25 Homemade DIY Cooler Plans to Make Your own Cooler Box

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During summers, coolers are the most important thing to have to keep your drinks cold and refreshing. However, a top-end cooler can be expensive to buy and may even cost an arm and a leg if bought from stores. So to solve your problem, we have compiled 25 cheap DIY cooler plans with easy instructions for you to make your own homemade cooler and wooden ice chest on a low budget.

We have discussed the 25 best DIY ice chest cooler plans that everyone can work on easily. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, all the plans we have mentioned are super easy, making it easier for everyone to follow. Building these homemade DIY coolers does not only save a lot of money but allows you to have your customized cooler for picnics, hangouts, traveling, etc. So, let’s check out the plans and choose the most favorite one today!

In this article, we have compiled 25 possible ways to make a DIY cooler at home. From wooden ice chest plan to wooden plater beverage cooler, from standing ice cooler to concrete beverage cooler, from homemade cooler using basic tools to building a cooler from scratch, from vintage chair drink stand to outdoor cooler cabinet, from a patio cooler to a jockey box, from wood pallet outdoor cooler to Peltier beverage cooler, from hanging ice chest to a well-insulated travel cooler and much more! We have it all here!

You will find all the necessary materials, tools, supplies, and detailed instruction set with each DIY cooler plan mentioned below. So, all you have to do is – pick up the right homemade cooler plan that suits your needs, skills, requirements, and space the best. Hence, without any further ado, let’s spend some time making these DIY cooler designs at home for summers this year!

1. Wooden Ice Chest Plan

Wooden Ice Chest Plan

Summers are here, which means it is time for some outdoor feasts! However, your chilled beverages need a good cooler to be stored in. This DIY wood deck cooler is perfect for storing all your favorite drinks, popsicles, and snacks. It is also great to spice up your poolside area or patio lounge. The supplies which you’ll be needing to make this are a cooler, painter’s tape, paint, brushes, hinges, nails, bottle opener, etc. foxhollowcottage

2. Wooden Planter Beverage Cooler

Wooden Planter Beverage Cooler

Fall is almost here and is the perfect season to have rooftop barbecues. Cold beverages are an important part of these barbecues. But it is super inconvenient to carry your freezer to the rooftop. Don’t worry! Here we have this DIY cooler that will keep all your drinks chilled and acts as a beautiful table to rest your snacks. Moreover, you can personalize it by painting it with your favorite colors. All you need to build this cooler is a wooden cooler, planter, plastic sheeting, staple gun, etc. southernrevivals

3. Standing Ice Cooler

Standing Ice Cooler

Your patio’s beverage game will be on point with this sturdy and functional stand for your old plastic cooler. It is perfect for storing your popsicles, ice cream, and cold drinks. Plus, it has room to keep your snacks and everyday essentials. It’s perfect to pair with your deck and Adirondack table. The supplies which you will be needing are an old cooler, wood and wood boards, screws, drill, etc. hgtv

4. DIY Concrete Beverage Cooler

DIY Concrete Beverage Cooler

If you are looking for a last-minute father’s day gift or a birthday gift for your dad, this DIY concrete cooler is perfect for you. It is perfect for your outdoor activities, pool parties, and barbecues. You can also paint it with your favorite colors and pair it with the theme of your patio lounge. The supplies which you’ll be needing to make this are concrete, bucket, tape, drill, duct tape, silicone, etc. dwellinginhappiness

5. Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plan

Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plan

Ready for a cold drink? It’ll taste even better after you build this beauty for your deck or patio. This DIY handsome cedar ice chest cooler is the perfect backyard essential. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about ways to keep your beverages chilled for an outdoor party with friends or family. The supplies you will need for this DIY are wood, hinges, drill, screws, pencil, and some basic tools you can easily find at any hardware store. thisoldhouse

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6. Homemade Cooler Using Basic Tools

Homemade Cooler Using Basic Tools

Build this DIY outdoor patio cooler to give your patio lounge a new look. It is great for pool parties at home or school. Get ready to enjoy your favorite chilled drinks as soon as you get out of the pool. Certainly, the best part is that it acts as an exquisite outdoor table, perfect to rest your favorites snacks. The supplies which you’ll be needing are stainless screws, black pipes, furniture sockets, and casters. craftedworkshop

7. How To Make A Cooler

How To Make A Cooler

Are you looking for an outdoor cooler for your beverages? But the prices seem to be too high for you? Highway robbery, right? Do they think we have our wallets splayed open? Don’t worry, here we have this budget-friendly DIY outdoor cooler that is super fun and easy to make. It is perfect for storing all your favorite drinks and popsicles. You can even paint it with funky chalk paints to give it a nice cute touch. Ready to get started? For this cooler, the supplies you will need include wooden boards, rubber stoppers, narrow hinges, bottle openers, hooks, etc. shanty 2 chic.

8. Building A Cooler From Scratch

Building A Cooler From Scratch

Summers are all about outdoor barbecues, pool parties, and just chilling sessions on your deck chairs. But all of these activities are just not the same without some cold beverages, which is nearly impossible keeping in mind the heatwave. This DIY cooler is perfect for storing your cold drinks or dumping lots of ice to chill your glass of lemonade or cold coffee. The supplies which you’ll be needing are pallets, hand saw, hammer, hand drill, wood glue, and an afternoon to spare. instructables

9. Vintage Chair Drink Stand

Vintage Chair Drink Stand

If you are a fan of vintage pieces, this DIY drink stand is just what you need to try out next. Find any old vintage chair in your house, and call it upcycled or repurposed – these old chairs make a beautiful and interesting Vintage Chair Drink Stand! A great conversation piece! You can paint it to give it a neat antique look. It’s perfect for holding your favorite beverages. All you need to get started is a vintage chair, chalkboard sign, ribbons, and any embellishments of your choice. ohmy creative

10. How To Build A Cooler

How To Build A Cooler

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cold beverage right next to you? Try out this DIY project and achieve this luxury by building a homemade cooler that decreases the temperature of your beverages down to 8 degrees Celsius. It is an enjoyable project to do with your friends or colleagues. All you need to get started is a relay board, heatsinks, Arduino Nano, and basic power tools. instructables

11. How to Build an Outdoor Cooler Cabinet

How to Build an Outdoor Cooler Cabinet

Are you looking for something to spice up your dull garage or poolside? This DIY outdoor cooler cabinet is exactly what you need to ignite a new spark in your patio lounge or garage. It is beneficial as it helps to chill your lemonade and popsicles. The supplies which you will need to get started are a table saw, circular saw, hammer, pine boards, beverage cooler, etc. bhg

12. How To Build A Patio Cooler

How To Build A Patio Cooler

Are you obsessed with adding new elements to their patio lounge? If yes, then we are sure that you are going to love this DIY patio cooler. It will be perfect for summer barbecues and parties. It’s a fun and practical project that we know you will have fun tackling. All you need to make this is a miter saw, tape measure, ruler, pencil, clamps, wood glue, hinges, handles, paint, and brushes. diypete

13. DIY Jockey Box

DIY Jockey Box

A Jockey Box is a simple way to drop the temperature of a bottle of cold drink down to a more palatable temperature, ideally. This is the kind of project that will come in handy for years. It is perfect for chilling your beverages and ice cream for an afternoon barbecue or pool party. All you need to get started is a cooler, copper tubing, pipe seal, sharpie, and zip seal. instructables

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14. Wood Pallet Outdoor Cooler

Wood Pallet Outdoor Cooler

The quick melting of ice products is a major issue when the weather becomes hot in summers! Cool sips of cold drinks are a great pleasure in summers, and this DIY wooden pallet outdoor cooler is perfect for retaining that coldness because we all know that wood is an inferior conductor of heat. It is just best to serve you as a fridge for your outdoor parties and picnics where you can store all your favorite beverages, popsicles, and meat items. All you need to build this is wood, hinges, clamps, screws, drills, etc. easypalletideas

15. DIY Cooler Box Cart

DIY Cooler Box Cart

This DIY cooler box cart is a must-have these summers. It will not only keep your drinks chilled but also works as a great grill cart. You can rest all of your favorite snacks and picnic essentials on it. It will also be a charming addition to your garage or patio, and you can pair it up with your deck. The supplies which you will be needing are screws, a cooler, a bottle opener, hinges, single hooks, and a tool kit. fixthisbuildthat

16. Peltier Beverage Cooler Box

Peltier Beverage Cooler Box

If you’re going camping in this hot weather, all of your iced drinks are going to melt within minutes, and you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite beverages. This DIY Peltier beverage cooler box is exactly what you need to make before leaving for a camping trip. It is super easy to make, and it is made in no time. Now you don’t have to worry about your iced drinks or popsicles melting. The supplies which you’ll be needing are a Styrofoam box, heatsinks, hot glue gun, sun board, and silicon sealant. instructables

17. DIY Hanging Ice Chest

DIY Hanging Ice Chest

The best thing about summers is the summer break from school and college, which means picnics and pool parties with your friends! So, this DIY hanging ice chest is the perfect project to try out with your friends this summer break. Not only will it act as a great ice chest, but it also looks super adorable hanging from a tree. You can customize and decorate it the way you like. The supplies which you’ll be needing are IKEA hanging planters, primer spray paint, and spray paint. papernstitch

18. Build An Well Insulated Travel Cooler

Build An Well Insulated Travel Cooler

If you have to or love to travel frequently, you’ll be aware of how important it is to keep snacks and drinks with you. In this hot weather, warm beverages are seriously a turn-off. This DIY well-insulated travel cooler is perfect for keeping all your favorite drinks and popsicles chilled, ready to be enjoyed at any time. It is also a perfect size to fit inside of your car. The supplies which you’ll be needing are a cooler, polystyrene, foil, etc. instructables

19. Homemade Yeti Cooler

Homemade Yeti Cooler

If you are looking for a cooler to keep your beverages chilled but do not want to spend a lot of money on, this DIY homemade yeti cooler is perfect for you. It will hold all of your favorite drinks and is a must-have for summers because no one wants to drink warm cold drinks. You can place it in your garage or poolside area and never have to worry about your iced drinks melting again. All you need to make this is a Styrofoam sheet, tarp strap, washers screws, anchor screws, etc. hunting washing

20. 3 In 1 Brewing Cooler Plan

3 In 1 Brewing Cooler Plan

This might not be a problem for many people, but if you are someone who hates drinking your beverages when they’ve turned warm, we’ve got you. This DIY 3 in 1 brewing cooler is a perfect jockey box and wort chiller in your mash tun. It is a perfect, last-minute project before a camping trip, an outdoor barbecue, or a picnic day. It will keep all of your beverages chilled, and you can also keep your favorite desserts inside it! All you need to make this is a soft copper coil, brass nipple, worm clamps, etc. instructables

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21. DIY Wood Cooler

DIY Wood Cooler

Summers are here already, and most of us are making arrangements for our place’s barbecues and outdoor parties. From food to arrangements, everything has to be perfect, right? But if you don’t have a beverage cooler, it will definitely ruin your party. No one wants to drink their lemonade at 35°F. This DIY wooden cooler will be your best friend for outdoor parties this season! It will hold all of your drinks and frozen items. How cool is it to have chilled drinks right by your side in such hot weather? All you need is wood, clamps, hinges, drill, screws, etc. youtube

22. Build A Patio Cooler

Build A Patio Cooler

Are you looking for a beverage cooler that could also serve as a piece of furniture? Then this DIY wooden patio cooler is perfect for you! Not only will it keep all your drinks cold, but it is also a great addition to your outdoor decor. It has room to place all your favorite snacks and picnic essentials. All you need is wood, handsaw, miter saw, drill, screws, and some basic power tools. youtube

23. Make Your Own Cooler Box

Make Your Own Cooler Box

Are you fed up with your boring and basic plastic cooler? It’s time to spice things up by making this DIY cooler box. Its sophisticated yet chic look will definitely impress everyone. You can pair it up with your deck and a beautiful Adirondack table or paint it with chalk paints to give it an appealing look. This cooler is also super-efficient in keeping your drinks cool. All you need to make this is wood, wood screws, hinges, clamps, miter saw, etc. youtube

24. Make A Wooden Cooler Box

Make A Wooden Cooler Box

Summers are here, which means all of us will attend many outdoor parties and barbecues. So, if you are thinking of a gift for someone arranging these parties, then this DIY wooden cooler is perfect for you. It is not only a stunning piece of furniture but will also be super useful. It will keep all your drinks, popsicles, and desserts chilled, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your freezer outside. All you need to get started is brackets, hinges, paint, wood glue, screws, drill, etc. youtube

25. DIY Yeti Cooler

DIY Yeti Cooler

If your old cooler is not doing the perfect job in cooling your beverages, it may be time that you have to make some useful additions to it. This DIY yeti cooler is the best cooler you will ever have. Its insulation layers will keep your beverages and frozen items good for a long time. It is super travel-friendly, so you can keep it inside your car and enjoy the cold drinks on your way. The supplies which you’ll be needing are some straps, an insulation sheet, and an old cooler, etc. youtube


Let’s conclude here with the hope that you find all the DIY cooler projects really inspiring and are ready to make your own. All the plans we have mentioned have their own qualities and features that make them unique from one another. We have mentioned a complete list of materials, supplies, tools, and a set of instructions with each plan, making it easier for you to choose the one that suits your needs, budget, and of course, space the best.

Building these handmade DIY cooler plans will save you a lot of money and is a super fun activity. This article has a wide range of ideas; however, you may choose the plan depending upon your skills. None of the mentioned homemade cooler plans will take you too long. So, let’s gather the supplies and start working on your favorite project right away! Happy building!

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