Crocodile Vs Great White Shark: Who Wins And Comparative Analysis


Crocodiles and great white sharks are magnificent marine creatures that intrigue one and all. Let us draw a comparative analysis between them.

Crocodiles are reptiles who live on land and water, whereas great white sharks prefer residing in deep waters and will not survive on land. Both crocodiles and great white sharks are dangerous, aggressive creatures who prey on smaller animals of the ocean. However, they frequently attack each other too.

There are several questions that people might have regarding crocodiles and great whites, especially when it comes to the critical differences between them. Today, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions.


Image Credits: “Madagascar, crocodiles” by luc legay is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.


Image Credits: “Great White Shark” by Elias Levy is marked with CC BY 2.0.

How are crocodiles different from great white sharks?

Crocodiles and great white sharks are two different species with several distinguishing characteristics. Let us learn more in this regard.

Crocodiles belong to the family of reptiles, whereas great white sharks are essentially a cartilaginous shark species. In addition, crocodiles can move on both land and water, whereas sharks cannot survive outside water and swim at a depth of 1200 meters or more. Besides, crocodiles are generally considered stronger than great white sharks.

Of course, there are several similarities between the two animals. For one, they are both fierce predators who prey on numerous marine creatures.

Will great white sharks win in a fight against crocodiles?


Image Credits: “Great White Shark” by Elias Levy is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Great white sharks and crocodiles are both predators and fighters. But, who will win in a fight against the other? Let us find out.

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Great white sharks will win in a fight against crocodiles in deep waters but lose to them in shallow waters. Crocodiles are powerful creatures who can bite and tear apart their prey, and any smaller shark species cannot hold their own against them. However, great white sharks are powerful enough to prey on crocodiles.

We must mention here that great whites are also better swimmers comparatively and can see better in deep waters, which gives them an added advantage over crocodiles.

Crocodile vs. great white shark bite force

Crocodiles and great white sharks have varying bite forces. Allow us to tell you more in this regard.

The crocodiles have greater bite force, not just in comparison to great whites but also most marine animals. For example, crocodiles have a bite force of 3,700 psi, and their jaws are quite powerful as well, whereas great white sharks have a biting force that extends up to 4,000 psi, depending on the size of the shark.

We must mention here that in the case of great white sharks, the larger their size, the more powerful will be their biting force.

Nile crocodile vs. great white shark


Image credits: “Nile Crocodile basking” by Steve Slater (used to be Wildlife Encounters) is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Nile crocodiles and great white sharks are two popular oceanic species. Let us draw a comparative analysis between them.

Nile crocodiles attack anything and everything that comes their way, whereas great white sharks are more selective. As some of you might already know, great white sharks prefer eating seagulls and other shark species. They attack humans out of confusion but never deliberately, whereas there is recorded evidence of Nile crocodiles actively preying on humans.

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Nile crocodiles are also known for attacking other crocodiles, small hippos, and birds.

Sea crocodile vs. great white shark


Image Credits: “Saltwater Crocodile” by thinboyfatter is marked with CC BY 2.0.


Image credits: “Great White Shark” by Elias Levy is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Sea crocodiles and great white sharks are intriguing creatures. Allow us to chalk out a comparative analysis between them.

Great white sharks are slightly bigger than sea crocodiles and can overpower them in combat, although not easily. Great white sharks are better swimmers and can maneuver through the ocean, especially deep waters, with ease, whereas sea crocodiles may not have the same swiftness.

Moreover, we must mention here that crocodiles cannot see as well as great whites in the water, which gives the sharks an added advantage.

Tiger shark vs. crocodile


Image Credits: “Tiger Shark at Sea World, Gold Coast” by kevgibbo is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Tiger sharks and crocodiles are dangerous, ferocious creatures. Let us together explore their differences.

Tiger sharks definitely have the upper hand over crocodiles. This is because they can move around better in water, have greater agility, and have sharp, powerful teeth with a strong biting force. Therefore, they can easily cut through turtle shells and attack crocodiles as well. There have been instances of tiger sharks preying on and eating crocodiles.

That being said, crocodiles are ferocious hunters too and often prey on smaller shark species, including young tiger sharks.

Shark vs. crocodile bite force

Sharks and crocodiles have different bite forces in general. Allow us to tell you more in this regard.

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Crocodiles are the most powerful biters among all terrestrial species. They have a bite force that extends up to 3,700 PSI and has around 66 teeth that are four inches long each. On the other hand, sharks have teeth that extend up to two inches and have a bite force of 4,000 PSI.

However, shark teeth are serrated and therefore make it easier for them to cut into and tear apart the flesh.

Saltwater crocodile vs. great white shark size

Saltwater crocodiles and great white sharks vary in terms of height and weight. Let us tell you more about their size.

Great white sharks happen to be bigger than saltwater crocodiles and weigh around 6,500 to 7500 lbs, whereas most saltwater crocodiles grow up to 800-1600 lbs only. Besides, great white sharks and crocodiles have similar heights, with sharks growing up to a maximum length of 21 feet, whereas saltwater crocodiles grow up to 22 feet.

Crocodiles, in general, have a tougher hide which makes them more resilient to attacks, and they can hold their own against great whites.


Great white sharks and crocodiles are among the two most intriguing oceanic creatures. They are both highly dangerous and can get quite aggressive towards humans. While crocodiles attack quite indiscriminately, great white sharks prefer preying on sea lions, seals, and smaller shark species. Both these animals are threatened by overfishing and commercial exploitation, due to which it becomes essential for government bodies to take adequate measures to ensure their conservation.

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