How to choose your hunting slingshot ?


The use of the slingshot is not only intended for children. With the right attributes (power, construction materials, etc.), this tool can become a perfect weapon to practice hunting with a slingshot or slingshot hunting. In this case, how to choose your hunting slingshot? We will find out now in this article.

The different types of hunting slings

You can have a hunting slingshot by making it yourself. This approach does not require much DIY skill. But the easiest way would be to buy one. Moreover, you can find a wide range of choices on the market according to your needs.

According to legislation

According to current legislation on weapons in France, a hunting slingshot is classified into two categories according to its power. Between 2 and 20 joules, it is considered a category D-2-H weapon (free acquisition and possession for adults). For more than 20 joules, it is categorized as a category C-4 weapon (acquisition and possession subject to declaration).

Rustic slingshot

It is a traditional and artisanal manufacture. At the base, the slingshot or the sling was formed of a handle with two branches in Y form, on which were attached elastic bands joined to a flexible band, often in leather. To fire, the projectile (stone or metal ball) is placed on this flexible band by pinching two fingers. Then, the rubber band must be stretched by moving the arm that holds the handle away and the shot is fired after the pressure of the fingers is released on the projectile.

It is a simple manufacture, but generally not very effective.

Modern slingshot,

The modern slingshot is industrially made. Its handle is often made of metal frame or polycarbonate, its grip is designed to be ergonomic and its tubular or flat latex elastic is made to maximize: performance and durability.

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For a more comfortable and optimized hunting slingshot, it is also possible to add

  • An ergonomic handle: finger shape, non-slip grip, pistol shape, etc. ;
  • An armrest: by leaning on the forearm, you can relieve your wrists (when tightening the elastic) and optimize your comfort by leaning on the forearm. On the other hand, opinions are not unanimous regarding shooting accuracy.
  • A stabilizer: adding one or more weights stabilizes the slingshot and limits shaking.
  • A sight: the addition of a sighting device ensures better shooting accuracy. For example, an optical or laser sighting system allows you to shoot accurately at more than 40 meters.
  • Additional accessories: ball holder, flashlight holder, darts.

fronde de chasse 2 How to choose your hunting slingshot ?

Varieties of slingshots according to its ammunition

The type of ammunition or projectile used to fire slingshots is numerous. Depending on your slingshot model and your hunting needs, you can choose from the following variety of ammunition.

Steel projectiles

These are metal balls with a diameter ranging from 0.68 mm to 0.44 mm. This type of projectile is extremely dangerous and does the most damage on impact. They have better stopping power and are particularly effective for hunting.

Glass projectiles

Glass ammunition is like a rubber-coated bullet. They can bounce more than steel, so be careful when using them at home.

Copper bullets

Some professional hunters like to use copper ball ammunition in their slingshots. However, these bullets are more expensive than steel and glass bullets. In addition, they tend to deform on impact, requiring experience to shoot them accurately.

Tungsten carbide projectiles

This is a hardened ammunition that is lighter than steel balls for the same strength. However, these bullets are expensive.

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DIY bullets

You have a free choice on the type of projectile to use, from hex nuts and pebbles to plastic or wood. Just make sure you choose DIY ammunition that won’t quickly damage the slingshot’s rear firing block.

Choosing the right rubber band for your slingshot

The energy expended to propel the hunting slingshot projectile comes from the rubber band. A good slingshot rubber band provides above-average speed and shooting power. For example, professional hunters and slingshot users can hit targets up to 400 feet away using a professional setup.

You can distinguish between two types of slingshot rubber bands:

  • Tubular models: these are the most commonly used in hunting slingshot design. They are known to be strong and durable.
  • Flat models: this type of rubber band is characterized by its flexibility and ease of use. They are usually used for introductory slingshots or for defensive slingshots.

The material of your hunting slingshot

In order to have a sturdy, high-performance hunting slingshot, you must be careful to identify the material from which it was or should be made. For this, you will have the choice between metal, wood or plastic.

To know that:

  • Metal is known for its lightness and strength, especially against wood. That’s why a metal sling is ideal for hunting and survival.
  • Wood is the most common material for making traditional slingshots. It is an easy material to carve in order to make an aesthetic and authentic slingshot. Slingshots made from this material are often used for practice.
  • Plastic stands out for its affordable price, its unmatched lightness. Nowadays, you can find durable and efficient slingshots capable of shooting, for example, slingshot balls at high powers and speeds. Only, it is not at the level of metal and wooden models.
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There are so many models of hunting slingshots to choose from, whether they are rustic and traditional or more modern. In order to find the right model, it is important to know your needs. This goes for finding the type of slingshot and the type of ammunition that is right for you.

Are you planning to use your weapon for practice or to hunt a particular game? It needs to have sufficient power. This power is based on the choice of rubber band. Between flat and tubular rubber bands, you will have a variety of choices depending on the model of slingshot at your disposal.

For the choice of ammunition, it must match the model of slingshot, as well as your hunting needs. For this, there is a wide variety of ammunition on the market (steel, glass, copper, tungsten carbide, etc.).

If you can’t choose the right model among the many ranges that exist on the market, we suggest you to see our selection of hunting slings.

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