Diana RWS 48 Air rifle Review

diana rws 48 air rifle stock

Not designed for the faint-hearted, the Diana RWS 48 air rifle impresses with beautifully crafted German engineering, this gun stands out both in performance and presence. It fulfills its purpose as a potent, full-size sporting air gun suitable for small game hunting, pest control and plinking.

Gun Type

Diana RWS 48 is a spring piston gun. As the name implies, it contains a coiled spring and a piston inside the chamber. When the gun is cocked, the spring compresses until the hook at the rear of the piston engages inside the sear. When the trigger is pulled, the hook releases and this causes the spring to decompress. The decompressed spring moves forward and applies pressure to the air inside. As a result, the propellant

The force from the compressed air pushes the pellet out of the barrel. A spring piston gun is simple to use, self-contained and has impressive accuracy.

Diana RWS 48 is a side lever gun, in order to cock it, you need to pull the lever downwards while holding the gun upwards, insert the pellet, push down the lock to release the lever and put it back up.

It may seem complicated at first but after a couple of times, you’ll be able to work it perfectly. This gun allows you to shoot as much as you want without worrying about running out of gun powder like other rifles.


The stock is made of beautiful beech wood. Beech stock gives a lot of advantages: First, it has high hardness, it is heavily packed and has high resistance to abrasion. Second, it has a beautiful wooden texture. When you observe the beech stock, you will see it has a nice uniform and gorgeous texture. The hue is also soft and smooth so you can feel the good visual effect.

The Diana RWS 48 has an ambidextrous stock, so whether you are a lefty or a right, you have no problem shooting it.


The Diana 48 has a very cool sight. The front sight rides on a dovetail and held down with a dove screw. The dovetail allows you to aim directly at your target, it’s sleek and nice to look at. The rear sight has standard RWS all metal and it has a spring loaded ball bearing that helps it to stay where you put it. It also allows you to adjust for

windage (allows you to adjust sight left and right) and for elevation (allows you to adjust the sight up and down). If you like extra magnification then you’ll love that the Diana 48 comes with a standard RWS brand scope to provide extra magnification and improve accuracy.

Diana RWS 48 Trigger

The RWS Diana 48 comes with T05 two-stage adjustable trigger. T05 is made of plastic (weapons-grade plastic) so don’t worry about the trigger possibly snapping on your fingers during cold weather.

With the trigger pull of 2lbs 13oz. it’s probably the best trigger for an air rifle. The T05 is adjustable so you can be sure to modify it to your liking. But it’s hard to improve on perfection and I don’t see where any changes would be necessary.

Velocity, Accuracy and Power

Velocity: the maximum velocity of the RWS Diana 48 is 1100FPS (feet’s per second) in .177cal and 900FPS in .22cal. These are high-end velocities compared to other air rifles on the market.

Chrony tests give us the results as follows:

In .177 calibre the Diana 48 produces 1239 FPS with 5.80 gr pellet, 1141 FPS with 6.60gr Baracuda Green Lead free pellet, 1094 FPS with 7.10gr Super H-point pellet, 1083 FPS with 7.00gr R10 Lite pellet, 1104 FPS with 7.10gr Hobby pellet, 1075 FPS with 7.00gr Meisterkuglen Pistol pellet, 1075 FPS with 7.00gr Silver Bear pellet, 1075 FPS with 6.90gr Meisterkuglen Pistol pellet, 1039 FPS with 7.30gr H&N Match Hs pellet, 1050 FPS with 7.90gr Premier Lite pellet, 1014 FPS with 7.90gr JSB Express pellet, 989 FPS with 8.20gr JSB Predator pellet, 1003 FPS with 8.30gr H&N Match pellet, 1029 FPS with 8.20gr SuperPoint pellet, 1036 FPS with 8.20gr R10 Heavy Pellet, 1031 FPS with 8.30gr Meisterkuglen Rifle pellet, 1035 FPS with 8.20gr Superdome pellet, 983 FPS with 8.40gr JSB Exact pellet, 984 FPS with 8.40gr Silver Sting pellet, 1006 FPS with 8.00gr Spitkugel pellet, 990 FPS with 8.60gr Field Target Trophy (FTT) pellet, 986 FPS with 8.60gr Field Target Special (FTS), 970 FPS with 8.70gr FTS Double Gold pellet, 978 FPS with 8.10gr Crow Magnum pellet, 938 FPS with 8.10gr Super Mag pellet, 879 FPS with 10.40gr Kodiak Double Gold pellet, 886 FPS with 10.30 JSB Exact Heavy pellet, 899 FPS with 10.50gr Baracuda Hunter pellet, 899 FPS with 10.50gr Premier Heavy pellet, 897 FPS with 10.10gr Kodiak Match Pellet, 904 FPS with 10.10gr Kodiak pellet, 832 FPS with 11.50gr Silver Arrow pellet, 779 FPS with 13.30gr JSB Monster pellet, 603 FPS with 15.60gr Baracuda Magnum pellet.

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In .22 calibre pellets the RWS Diana 48 Produces: 884 FPS with 14.20gr Meisterkuglen pellet, 886 FPS with 14.40gr Super H Point pellet, 886 FPS with 14.30gr Crosman Premier pellet, 818 FPS with 14.40gr JSB Express pellet, 884 FPS with 14.50gr Superdome pellet, 863 FPS with 14.40gr SuperPoint pellet, 856 FPS with 14.80gr FTS pellet, 840 FPS with 14.80gr FTS Double Gold pellet, 834 FPS with 15.20gr Napier ProHunter pellet, 817 FPS with 16.00gr Silver Sting pellet, 767 FPS with 16.00gr JSB Exact pellet, 811 FPS with 16.30gr JSB Predator pellet, 779 FPS with 16.30gr Silver Arrow pellet, 762 FPS with 18.20gr JSB Exact Heavy pellet, 747 FPS with 18.10gr Crow Magnum pellet, 659 FPS with 21.30gr Kodiak pellet, 648 FPS with 21.40gr Kodiak Double Gold pellet, 597 FPS with 25.40gr JSB Exact Monster pellet.

The velocity of the RWS Diana 48 differs by the calibre size but is consistent between pellet grain size which is pretty impressive. So be sure to choose the calibre and pellet size that best fits your usage.

Accuracy: The RWS Diana 48 has a great reputation on accuracy. Shooting from rest, at 25 metres, five JSB Exact pellets in a group measured .875 inch edge to edge (just under .7 inch centre to centre). That’s certainly good enough for defending the garden and hitting small hunting targets. Fun fact: the Bullseye Airgun club in Louisiana used to have a huge contingent of shooters who shot 48s and 54s in field target competitions.

Power: on testing, I registered a high of 22.73 foot-pounds of muzzle energy on a new .22 cal model 48 when shooting 14.3 grain Crosman Premiers.

Noise: The RWS Diana 48 is very quiet, I have seen lots of customer reviews without a single complain about the noise. So it’s suitable for indoor target practice without disturbing the neighbours or takes it to the hunting field for a nice stealthy hunt.

Features and Benefits

Here are some of the main features of the RWS 48 and their benefits:


  • Ambidextrous Stock
  • Automatic Safety
  • Side Lever Cocking
  • Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger
  • Beechwood Stock
  • Standard RWS Rear Sight with spring loaded ball bearing
  • Single Shot Rifle


  • Ambidextrous Stock: The ambidextrous stock is nice because it allows both lefties and righties to use it conveniently without it feeling awkward.
  • Automatic Safety: another exciting feature about the RWS 48 is the automatic safety. The automatic safety assures you only shoot when intended to, thereby protecting you from injuries that occur from accidental discharge of the pellets. The automatic safety engages immediately the side lever is cocked back in place after inserting the pellet.
  • Lever Cocking: the side lever cocking allows shooting more accurately because it’s less sensitive to handling. It also accepts longer scopes for better magnification because the barrel doesn’t tip up and get in the way.

Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger: the adjustable trigger allows you to manipulate the amount of force it takes for the trigger to break and the shot to go off.

  • Beechwood Stock: the beautifully finished beechwood stock on the RWS Diana 48 had high hardness, it is heavily packed and has high resistance to abrasion. So you don’t have to worry about the stock wearing out for as long as you have it.

Standard RWS Rear Sight with spring loaded bearing: the spring-loaded ball bearing on the RWS Diana 48 holds the setting of your site ensuring it stays where you put it, so no need to worry about losing your previous after using it. It also allows you to adjust for windage and elevation.

Single shot: the RWS Diana 48 is a single shot Rifle, meaning it only allows you to shoot one pellet at a time. The single shot helps with accuracy because you’ll always want your first shot to count.

Shooting Range and Intended use

The effective shooting range of RWS Diana 48 is up to 50 yards, I’ve seen a customer review where someone said he takes out squirrels with one shot from 40 yards. It is suitable for target shooting, small game hunting and pest control.


As of this date, the Diana 48 has a limited lifetime warranty.

Diana RWS 48 Specification

  • Calibre: .22/.177
  • Velocity: 884 FPS with .22, 1100 FPS with .177
  • Stock: beechwood
  • Barrel length: 17.0”
  • Overall length: 42.13”
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front Sight: Blade and Ramp
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Buttplate: Rubber
  • Suggested for: small game hunting/ pest control
  • Trigger pull: 2 pounds 13 ounces
  • Action: side lever
  • Safety: Automatic
  • Powerplant: Spring Piston
  • Function: Single-shot
  • Body Type: Rifle
  • Weight: 8.5lbs
  • Cocking effort: 39lbs

Customer Reviews

There are lots of customer reviews on the Diana RWS 48. The majority love its accuracy, power and fantastic design. Besides shooters really emphasize on the smooth cocking action the RWS 48. Its barrel gives enough space for your thumb so you don’t have to struggle when inserting the pellets. The bluing on this rifle is dark and even, and the overall metal finish is perfect as well. That’s not all, many reviewers tell stories about how the Diana 48 stands the test of time. This one owner said he’s used the rifle for 20 years during which he never needed any extensive repairs. And after years of constant use, the gun still fires as well as it did when it was new.


  • Beautiful beech stock
  • Impressive German engineering
  • Awesome trigger
  • Consistent velocities with different kinds of pellets
  • Remarkable Accuracy
  • Stands vigorously the test of time
  • Excellent customer service from the manufacturer
  • Impressive power


  • At 39lbs cocking is still a little bit stiff; it would be nice if the cocking can be made smoother.

Diana RWS 48 Price

The RWS 48 has a price range of about 400 dollars. It is a reasonable price for a gun that provides attractive design, extreme accuracy and can last for generations. There are a couple of different listings online with different prices, but the listing I found below is the most reasonable deal among e-commercial sites are Amazon, Pyramyd Air, Walmart etc.


With its remarkable numbers on power, accuracy, and velocity, the Diana RWS 48 is one of the best rifles in the market. RWS has really delivered with this masterpiece. The Diana 48 is certainly a gun any shooter would be proud to brag around with and watch your shooting buddies get knocked out of their socks.


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