Best Saddles for Hunting? – 2023 Guide

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The world of hunting has witnessed an unparalleled revolution since the first introduction of hunting saddles in the 1960s. With an ever-increasing demand for reliable, comfortable, and adjustable hunting gear, the saddle market has transformed and adapted to offer some of the most versatile solutions for contemporary hunters. At the heart of this evolution, Trophyline® has carved a niche for itself, setting the gold standard in hunting saddles and creating a legacy that outshines many.

Trophyline’s® primary objective, since its inception, has always been to design a quality product that ensures the hunter remains both mobile and safe during the pursuit of their game. This commitment is reflected in the impressive range of saddles they’ve developed over the years, with a particular emphasis on the needs of hunters, Comfort, Adjustability, Customization, Mobility, Weight, Dependability, and above all, Safety. Let’s dive into the factors you should consider when finding the best saddle in 2023:

Video: Deciding on a new saddle or an upgrade to your current saddle hunting setup? Robert from Trophyline ® walks you through a a detailed guide on what saddle might be best for you.

Comfort-This factor is slightly subjective and also obvious. Can you sit in your saddle all day? Is it comfortable? Does it support you in all the right places and eliminate things like hip pinch?

Adjustability/Customization-You want to be able to streamline the saddle to your individual figure. Can you adjust it to fit your body? Are the Pouches and attachment points easy to reach? Are there enough places to attach your needed accessories?

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Mobility- Can you wear your saddle when walking in miles deep? Is it cumbersome? Loud? Or too bulky to get into your hunting zone stealthily and comfortably?

Weight –At the end of the day you’re either wearing or packing a saddle in, and if it seems too heavy or bulky you won’t take it. Weight is one of the largest contributing factors for a lot of people diving into saddle hunting, so it is in the list of considerations. Too heavy? Too Light? Goldilocks zone?

Dependability-What materials are used to build the saddle and how were they tested? This is the actual physical construction of the saddle. Will it break, rip or come apart? Or was it all built to stay together.

Safety-Safety factors are the features built into the saddle, separate linemans loops, bridge loops, leg straps, fully adjustable belts. These are the things that keep you safe in the tree and should be looked at when considering your safety in a saddle.

Saddle Hunting – It’s a System Not Just a Saddle

Today, saddle hunting is no longer just about having a simple piece of gear. It’s about creating an integrated system that molds to your specific hunting style and scenario, providing an unparalleled level of adjustability and customization. A saddle is the pivot point around which your hunting experience revolves, and Trophyline® understands this better than anyone.

Whether you are walking through the woods or packing your saddle in your backpack, mobility plays a critical role. With the relaunch and introduction of the renowned Ambush saddle (which is no longer available), Trophyline® redefined the standards of mobility and safety. The Ambush saddle was a leap forward in design and technology, merging comfort and convenience seamlessly, thus simplifying the hunt and making it more efficient.

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Continuing our commitment to innovation, Trophyline® has launched new additions to our saddle range, such as the Covert Lite 2.0, the Covert Pro 2.0 , and the Venatic. Each of these models has been designed keeping in mind the varying demands of hunters, from the beginner to the veteran. All three models have been rigorously third-party tested, ensuring they uphold the highest standards of safety and quality that Trophyline is synonymous with.

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