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Have you been dreaming of a Canada Moose hunting adventure? We offer some incredible Moose hunts in Alberta.

Why should I book a Moose hunting trip with you? We hunt in west-central Alberta where the farmland meets vast tracts of undeveloped Crown Land. This area has prime moose habitat and is home to an incredible Canada Moose population and has some excellent Moose hunting opportunities that few other places in North America can rival.

Since we only book a limited number of big game hunters each year, we’re able to keep the hunting pressure on the Moose very low. Combine those factors with the outstanding Moose habitat, and it’s easy to see why we offer some of the best Moose hunting in North America.

We hunt in an area with very good road access, so we can take hunters of varying physical fitness on this hunt. Typically, we use trucks and ATVs to cover a lot of ground and glass willow flats and cut blocks in the morning and evening. There are also numerous good vantage points for us to glass the willow groves in river bottoms where moose like to hang out.

All of our moose hunts take place about 3 hours from Edmonton in Alberta. Your guide will pick you up at the airport in Edmonton on the first day of the hunt and drive you up to camp.

We have have a lifetime success rate of over 90% on our archery and rifle Moose hunts. Our hunters typically take bulls in the 35-55″ range. Every single one of our hunters has gotten a shot at a mature bull moose over the past three years.

Finally, we also have guaranteed moose tags. So, there is no need to enter in a limited entry draw to go Moose hunting with us.

Due to all of these factors, we offer an outstanding Moose hunting experience that is truly in a league of its own. Are you looking looking for a great chance at taking a really nice Canada moose? Then book one of our incredible Moose hunting packages.

What is the cost of a Moose hunting trip in Canada with you? The prices for our 2023 and 2024 Alberta Moose hunts are listed below. Contact us for specific dates available in 2023 and 2024.

All prices are in US dollars. Our Canada Moose hunting packages include all food, lodging, transportation within the hunting area, field preparation of trophies, non-resident hunting licenses, tags, and taxes. The packages do not include tips, commercial air fare, taxidermy, meat processing, and shipment of trophies home.

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Alberta Rifle Moose/Deer Combo$11,380We’re fully booked for 2024 & 2025

This is a rifle moose hunt that takes place during the late season and includes the opportunity to hunt whitetail deer at no extra charge. These late season hunts are a very underrated opportunity to hunt both moose and deer.

These hunts take place about 3 hours north of Edmonton. Hunting pressure is very low in that area and the moose habitat is outstanding. As a result, that area has high moose densities and offers a good opportunity at a 35-55″ bull.

The deer habitat is also outstanding and that part of Alberta is known for excellent whitetail deer hunting. Most of the bucks taken on these hunts score 140-150″, but hunters do occasionally take bucks in the 160-175″ range. The dates for this hunt also overlap with the whitetail rut.

Additionally, that area has very good road access, so we can take hunters of varying physical fitness on this hunt. Typically, we use trucks and ATVs to cover a lot of ground and glass willow flats and cut blocks in the morning and evening. There are also numerous good vantage points for us to glass the willow groves in river bottoms where moose like to hang out.

We only take a maximum of 2 hunters at a time and guide each hunter 1×1, so are high quality moose hunts. You’ll stay in a comfortable bunk house with electricity and hot water showers. Camp also has good cell phone service.


Alberta Archery Moose$11,200We’re fully booked for 2024 & 2025

This is an archery moose hunt that takes place during the peak of the moose rut. This is an excellent time to hunt as the bulls are extremely vocal and respond very well to calls. If you’re looking for an exciting moose hunt where you get in close to a monster bull for a shot, then this is the hunt for you!


What other animals may be combined with a Moose hunt? You can hunt wolf and coyotes after you get your moose at no extra charge. Depending on availability, our rifle Moose hunts in November can sometimes be combined with Whitetail Deer as well for an additional $1,750 (no extra charge for the moose/whitetail combo hunt). Our rifle moose hunts overlap with the whitetail rut in this area.

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  • We have hunting rights in a part of Alberta that contains some of the best Moose habitat in the country. This area is home to an incredible population of Canada Moose and has some excellent hunting opportunities that few other hunting outfitters in Russia or North America (to include Siberia, Alaska, Ontario, and the Yukon) can rival.
  • We book a limited number of hunts each year, abide by strict quotas, and carefully manage our hunting areas. This ensures that our hunters have high success rates and consistently harvest mature bull Moose on fair chase hunts.
  • These hunts take place in an area with good road access, so unlike a moose hunt in British Columbia or Alaska, there’s no need for a float plane charter or long boat ride on a hunt with us.
  • Since we have guaranteed Moose tags, there’s no need to spend years accumulating bonus points or deciphering a complicated lottery system in states like Colorado, Idaho, or Utah.
  • We can accommodate rifle Moose hunters on spot and stalk hunts.
  • Our Hunting Guides are friendly, knowledgeable, and have many years worth of experience guiding trophy Moose hunts.
  • There are limited numbers of wolves in the area and we can also take you on a coyote or wolf hunt for free if you have time remaining in your hunt after your harvest your moose.
  • We take pride in providing hunts with outstanding personal service before, during, and after your hunt. You will not have problems getting in touch us when and we’ll be available to you through the entire process to provide assistance with anything you need related to the hunt.

What is the average shot distance when Moose hunting in Canada? Since they are often encountered in thick cover, shots taken when Moose hunting are usually at short to moderate range: 50-250 yards. However, they are sometimes encountered in situations requiring longer range shots, so hunters should be prepared to take shots out to 300 yards on a rifle Moose hunting trip with us.

What are the accommodations like on your Moose hunting trips? You’ll stay in a comfortable bunk house with electricity, hot water showers, and an outdoor bar/cookhouse. Camp also has good cell phone service.

Breakfast is normally eaten in camp and typically consists of oatmeal, bacon, pancakes. Hunters usually take a sack lunch of sandwiches and a few snacks into the field and return to camp for a hearty and tasty dinner in the evening.

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When do you do your Moose hunting? The rifle moose hunting season takes place during the month of November and this is when we outfit our fully guided moose hunts.

Contact us for more information or to book your Moose hunting trip.

What is the best rifle caliber for Moose hunting? Since they are so large (they’re the largest members of the deer family), Moose must be hunted with an cartridge of appropriate power. With this in mind, we do not recommend using anything less than the .30-06 Springfield, using 180gr controlled expansion bullets, for Canadian Moose hunting. The .300 and .338 Winchester Magnum are also good choices. Some hunters successfully hunt Moose with even larger cartridges, such as the .375 H&H and .416 Remington, though neither is really necessary.

That being said, we would rather you bring a smaller cartridge that you are familiar with and can shoot accurately rather one that you are afraid of. As always, accuracy and good shot placement are the two most important things when hunting Moose.

What is the best recommended Moose shot placement? Though Moose are very large, they will not travel very far if hit properly by a powerful enough bullet. When the animal is standing broadside, simply aim at the center of the shoulder, approximately one third of the way up the body.

Remember to adjust your aiming point accordingly if the Moose is quartering towards or away from you (aim slightly forward if it is quartering towards you and slightly to the rear if it is quartering away). Prior to taking any shot, ensure that the animal is stationary and is not standing in water. Recovering a dead Moose from a body of cold water is doable, but is an experience best avoided if at all possible.

Western Canada Moose Scientific Name: Alces alces andersoni

How do you distinguish males from females when Moose hunting? Male (bulls) and female (cows) Moose are very easy to tell apart when Moose hunting. Only bulls (top) have antlers.If you’re interested in going Moose hunting in Canada, please contact us for more information. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

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