Shock as Mating Pythons Crash Through Ceiling in Footage Seen 34M Times

Video pythons in ceiling

A shocking video of mating pythons crashing through a ceiling in Malaysia, in Southeast Asia, has stunned people online.

The appearance of any snake in someone’s home would likely shock most people, but this particular case would test even the most hardened person.

In a viral video shared by the TikTok account baju_skoda, members of the Pertahanan Awam, the Malaysia Civil Defense Department, can be seen attempting to coax a long snake from a gap in the ceiling.

Another worker uses a pole with a hook on the end to make a hole in the ceiling in a bid to get the snake out.

Stock image of a python. The snakes crashed through the ceiling. Getty

The ceiling came crashing down following a few more pokes at the hole, revealing an entangled group of three giant snakes.

Malaysian news outlet Sinar Harian said two of the reticulated pythons were believed to have been mating and that another was also found.

Civil Defense Officer Azizah Hussain, who works for the Bentong district, just northeast of the capital Kuala Lumpur, said the mating snakes weighed about 70.5 pounds each and were about 16 feet 4 inches long.

Another python, weighing 55.1 pounds and measuring 13 feet 1 inch long, was also found at the home.

Hussain told Sinar Harian the snakes were captured, adding that the two mating snakes would be released in a safe place.

“We also want to advise the public to be careful because summer is almost here, causing snakes to look for cooler places,” Hussain said.

According to Zoo Atlanta, the reticulated python is one of the largest snakes in the world and has been recorded to grow as long as 20 feet, although they regularly grow to 16 feet.

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The zoo said about the snakes’ reproduction: “These snakes may reach ages beyond 20 years. Sexual maturity is reached within two to four years but is dependent on size. Males breed once they’ve reached lengths of seven to nine feet, while females begin breeding once they attain a length of about 11 feet.

“Reticulated pythons are oviparous, with females laying 25 to 80 eggs that they incubate for about 80 to 90 days. During the incubation time, the mother goes through a fasting period and will produce muscular shivers to raise the temperature of the eggs during cooler periods.”

Since being shared on Monday, February 13, the video has been seen by some 34.2 million people and has been liked more than 21,700 times.

Many people who commented on the video were stunned by what they saw and claimed they would have left the home and never returned if it had happened where they live.

TikTok user Erasmus said: “And this is how I abandon my house and become homeless. The snakes can enjoy the house now.”

Gentlemarra added: “No sir. I would for sure sell this house, there could be more.”

Simply_V414 commented: “The way I screamed and threw my phone as if I was there when that ceiling came down.”

Gio Raphael posted: “Even though those snakes will be caught, I would definitely not live [in] that house forevermore.”

Newsweek has contacted baju_skoda for comment.

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