The Practical Guide to Watering Your Pigs

Video water for pigs

As every pig farmer knows, pigs need a constant supply of fresh water, but how to give them water and how to make sure the water will never run out are important to maintain good pig performance. And here is the practical guide for reference.

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Simple Watering System and Drinker for Pigs

One of the simplest and best ways to water your pigs is a bucket with a brick or a large stone in the bottom to help prevent it from being overturned and split, and the bucket should be placed in a left-off tire.

This kind of waterer makes a great replacement when the automatic watering systems stop working or freeze in the winter. And a flat-wide bucket is recommended for making a better waterer. If you use a high-sided bucket, your pigs may not be able to get the water, especially for the small piglets or weaners. There is always a risk of piglets falling and drowning, so be careful when using this watering system with small piglets and weaners. If you do choose to use this system, you can fill the bucket with some stones or clean the grave to make the water level only a few inches deep at the most, which will help prevent the piglets from sinking if they fall in and they can get out easier.

Automatic Pig Watering System

The watering system for pigs is slightly different from other livestock watering systems and is mainly because of the size and shape of the animal. Pigs are strong with powerful jaw muscles and sharp teeth, which means any waterers you use have to be firm and solid enough.

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The automatic water system makes it possible that you do not have to fill up pigs’ waterers every day. If your watering system is working correctly your pigs will have a constant supply of fresh water, and will never run out, which is essential for the hot days. You can switch off the automatic water system on cold days to prevent damage when it freezes and instead use the bucket-tire method.

Metal Water Feeder is Better

The metal water feeders are more durable, and hard-wearing, and also they can hold more water. Most of the internal parts and components are replaceable, so you can repair them yourself if they break down or stop working.

What Type of Piping to Use with the Water Feeder and Water Trough

This depends on what watering system you use and the diameter and thickness of the pipe needed to cope with the mains water pressure. The mains water pipe should be fitted with a stop tap which allows you to shut off the water when necessary and the water pipe needs to be as close to the mains side as possible. The water pipes need to be insulated, covered, or buried beneath the ground to prevent them from freezing and bursting during the winter. When using water pipes in a pig pen, it should be metal or copper to help prevent the pigs from lifting or bending the pipe. If the plastic pipe, make sure it is covered or out of reach of your pigs, and do not run plastic pipes across the floor of the pig pen.

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