5 Best Shooting Rests for Tree Stands


Shooting aids go a long way and become a great companion for a hunter. Tree stands or deer stands are placed near a tree in a hunting spot. It gives the hunter the advantage of being able to get a steady aim at their targets. When selecting one of these brands, one needs to look for stability as well as being portable and compact.

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Caldwell Stable Table Lite Shooting Rests CHECK PRICEApprox. $115.79CHECK BEST PRICE BOG FieldPod TreePod Shooting Rests CHECK PRICEApprox. $118.88CHECK BEST PRICE YPOD Shooting Rest CHECK PRICEApprox. $29.95CHECK BEST PRICE BOG FieldPod FieldPod Shooting Rests CHECK PRICEApprox. $96.99CHECK BEST PRICE Vanguard Porta Aim Gun Rest CHECK PRICEApprox. $44.99CHECK BEST PRICE

Reviewing the 5 Best Shooting Rests for Tree Stands

Caldwell Stable Table Lite Ambidextrous Fully Collapsible Rotating All-Weather Shooting Rest for Outdoor

Caldwell Stable Table Lite Shooting Rest, Weatherproof tabletop, 34inchW x 23inch L, weighs-30 poundsThis product is a weatherproof tabletop that comes with an all-weather seat. The seat is 17″ high, and the tabletop is 34’’Wx23″ L. The total weight of the product is 250 pounds. The best thing about this stand is that it is easy to use, foldable, easy to carry, and most reliable.

The total weight limit for the table is 250 pounds. It includes two cleaning forks, which fit into the carrying handles. The tabletop has push-activated buttons for folding. The molded carrying handles allow easy storage and transport.


• It is lightweight and easy to carry.• Its weatherproof quality makes it very durable.• The seat is ambidextrous.• It is easy to set up in crowded ranges.• It gives a steady surface to the shooter.


• It may seem a little costly.• The tabletop’s surface is very slippery

BOG FieldPod Adjustable Ambidextrous Outdoor Range and Hunting

BOG FieldPod Adjustable Shooting Rests for Tree Stand, Height:20-42inch, Weight:15 lbsBOG is a tree pod weighing around 15 pounds. This product is very versatile and has a dual frame construction. The height is adjustable from 20″ to 42″ high.

The pod gives a steady frame to shoot from a treestand and is very lightweight. The tension knob allows vertical lift of the upper frame, which provides a 180° horizontal panning ability. It also has a dual frame construction, which results in increased stability.

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This tree pod rest has molded, non-marring rear stock and front forend support, this securely holds the gun without causing any damage. The rest supports placing the weapon such that it is in a ready position to aim and fire. The upper part of the rest is detachable to provide easy transport.


• It is sturdy and very stable.• It gives a hands-free experience.• Tree pods offer bench rest accuracy.• Its versatility makes hunting comfortable for a variety of situations.• It can be used while sitting.


• The chemicals used in the making are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

YPOD Shooting Rest

YPOD Shooting RestThis is a Y-shaped shooting stand, just as the name suggests. The Y-pod is originally 8.5 inches high and can be extended up to 12.5 inches above the frame. The shooting rest fits for both rifles and handguns. The Y-pod can be placed on a table stand or a deer stand for a better aim.

It has custom height adjustment and allows free rotation while shooting. The product is fit for the use of youth and adults. It provides a comfortable grip for a steady shot. The function and operation are completely noise-less, so it is best designed for quiet missions.


• The head of the Y-pod can swivel 360 degrees.• The height of the stand is adjustable.• It is very light, weighing only 8 ounces.• Very compatible and easy to carry around.• It gives a better aim and shooting position.• It elevates the barrel of a rifle. So, no hunching!


• It needs a very steady/solid frame to rest on.

BOG FieldPod Adjustable Ambidextrous Outdoor Range and Hunting

BOG FieldPod Adjustable FieldPod shooting standA BOG FieldPod is a very versatile shooting gear and can be used in a variety of ways. It weighs 6 pounds, and its height can be adjusted from 20″ to 42″.

It comes with a dual-frame to provide extra stability and balance. It is foldable and comes with a carry strap to easily carry it around the hunting place. The product has a dual-frame construction.

The height of the upper frame can be customized and is fit for the use of any size rifles (including detachable magazine rifles or crossbows). It is a great choice for long-range hunting.

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The tension knob allows quick and easy adjustment of the upper frame.


• It is easy to carry and light in weight.• The range of height adjustment is huge.• It gives a hands-free experience to the shooter.• The FieldPOds are perfect for ground blind sitting.• The settings are easy to understand and operate.


• The product chemicals are known to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vanguard Porta Aim Gun Rest with Compact and Portable Bench Rest

Vanguard Porta Aim Gun Rest, Color: Black, Compact and Portable Bench RestIt is a gun rest Porta-aim unit. This outdoor product can have a patented fast height adjustment. The height adjustment of the product ranges from 8.8-12.6″. It has a quick, single-handed, center column adjustment ring. The head swivels 360 degrees, without any vibrations.

The center column has an anti-vibration bag, which is detachable. The round movement of the column is smooth and can be locked to stay on target.

The design of the product is compact, foldable, and allows easy portability. It weighs only 1.7 pounds and is constructed using rugged black aluminum, which gives lasting durability.


• It is very lightweight, just 1.7 pounds, and foldable.• The height and center adjustments are quick.• It is tiny and compact yet gives steady support to the rifles.• The rest acts as a shock-absorbent.• It helps with both speed and accuracy.• The adjustments are simple and convenient.


• The fabric of the bag doesn’t last long.

Here are a few points to check before buying shooting rests for tree stands.


This is the most important factor. You need a very lightweight shooting rest so that you can conveniently carry it while climbing. Always check the overall weight of the equipment before purchasing and go for the one that’s lightweight and durable at the same time.


Different shooting rests have different stability mechanisms. So, it all comes down to your preference and the type of equipment you are using. If you are planning to use heavy guns with significant recoil, go for the most stable-shooting rest on the list.


As you can see, different shooting rests have different shapes and dimensions. For convenience, you need to choose the one that suits you well. If you are not a professional hunter, you should go for lightweight options that have easy fixing and removing mechanisms.

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Finally, always go for a durable product. Shooting takes its toll on the equipment, so if the shooting rest is not durable enough, it may not withstand the force for a long time. And you will end up losing money. Therefore, always put your money on durable, heavy-duty shooting rests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Stands and Shooting Rests:

What is the advantage of using a tree stand, and shooting rests?

Tree stands give the shooter an advantage of moving around a little and not being seen. It provides a more extended visibility range and a better aim.

What are things that one should look for while buying shooting gear?

It should be light, easily portable, and very sturdy. One should also look at the variety of adjustments the product is giving. It should be an aid for the shooter and not a burden.

Which shooting rest is better, a standing one or a sitting one?

Both the stands give different advantages to the shooter. A standing gear will provide the shooter a better angle to look for their targets, while a sitting rest will provide ease and comfort while aiming at the targets. Consumers should choose the rest according to one’s requirement and the kind of targets one has to go after.


A tree stand gives the shooter an advantage of spotting the targets earlier than the ground-level stands. It also provides the shooter with extra time to prepare and aim for their target since they spot the marks much earlier. The shooter on a tree stand is not easy to spot (not from the predators). Since treestands give so many advantages, waiting around for the targets to come around with a heavy rifle in hand can be tiring, and there these shooting rests will come to the rescue. If one is wondering which is the best shooting rest to buy before going on a hike, this is a one-stop for all the information needed.

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