the product the ultimate look.

The metal part also has great surface finish, and the bluing is not only remarkable but also very effective. A lot of rough handling will leave no impact on it. Though this Beeman QB Chief is a pre-production gun, there is no visible machine mark on it about which you should be worried particularly.

With a little higher position of the stock comb, Beeman QB Chief will be one sleek stylish gun and way more attractive than the modern black synthetic stocks.


Beeman QB Chief does everything right with the sight. It comes with an open sight that is fiber optic in nature, which is somewhat one of the best types of sight available in the market. The rear-view sight can be adjusted like all other sights available in popular air guns. The adjustment can be done for elevation and windage usually.

However, most of the shooters desire clearer vision and go with mounting a scope. This result in higher accuracy and the manufactures kept it on mind while making Beeman QR Chief. There is a standard 11mm dovetail rail grooved on the breech.

beeman qb chief air rifle review

A typical 3-9*40 AO scope has been stated with Beeman QR Chief because it is closest to most common and popular scopes used by most hunters and test results are remarkable.

You can use equipment like leapers high ring for adjusting any scope if you are not willing to remove the rear sight. There is not much space, and you have to make necessary arrangement for mounting scope. However, if you decide to take the rear sight off, you must know that it is a onetime thing. You can take it off but do not think of reattaching again. The detaching process of rear sight could be easy but reversing is tricky and messy so you know any step after making everything sure.

Velocity, accuracy and power

The accuracy and performance are the reason Beeman QR Chief is still popular among the shooters in spite of lacking some of the cool features that modern rifles today offer. The air gun was tested with different pellets of different weights to know, which would be the best to use with this air gun.


The pellet weight varied from 4.7 to 10.65 whereas the average energy of the muzzle ranged from 13.03 ft/lbs to 19.86 ft/lbs. and the average velocity rage was in between 1117.27 FPS and 982.85 ft/lbs.

Pellet name Weight First muzzle velocity Fifth muzzle velocity Tenth muzzle velocity Average muzzle velocity Average muzzle energy Accuracy
Gamo raptor platinum 4.7Grain 1137.68FPS 1122.39FPS 1100.65FPS 1117.27FPS 13.03  ft/lbs Poor
H&N field target trophy green 5.56Grain 1097.55FPS 1061.65FPS 1061.56FPS 1077.42FPS 14.34ft/lbs Excellent. Best among tested.
RWS Hobby 7.0Grain 1044.43FPS 1033.20FPS 1016.20FPS 1032.21FPS 16.56ft/lbs Very good
Crosman premier 7.9Grain 1006.48FPS 1004.14FPS 982.06FPS 996.62FPS 17.43ft/lbs Very good
JSB Exact Diabolo 8.44Grain 999.00FPS 988.32FPS 962.77FPS 982.85FPS 18.11ft/lbs Very good
H&N field target trophy 8.64Grain 974.55FPS 962.01FPS 942.53FPS 960.29FPS 17.7ft/lbs Very good
H&N baracuda match 10.65 Grain 937.49FPS 918.92FPS 896.33FPS 916.40  FPS 19.86ft/lbs Very good

From the above table, we can see that the most accurate pellet for this Beeman QB Chief air gun is H&N field target trophy green 5.56 grain.


Except in deluxe model, Beeman QB Chief offers a single-stage trigger that is, which breaks around 3lb and 11oz. The setting is conservative, but I suggest you don’t tamper with it before understanding the settings properly. The test result that I have shown above is also done with the factory made setting.

beeman qb chief air rifle review

The trigger is quite unpredictable as it is with most single-stage triggers but considering the price, I can say it is better than most air guns available in the market. You can adjust the trigger according to overtravel, sear engagement and pull weight easily. All you need for this adjustment is set screw controlling and profound knowledge; you can even remove it from the stock. However, I repeat, do not tamper with the trigger setting without proper knowledge. The safety present in Beeman QB Chief is manual.

In QB78 deluxe version, we see a two-stage trigger with adjustable settings leading to instant higher accuracy and safety with higher trigger pull.

Cocking and loading

The Beeman QB Chief has a cock on opening action, which is really easy to pull back. While chambering a pellet it is very easy and smooth to push forward and load.

The loading could be quite tricky though as it has smaller place for long pellets, and a little modification is needed in the adjustment.


It would be useless to waste many words on this. To be honest in every sense, a Beeman QB chief is a loud rifle. This does not come with a shrouded barrel which eliminates all hopes of a silent shooting with Beeman QB Chief. The absence of any suppressor is quite vivid in this system, and we have to consider the power as well which contributes a great deal in the loudness.

While testing the shooters are mostly using high-quality ear plugs in the shooting environment.

Shooting Ability

Shooting with QB78 deluxe is pleasant but basic QB78 could be difficult because of its low comb. Testers are claiming that the cheek weld actually working as chin weld in the basic models though the manufacturers assured that it will change before the mass production. They will offer higher comb.

The higher comb the accuracy will increase positively. The weight is also not too much, which makes it easier to carry and better hand position while shooting. With a typical 3 9*40 AO scope Beeman QR Chief weighs around 8lb 6oz.

beeman qb chief air rifle review

Another feature that makes it easy to shoot with is low fill pressure in comparison with other PCP rifles. It is easier to reach the air pressure than that of 3000psi of usual PCP guns.

With a little modification, we can do a lot with a Beeman QB Chief.


Being a PCP gun, the first thing you will need for you Beeman QB Chief is a hand pump or compressor to fill the tank in order to generate the operative pressure. Here I am going to chip in some real advice. If you are buying Beeman QB Chief because of its pocket friendly, and you want something simple and cheap I don’t see why you should spend much on a scuba tank. The fill pressure of Beeman QB Chief is 2000psi, and the reservoir is 136cc. You can easily fill it with a nice hand pump. There are several decent hand pumps available in the market such as UZWELL top quality high pressure hand pump, mini air compressor high pressure, etc.

However, if you already own some other guns or plan to buy the next one soon, you can buy an air compressor or scuba tank. Air venturi is one name you can trust but there are other good air compressors are also available in the market like Crossman.

You already have a fiber-optic open sight with air gun, but you can always get your favorite scope, which fits your requirements. The sight is sometimes claimed as not so bright, and you may want to replace it as well.

This is a really light weight air gun so sling hoop or sling would not be necessary and will completely depend on your choice.


Beeman QB Chief is not an air gun that takes too much to stay functional for years. You do not have to worry about much when you have Beeman QB Chief in your hand. You can just wipe any grease or lead building off the gun with simple wipes available in the market.

One such useful and handy single use wipes come from LS1, which is a familiar name in the industrial lubricant market. You can also get them in spray cans.

To keep seals and O rings lubricated you may opt for popular lubricants like Ultrair CO2 lubrication or Pellgun oil. One important thing that I have to mention here is that have you O ring and seals replacements ready. In case you are going for a tuning set, it would be wise to order two sets of them. These are all your Beeman QB Chief needs to serve you for a really long time.


  1. Beeman QB Chief is a pre-charged pneumatic air gun.
  2. This is a cock open on bolt action gun.
  3. Beeman QB chief is a single-shot gun.
  4. The safety is manual.
  5. Two-stage adjustable trigger makes the gun safer and more accurate.
  6. Monte Carlo hardwood stock.
  7. Fiber optic front and rear sight provided with the gun.
  8. 11mm dovetail ring for mounting scopes.
  9. The barrel is rifled and without any shroud making it impossibly loud.
  10. The fill pressure prescribed by the company is 2000 psi.
  11. The air tank reservoir is 136 cc.
  12. Manufacturers claim 50 shots per fill in case of 0177 and for 0.22 that would be 35 shots.
  13. The male quick disconnect makes it easier to fill the tank with a quick female disconnect.
  • Perfect budget price.
  • Somewhat light weight in nature.
  • Wooden stock for authentic touch.
  • Great performance and accuracy.
  • Male quick disconnect could make the filling easy with a female quick disconnect.
  • Made in China.
  • According to customers, the product is cheaply made.
  • Single shot gun requiring more effort and time.
  • Very low comb position.


beeman qb chief air rifle review

The Beeman QB Chief comes with an extraordinary price tag in the world of air guns. A PCP air gun that costs only around $180 was a myth at some point of the time, but Beeman has made a miracle come true. It is actually cheaper than many break barrel guns available in the market. To say it’s a steal is an understatement!

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Customer review

Beeman QB Chief has received mix reactions from the customers. Some of them are extremely happy with the product while some are complaining about the product being cheaply made. Here I want to say something to them that is the product IS cheap. In the world of air guns, it is a magic to have Beeman QB Chief at this price. The accuracy and performance at this price are unbeatable. The stock and trigger are also praised by experienced shooters. Overall, it has been rated above 75% in most verified and popular air gun sites, which is definitely something worthy.


beeman qb chief air rifle review

To conclude all I can say is, Beeman QB Chief was brought in the market so you can have a PCP air rifle that doesn’t break the bank. This is durable, accurate and shows standard performance. It includes some great features like fiber-optic sight and PCP tank. It is going to give you a pleasant shooting, while keeping your credit card light!


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