World Record Grouper


Grouper are some of the most interesting fish in the water. While most are moderate in size, the world record grouper is a massive specimen.

The Goliath Grouper

While there are many species of groupers, if you want to know about the world record grouper, the biggest grouper ever caught, you want to know about the Goliath grouper.

This fish is the largest of the grouper species, and angling for these behemoths has become a major sport. But it’s only for sport, as the grouper is a protected species. You cannot harvest a Goliath grouper, regardless of its size. The fact that people participate in grouper fishing for the sole joy of the experience (the only trophy is a photo) speaks to the excitement of these fish.

They are usually caught with live bait, including active baitfish. They require tough, strong, large tackle, including hooks and line that can withstand their massive weight. When you learn about the world record grouper, you’ll see why people use such massive rods, reels, and lines to catch these fish.

What’s the World Record Grouper?

The Goliath grouper is far and away the largest grouper species. In fact, it’s often the largest fish you will catch in a lifetime, although certain marlin and tuna species can be much heavier. In shallow waters, structures, wrecks, and reef locations, the Goliath grouper is usually the biggest fish around.

The Goliath grouper, as the name suggests, is a massive species. Many anglers have caught groupers that weigh well over 100 pounds. In fact, these fish often range from 200, 300, and even 400 pounds. This makes them one of the most interesting and exciting fish you can pursue.

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The world-record Goliath, which is essentially the largest grouper ever caught, far outweighs even a 500-pound grouper!

According to American Oceans, the world record Goliath grouper is a 680-pound monster caught in 1961. The fish was caught by an angler who fought the fish for over an hour. Not only was this fish approaching 700 pounds, it was seven feet in overall length.

American Oceans writes that this record may never be beaten, but that seems like a bold assumption. There has been scientific documentation of Goliath groupers weighing roughly 800 pounds, and while these fish may be hard to catch, if they are in the water, it’s possible that an angler will eventually bring one to the surface.

There have been other Goliath groupers that come close to the record. In 1900, there was a documented catch weighing 600 pounds. This fish was caught on the West Coast. Another noteworthy catch came over 120 years later when anglers in Florida caught a 583-pound Goliath grouper.

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