Matching The Blue Accents On Your Jeep® Wrangler 4XE


Shades of Blue

A quick search of the internet can bring up a lot of Jeep Wrangler forum discussion and personal opinion about the closest paint color match for the Wrangler 4XE blue decal and tow hook colors. We’ve seen suggestions of Electric Blue (PB5), Hydro Blue (PBJ), Surf Blue (PQD), and Chief Blue (PQB). A few places have mentioned a Lagoon Blue, but we couldn’t find a paint code for that. Which one is it and who is correct?

Matching The Blue Accents On Your Jeep® Wrangler 4XE

4XE Blue Accent Color

Initially we were certain it was Electric Blue. Why? Because Jeep® themselves were calling it Electric Blue, and that makes sense, right? After all, it is an electric vehicle! What we discovered was that even Jeep® doesn’t seem to be sure. On their 4XE build page, there is a photo of the tow hooks with a description of “electric blue tow hooks”. However when you click on the Highlights link for a build, it describes “lagoon blue tow hooks”. To further confuse the debate, Jeep® notes the Rubicon 4XE to have “surf blue interior accent stitching”.

Several places report that the tow hooks and exterior design accents on pre-production 4XE Rubicons were electric blue. However, in current production, the tow hooks are a lighter color similar to Chief Blue. To complicate the decision further, we’ve discovered that the hood decals, badge and tow hooks are actually each a different shade of blue!

Matching The Blue Accents On Your Jeep® Wrangler 4XE

Color Matching 4XE Accessories

What better way to match the blue accessories on the 4XE than to actually compare painted samples to the Jeep®? So, that’s what we did. We took painted samples of Electric Blue, Hydro Blue, Chief Blue, and Surf Blue to our local dealer and compared them to the hood decals, tow hooks, and badge emblem.

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What we found, is that Electric Blue is definitely too dark, as is Hydro Blue. The Chief Blue comes close to the tow hooks, but is too light to match the hood decals and emblems. That left the Surf Blue Pearl which is a nearly perfect match for the emblems and decals. When looking at the tow hooks, which are not metallic like the decals, Surf Blue was still a great match. The color, even being metallic, is a like shade to the Chief and can definitely bring all the accents together, especially when looking to add more exterior, and even interior Jeep® trim.

Matching The Blue Accents On Your Jeep® Wrangler 4XE

Surf Blue Jeep® 4XE Accents

Honestly, while there is a color that is nearly perfect, they all look pretty decent and it boils down to personal preference. That said, we have found Surf Blue to be a super choice and would call it a match. Check out the Surf Blue 4XE Outlet Cover!

Whatever the Jeep color you choose, consider it a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Your Jeep says a lot about you, and when your Jeep looks good, you feel good. Make it YOUniqely you, starting with your exterior Jeep color, and then customize from the outside in, with exterior and interior Jeep trim from Color My Jeep!

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