Best .22 air rifles – Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)


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Once, when talking to a close friend who was into air rifles and hunting,

It became clear that he actually had some confusion when it came to buying an air rifle.

With such a wide variety available, he didn’t really know where to turn.

So he turned to me. 

Specifically, he wanted to know about the best .22 air rifles in the market today.

I’m a bit of an encyclopedia when it comes to air rifles, and I’m always happy to do a little digging anyway.  

So I decided to check out some excellent options myself to help him out and share some of the key insights with you. 

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Things to Consider Before Buying .22 Air Rifle 

Knowing what elements make up the best .22 Air Rifle helps make buyers the right decision.

Thus, before jumping to the options, let’s look at the common traits any .22 Air Rifle should have.

Sound Level

A major point to note while buying air rifles is the decibel level it produces.

Whatever the need for using it, you do not want too much sound to wake up the entire neighborhood or alert the animals you’re trying to shoot.

Go for rifles that make a minimum sound. 

Moreover, many air rifles are in the market that creates negligible to no-sound.

Air Rifles come within the range of 80 to 100 decibels.

For the record, the Benjamin Marauder is one of the quietest guns in the game with its shrouding technique employed. 

Go for similar guns if you find all other features matching your need and taste. 

Ease of Use

The .22 air rifles weigh more than 7 pounds in general.

Carrying it around and ease of use is one feature to note when going for air rifles.

You do not want a bulky gun or a gun that needs frequent maintenance. 

Check for the material used in making the gun.

For example, does it have a wooden or plastic stock?

Is the gun made of metal?

Check for the specifications to find these answers while purchasing. 

Any rifle that gives trouble time and again is no good.

However, servicing is mandatory and depends upon the use.

Try to keep it in good shape at least once a year. 

Propulsion Type

Propulsion type means the system used inside the air rifle to power out the pellets. 

You can choose between accuracy or power and speed when going for the best .22 air rifle.

In the case of accuracy, you get a spring-powered piston.

Else, for better power, you can go for a nitro-powered piston. 

PCPs are also well-known for both accuracy and power. 

It all depends on the reason you are going for a .22 air rifle.

If it is for game-hunting, accuracy plays a crucial role.

Similarly, make your choice before you buy. 

(For more on 5 types of air rifles you need to know before buying, see this post.)


In terms of the .22 air rifle, the velocity and accuracy are inversely proportional.

Again, the use of the air rifle you get plays a crucial role here.

In terms of hunting, you may need more accuracy and hence go for .22 air rifles with lower velocity. 

Generally, higher velocity air rifles come with either gas-powered or nitro-powered pistons. 

Power (FPE)

When it comes to choosing air rifles, several people tend to overlook the rifle’s power or FPE.

Although the muzzle velocity or FPS is an important factor to consider, you also need to look for the rifle’s power, also known as muzzle energy or FPE. 

The muzzle energy states the effectiveness of an air rifle.

It depicts the amount of energy that could be transferred to the target.

Typically, the power or muzzle energy is dependent on two factors – the rifle’s FPS and the pellet’s weight. 

If you need to bring down any animal, you need a specific FPE with regards to your air rifle.

For instance, small-game animals might need an FPE between 10 to 25 whereas large-game animals might need an FPE above 50 too. 

Note: If you don’t know the FPE of an air rifle, you can calculate it by dividing the FPS of the gun by the pellet weight you’re planning to use. 

Best .22 Air Rifle Today

Now that we know what to look for in a .22 air rifle, let’s get going with the best ones in the market:

1. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic – Best .22 Air Rifle Overall 

m4 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Who wouldn’t love a rifle that ticks all the boxes in terms of features?

One such rifle is the Benjamin Marauder Synthetic. 

This rifle has a velocity adjuster. However, the maximum velocity you get is up to 1000 FPS.

Change it according to your need and become the best at what you do. 

Ambidextrous people can easily use these rifles with a vertically adjustable comb and reversible bolt. Also, the accuracy is on point with the help of a choked barrel. 

Let’s have a quick look at the different pellets, respective velocity, and accuracy for this air rifle:

PelletPower (FPE)Velocity (FPS)Accuracy
Gamo Raptor Platinum (9.7 Grain)23.38 FPE1041.83 FPSGood
H&N Field Target Trophy Green (10.03 Grain)23.39 FPE1024.70 FPSPoor
RWS Hobby (11.9 Grain)25.4 FPE980.30 FPSGood
Crosman Premier HP (14.3 Grain)27.82 FPE935.83 FPSGood
JSB Jumbo Exact (14.35 Grain)28.26 FPE941.61 FPSBest
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)28.89 FPE941.99 FPSGood
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)33.43 FPE843.85 FPSGood

This table shows that Benjamin Marauder is the best among the lot for accuracy as well.

From this information, it is one of the most accurate .22 rifles for small game hunting and target practice shots. 

You can also see the power or FPE that Benjamin Marauder Synthetic offers is excellent for both small-game hunting and medium-game hunting.

It can go up to 33 FPE, making it an ideal .22 air rifle for backyard pest control too. 

Moreover, with the shrouded panel the sound this gun gives out is extremely limited.

You get a 10-shot repeater feature and a two-stage trigger for added safety. 

m2 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

The gun weighs 7.30 pounds, correct for the category of .22 air rifles.

Additionally, it is way lighter than the wood-stocked counterpart from the same makers.

Hence, you get to work around the rifle with ease. 

The gun works with the compressed air mechanism and hence it can hold up to 3000 psi.

However, the rifle comes pre-loaded with 2500 air fill. 

Coming to the things that users would love to change.

The cost plays a difference in going for other rifles when on a tight budget.

Also, many find the bolting action a tad bit hard. 

Finally, Benjamin Marauder is one of the best .22 air rifles in the market for game hunting and target practice purposes. 

m3 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Has a perfect accuracy with up to 1000 FPS
  • Works perfectly for ambidextrous people
  • 10 shot repeater in place
  • Synthetic stock for lesser weight
  • The shrouded panel makes less noise
  • Great finish
  • Bolting action is not easy for beginners

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2. Air Arms TX200 – Best Springer .22 Air Rifle

a1 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

If you are on the lookout for a spring piston-based air rifle, you are in the right spot.

Air Arms TX200 has been around in the shooting range for many years and the modifications made with the latest versions are super cool. 

You get an underlever design with a fixed barrel to maintain accuracy and consistency.

Also, there’s no need to worry about choosing the pellets as this piece works great with just about anything inserted in the barrel.

The rifle comes with a Lothar Walter Barrel for a superior loading system. 

To talk about accuracy, you can fire with a maximum velocity of 755 FPS.

Also, it is a single-shot rifle.

Thus, for the accuracy mentioned, you can hit your targets without many misses. 

Many people would go for this air rifle for the looks.

The metallic finish makes it stand out from the crowd. 

You can choose between the various offerings for right and left-handed types.

However, it is not an ambidextrous rifle. 

Users have a checkered forearm and pistol grip with this air rifle.

Hence, you get a firm grip without you missing the target while aiming for perfection. 

The Monte Carlo Cheek helps get you the best sight in place. 

Coming to the sound dynamics, it has a shrouded barrel in place.

Due to this, the sound emitted reduces to around 71 dB.

a3 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

While it might not be the quietest one, it sure qualifies for use in your backyard. 

Equipped with the two-stage trigger mechanism, you are no longer in fear of losing fingers.

Automatic safety comes in place with a smooth trigger.

As per the description, the recoil was moderate making it an apt use for more than just game hunting.

The ventilated rubber recoil pad helps in the recoil mechanism. 

You can go ahead and use it for plinking, shooting spinners, tin cans, and paper targets. 

The one problem noticed in comparison to other air rifles is the weight.

It carries a weight of around 9.3 lbs.

Therefore, many felt it a burden carrying it around everywhere. 

Moreover, users found the rubber protecting the cocking stamp intruding on their way while taking an aim. 

Overall, you can go for this rifle for the spring piston technology and accuracy for a whole range of purposes. 

  • Good for varied uses
  • Suitable with many pellets
  • Nice grip with the pistol hold
  • Underlever design with Lothar Walter barrel 
  • Two-stage trigger mechanism for safety
  • Great finish
  • Heavy for use
  • Rubber protecting the cocking stamp is not firm

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3. Diana Stormrider Multi-shot PCP Air Rifle – Best Budget .22 Air Rifle

s2 1 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Diana Stormrider has come out with a PCP or Pre-Charged Pneumatics that is well within people’s budget.

It means that the rifle gets going once you pull the trigger.

Moreover, the PCP factor means that it’s an air-powered rifle. 

When calculated in terms of FPE, it gives 20 FPE and 900 in terms of FPS.

The cylinder has a maximum capacity of 2900 psi for charging to manage this accuracy. 

Also, beginners can use this rifle with repeating shots to never miss a target.

Hence, it makes this Diana Stormrider rifle a great .22 air rifle for small game hunting. 

You get 7 shots in one cycle of this air rifle. A small flick and bolt action reloads the next set.

s1 1 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

If you want to try out single shots, you can include a separate tray for the same. 

The German Beech stock has a checkered texture that grabs many eyes.

The checkering gives a better grip to the user for the non-slippage of the rifle. 

Both young and old shooters can take a field ride with this rifle.

Trying to add a mountable optic for long-sight shooting?

Make use of the 11 mm dovetail for this feature.

A fully-adjustable rear sight makes the sight all-clear. 

Both left and right-handed shooters can use this rifle for their purposes.

However, right-handed have a better advantage with a raised cheekpiece. 

You have two-generation rifles to choose from.

The major difference comes in the trigger mechanism.

Gen. 1 has a single-stage trigger.

However, the 2nd generation comes with automatic safety and an adjustable 2-stage trigger. 

You can consider this gun one of the more weight-friendly rifles.

It weighs a mere 5-pound which classifies it as easy to use. 

The Gen 2 comes with a better-muffled sound level.

Moreover, the rifle is not choosy when it comes to ammo. 

When you come to the downsides of this rifle, there is an easy accumulation of dirt and dust in the fill plug.

The loading of pellets into the barrel is not smooth.

You find that the bolt on the barrel disturbs the bullet while entering. However, no compromise on accuracy is observed due to this. 

The magazine given was not of great quality.

Loading more than one bullet at a time was hard as you need external pushing. 

  • Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Sound level is low
  • Easy sight with mountable optics
  • Good grab with checkered grip
  • Great finish
  • Accumulation of dirt and dust in the fill plug
  • Magazine does not have a great quality

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4. Hatsan 95 Combo Walnut Stock Air Rifle – Best .22 Air Rifle Under $200

h4 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Yet another single shot piston-powered air rifle is out from Hatsan.

The Hatsan 95 Combo Walnut Stock air rifle is on our list mainly for the budget-friendly option.

If you want air rifles that have basic features and are under $200, go for this. 

Let’s get down to the basics.

It is a single-shot rifle with a rifled steel barrel.

The maximum velocity you can achieve with the rifle would be 800 FPS.  

Users can get maximum automatic safety from the 2-stage trigger.

Your hand has total control over the trigger and also the SAS (Shock Absorber System) gives less recoil after effects.

Hence, no damage to your body after shooting.

You get two sights to take a perfect aim.

The red front sight is fixed while the green rear sight is adjustable.

Also, a dovetail of 11mm lets you mount the optics. 

This rifle is all about the safety aspect.

h1 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

If at all you find the barrel broken, the anti-bear trap mechanism works to prevent the safety switch from going off automatically. 

Moreover, you can avoid any untoward accidents as the gun trigger is safe from accidental pull. 

No more left and right confusion when it comes to this rifle.

The ambidextrous Turkish walnut stock gives room for both types of users. 

Any shooter would love to have a firm grip on their rifle while shooting.

This gun gives the perfect hold with a checkered pistol and forearm grip. 

The rifle comes under just 7.9 lbs and is well within the normal range in terms of weight. 

With the right pellets in place, you can term this option as one of the most accurate .22 air rifles.

You can utilize these rifles for shooting targets, taking care of pests around the house, or small game hunting when needed. 

Cocking was a bit hard in the beginning but smoothed out after repeated use of pellets.

However, first-time users will find the cocking a major hiccup to start with. 

To add on the noise front, it is not the quietest in the market.

The sound from the shooting and usage of parts led to the increased noise level.

The wood finish on the rifle was also not the best that I had seen in many .22 air rifles out there.

Also, some plastic parts were in use probably due to the low price involved. 

h2 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Accurate
  • Well-within budget
  • Automatic safety with 2-stage trigger
  • SAS for less recoil
  • Anti-bear trap mechanism in place
  • Single-shot with rifled barrel
  • Noisy 
  • The finish is not good

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5. Hatsan Model 135 Vortex QE Air Rifle – Best .22 Air Rifle Under $300

q2 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

When compared to the other air rifle from Hatsan, this option comes with considerable changes. 

The Hatsan Model 135 Vortex QE Air Rifle is again a single-shot gun but with a vortex gas piston design.

You never have to take special care when the gun is out in cold weather.

The vortex gas piston qualifies the rifle for smooth use even in hard times. 

Also, the safety standards are still of high standards with the 2-stage trigger in place.

Again, the anti-bear trap mechanism doesn’t allow the accidental pull of the trigger when the barrel has issues. 

The major advantage of picking this rifle would be the sound factor.

You get the shrouded barrel and an integrated sound moderator to qualify this rifle as a quiet .22 air rifle in the market. 

Who wouldn’t want a majestic-looking walnut stock finish on their rifles with an elevated cheekpiece?

Also, the cheekpiece has adjustable options to suit your needs.

Overall, this rifle ticks many boxes when it comes to design and looks. 

The optics too sing a successful story.

The adjustable rear sight comes with a green Fiber Optic mechanism.

Moreover, the front sight is again Fiber optic but is fixed with no changes possible. 

Ambidextrous people can use the Hatsan model rifle with ease.

Again, the checkered grip and forearm hold helps to keep the gun in place while aiming for your targets. 

Users do not feel the recoil as the SAS or Shock Absorber System helps reduce it.

No vibration too!

When it comes to the accuracy part, the air rifle worked astonishingly well.

The power to shoot targets was also great.

Moreover, the rifle is not a picky eater of pellets and takes many types. 

However, the one disadvantage that pulled this otherwise good rifle down was the weight.

It was 9.9 lbs and quite heavy for the old or young generation. 

The effort taken to cock the rifle was not easy.

Especially for the beginners, it was a lot to ask for.

This makes the rifle not suitable for kids or women. 

q4 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Less noise
  • Good finish on the looks
  • Automatic safety with 2-stage trigger
  • SAS for less recoil
  • Anti-bear trap mechanism in place
  • Checkered grip and forearm hold
  • Heavy 
  • Cocking mechanism takes power

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6. Umarex Gauntlet Air Rifle – Best .22 Air Rifle For Hunting

g2 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Users looking to get a great deal on hunting rifles can opt for the Umarex Gauntlet air rifle that is PCP and synthetic. 

It is a 10-shot repeater gun to take perfect shots of the animals you are hunting.

So, you never have to miss out on your target ever again.

If you wish to go for single shots, place the single-shot tray to change it likewise. 

With the repeater tray, you no longer have to take time out after shooting to reload.

Load them in an array and you are good to go for the entire round. 

Every shot that comes out maintains the same velocity with the help of a built-in regulator.

Your pressure gauge plays a huge role in deciding the accuracy.

Also, the tank has about 3000 psi per charge for the number of shots planned.

All the lead shots went with an accuracy of around 900 FPS much to the delight of the shooter. 

Along with the FPS, another notable feature about Umarex Gauntlet is its excellent FPE.

The table below represents the different Umarex Gauntlet FPE numbers with the respective pellets. 

Pellet TypePower or FPEMuzzle Velocity or FPS
H&N Field Target Trophy Green (10.03 Grain)18.52 FPE911.89 FPS
Crosman Premier HP (14.3 Grain)19.73 FPE788.16 FPS
JSB Jumbo Exact (14.35 Grain)20.75 FPE806.91 FPS
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)22.20 FPE787.71 FPS
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)18.72 FPE631.44 FPS

The main feature when you are hunting is the less noise levels.

You do not want to alarm your animals thereby making them speed away.

The rifle maintains the quiet environment needed after firing.

This rifle has a fully-automated barrel to do the trick. 

g5 1 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Moreover, the rifle is weather resistant with a synthetic finish and comes with integrated studs for adding a sling.

Hence, you no longer have to carry it at uncomfortable postures while traveling the hunting field. 

A dovetail mount is available to carry on with the optic choice.

Additionally, the power with which the pellets come out determines the success of using this rifle in the hunting game. 

However, the trigger is only single-stage and does need more work on the safety aspect.

The safety depends on manual actions and is not automatic. 

The fill and gauge ports are at the opposite sides of the gun.

Hence, a user has to keep rotating in order to check the air pressure. 

It weighs 8.5 lbs and is quite heavy for beginners. 

g4 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Less noise
  • Accuracy up to 900 FPS
  • Sling addition possible 
  • Repeater type shooting
  • The tank holds up to 3000 psi per charge
  • Synthetic make for all-weather
  • Single-stage trigger with manual safety 
  • Bulky for beginners

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7. Beeman R9 Air Rifle – Best .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle

b22 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Break barrel rifles are a specialty from Beeman and this choice will not disappoint you.

You can take this gun for your hunting expeditions and target shooting games.

The success rate is high as the accuracy is master crafted right out of the factory. 

For the .22 caliber air rifle from Beeman, you get a maximum velocity of 740 FPS and the shooting sessions come with superb power. 

This powerful .22 air rifle follows a single-shot shooting and comes with the spring-piston mechanism. 

Shooters get a majestic rifle with the hardwood Monte Carlo Stock.

Also, you get a raised cheekpiece to support ambidextrous customers. A checkered grip helps the shooter stick to the rifle at all times. 

The main reason to use the break barrel system is to help in the cocking mechanism. You no longer have to apply extra force as it is completely smooth. 

Beeman’s air rifle choice gives a standard dovetail to mount your optics.

Moreover, with an adjustable rear sight in place, your targets meet your sharp eyes easily. 

Let’s talk about the trigger and the safety aspects.

The rifle gives the users a two-stage trigger system to avoid any accidents.

Additionally, the entire safety system in place is automatic. 

Another thing you might be concerned about is the muzzle velocity and energy (or power) of this air rifle.

Typically, Beeman R9 .22 air rifle can reach over 17 FPE with an FPS between 650 to 750.

Thus, it is ideal for small-game hunting as well as target shooting. 

Recoil and noise are less.

Also, for the .22 caliber, you find many pellet types compatible. 

The air rifle weighs 7.3 lbs only and is lightweight for all users. 

Sometimes, shooters may sense vibration for the first few attempts. Fine-tuning will help correct this issue. 

b11 3 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Less noise
  • Velocity up to 740 FPS
  • Standard dovetail available
  • Break barrel type shooting
  • Single-shot gun with a spring-piston mechanism 
  • Good finish with hardwood stock Monte Carlo
  • Stock comes in the way of open sights
  • Vibration noticed

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8. Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle – Best .22 Cal Nitro Piston Air Rifle

pVZ7aySiCzQs0J6jSgidEgzJPPPNl6r2DbcSJJb5ECw038xDlhj82rsjFTa6WjYxTfGQh c5NNYUJOzk9MONB83X5zKJbSmI7HHRpe Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Shooters can use the Benjamin Trail NP XL air rifle for shooting pests off their backyards.

Besides, you can use it for game shooting sessions.

It comes with a nitro piston and delivers great accuracy with 1100 FPS velocity. 

Additionally, it offers muzzle energy or power between 15 FPE and 25 FPE, depending on the pellet you’re using.

This FPE is perfect for controlling pests, like rats, squirrels, possums, and raccoons too. 

For further details regarding this rifle’s FPE and FPS, check this table:

Pellet TypeMuzzle Energy (FPE)Muzzle Velocity (FPS)
Crosman Premiere (10.5 grains)24.36 FPE1022 FPS
RWS Meisterkugeln rifle (8.2 grains)20.81 FPE1069 FPS
Crosman Premiere (7.9 grains)26.29 FPE1224 FPS
RWS Meisterkugeln pistol (7.0 grains)19.83 FPE1129.5 FPS
Air Arms Diabolo Field (8.44 grains)19.24 FPE1013 FPS

The nitro piston makes sure the process of cocking and shooting remains smooth.

T4 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Moreover, the material and spare parts make the rifle suitable for all-weather use.

It is a single-shot air rifle. 

You will lose grip on this rifle as you have a textured grip and forearm hold.

Ambidextrous stock with two cheekpieces helps shooters to comfortably use both hands. 

Do not worry about ways to carry the air rifle when going hunting.

The studs needed to attach a sling are already in place. Upon purchasing, you also get an unmounted Centerpoint scope. 

Due to this, the overall weight of the gun is 9.7 lbs along with the scope.

If you do not use the scope, the air rifle weighs 8.5 lbs

The barrel is of rifled type and the entire length is 19.5”.

Shooters have to set the safety switch manually after each shot.

The trigger system also needs at least 3.5 lbs worth of energy for the pull successfully. 

When it comes to the sound part, it is pretty loud when used in urban places.

However, you can consider this as a perfect rifle for countryside hunting uses.

The finish comes from the hardwood stock and looks good on the air rifle. 

Though the cocking is smooth, it requires a lot of effort when it comes to young and old shooters.

T2 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Velocity up to 1100 FPS
  • Hardwood stock 
  • Single-shot gun with a nitro-piston mechanism 
  • Textured grip and forearm hold
  • Studs mounted for sling attachment
  • Comes with Centerpoint Optics Scope
  • Noisy
  • Cocking mechanism hard for beginners

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9. Hatsan 95 Vortex Gas Spring Air Rifle – Best Gas Piston .22 Caliber Air Rifle 

93 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Hatsan is out with a gas-piston .22 caliber air rifle.

It is a single-shot rifle with a break barrel system in place. 

You no longer have to worry about loud noises startling neighbors or animals while using this rifle.

It has a Quiet Energy Integrated Sound Moderator to muffle the noises during shooting. 

Coming to the sights present in the file, the shooter can adjust their rear sight and also attach a scope with the standard 11 mm dovetail option.

Moreover, you have a red TruGlo Fiber Optic fixed front sight. 

92 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

This rifle is a great choice for shooters when it comes to the safety aspect.

It has a two-stage trigger with the anti-bear trap mechanism in place.

Also, you can switch between manual and automatic safety features at your will. 

You can achieve great accuracy with a velocity of 800 FPS maximum for the .22 caliber.

Moreover, this air rifle can offer up to 20 FPE power or muzzle energy with various pellets as shown in the table below:

Pellet TypeMuzzle Energy (FPE)Muzzle Velocity (FPS)
Lead Pellet (14.3 grains)20.63 FPE806 FPS
Crosman Premier Hollow Point (14.3 grains)20.68 FPE807 FPS
RWS Hobby16.96 FPE801 FPS
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 grains)19.94 FPE782.6 FPS

Additionally, you will feel less recoil with the SAS or Shock Absorber System intact. 

Users having a liking to use both hands alternatively while shooting will find the ambidextrous checkered grip helpful. 

The air rifle weighs only 7.80 lbs which is good for a beginner level. 

91 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Velocity up to 800 FPS
  • Turkish Walnut stock 
  • Single-shot gun with gas piston mechanism
  • Textured grip and forearm hold
  • SAS in place for less recoil
  • Anti-bear trap mechanism 
  • Vibration noticed while shooting
  • Cocking mechanism is hard

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10. Umarex 850 M2 Air Rifle – Best .22 CO2 Air Rifle

u7 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Umarex has come up with a dainty successor to the 850 series and went with a CO2 cartridge for shooting.

You get to fire at least 200 shots in one 88 grams CO2 cartridge. 

It is a repeater shot air rifle and comes with 8 shot magazines in one go.

Also, you can change the pellets with an easy side bolt operation. 

The entire rifle has a synthetic stock instead of the hardwood type.

A shooter can take primary aim with no miss with the help of front and rear sights. 

The front one is hooded and is non-adjustable.

However, the rear one is adjustable with a fiber optic view.

u5 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

An additional 11 mm dovetail gives the option to add a scope when needed. 

Accessory lovers can make use of the three Picatinny rail sections for adding more parts like lasers, lights, and bipods. 

The rifle will never slip out of your hand with a checkered hold.

Looking to firmly place your cheeks when setting your target?

You can use the raised cheekpiece in the ambidextrous stock to work your way. 

All the air rifle needs are within your reach with this fastest .22 air rifle from Umarex. 

Shooters get good accuracy with a velocity of 650 FPS.

Additionally, when tested with various pellets, its power or muzzle energy ranges between 5 FPE and 10 FPE.

u4 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

It also does not create noise for the neighbors to complain about. 

How would you like this loaded gun to be so lightweight?

Yes, you guessed it right.

This rifle weighs only 5.7 lbs.

Hence, you can try this as a gifting option for your young ones who have an eye for shooting. 

To mention the demerits of this rifle, it comes with plastic magazines that are not good in terms of durability.

The CO2 cartridges require replacement and are in no way cheap. 

Also, the cheekpiece is not adjustable and comes in the way when adding an extra scope for a better view. 

u2 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Velocity up to 650 FPS
  • Synthetic stock 
  • Repeater gun with 8 shots in one load
  • Textured grip and forearm hold
  • Lightweight
  • Picatinny rails for adding accessories
  • Non-adjustable cheekpiece
  • CO2 cartridges are costly

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11. Air Venturi Avenger Air Rifle – Best .22 PCP Air Rifle For Small Game And Pest Control

A7 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

The Air Venturi Avenger air rifle is one of the best PCP rifles.

Further, it is a class apart when trying to hunt down animals or keep your backyard clean from pests. 

It is Pre-Charged Pneumatic and comes with side lever cocking.

For one charge, you get repeater-based shooting with a maximum of 60 shots.

The maximum pressure allowed is 4351 PSI. 

A pressure gauge helps keep a track of the adjustments you make.

It is available on the right side of the rifle.

Use the hammer spring to fine-tune your rifle for great power and performance. 

The barrel is rifled and shrouded.

Hence, the noise levels are considerably low when compared to many other PCP rifles.

For one load, you can fire up to 10 shots in repeater motion. 

In case, you wish to convert it to the single-shot mechanism, add your single-shot tray given with the package. 

While the two-stage adjustable trigger gives comfort and safety, you still have to manually reset the safety switch on the whole. 

A Picatinny rail on the front of the stock gives room to accessorize your rifle.

Also, a standard 11 mm dovetail is available to mount your scope. 

a33 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)

Shooters can easily carry their rifles when going hunting with the studs present at both ends of the rifle.

Through these studs, you can connect a sling for ease of use. 

The accuracy is guaranteed with the 950 FPS velocity on this rifle.

The FPE or muzzle energy provided with various pellets is also commendable.

It ranges between 25 to 35 FPE.

Therefore, providing enough power to shoot the pests and for small-game hunting. 

(For more on the best air rifles for pest control, see this post)

Check the table below for more details regarding Air Venturi Avenger’s muzzle energy and velocity. 

Pellet TypeMuzzle Energy (FPE)Muzzle Velocity (FPS)
Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)(At Factory Tune)27.53 FPE919.55 FPS
Baracuda Match(21.14 Grain)(At Full Power)36.71 FPE884.18 FPS
Field TargetTrophy (14.66 Grain)(At Full Power)34.68 FPE1,032 FPS

Additionally, the rifle weighs just 6.4 lbs without a scope and is perfect for use even with young people. 

The package also comes with two magazines and hence you are always loaded with more rounds.

Moreover, you can choose to add various types of pellets with no problem in this rifle. 

A male disconnect quick filling helps the users to quickly and smoothly fill their rifles.

It also comes with a dust cap to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. 

Many plastic parts are involved and the durability of the trigger or stock comes into question.

Also, the noise levels are high.

This demands the inclusion of baffles to bring the noise down. 

a11 Best .22 air rifles - Top 11 fantastic guns for the money (Reviews and Buying Guide 2021)
  • Velocity up to 950 FPS
  • Repeater gun with 10 shots in one load
  • Textured grip and forearm hold
  • Lightweight
  • Picatinny rails for adding accessories
  • Two magazines in the package
  • Non-adjustable cheekpiece

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Final Thoughts

I hope the list of best .22 air rifles given above helps make your choice easier. 

Most of them have different features but are suitable commonly for hunting, striking cans, or target and pest control.

Choose the one depending on the major features like accuracy, weight, safety aspects, power, type of piston, etc. 

The choice you make will help fulfill your purpose easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are .22 Air rifles used for?

Air rifles are commonly used for pest control, small game hunting, or shooting targets.

Sometimes, air rifles are great for plinking.

Many air rifle competitions appear as an official sport in the Olympics under different categories. 

Can a .22 air rifle kill a deer?

A .22 air rifle is not the perfect choice to kill a deer.

You need a minimum of .30 caliber to kill a deer. 

The .22 air rifle does not create much impact on fur animals nor kill them humanely.

How To Clean A .22 Air Rifle? 

The .22 Air rifle needs cleaning to maintain its performance and appearance.

You could purchase a gun cleaning kit along with your rifle package.

Follow these steps to have a good clean once in a while:

  • Avoid oiling the internal barrel or cleaning it to avoid damage. 
  • The external part of the gun or barrel should be wiped with a small amount of oil to protect against rust. 
  • Remove dust and dirt from scopes using a microfiber cloth. 
  • Do not expose the Woodstock to water as it might lead to damage. Remember to wipe clean the external finish after every use. 

How Loud Is A .22?

A .22 caliber air rifle can create noise up to 140 dB.

However, most new-age air rifles muffle the sound up to 80 dB.

It is better than the traditional ones.

The use of shrouded barrels reduces the sound levels in the air rifles. 

What Are the Best .22 Pellets For Hunting?

Based on use and budget, the best .22 pellets are:

  • JSB Exact Match Jumbo Beast Diabolo
  • H&N Baracuda Match
  • H&N Hornet Pointed
  • Crosman LHP22 Hollow Points

Which is the Most Powerful .22 Ammo?

CCI Stringer’s 22 LR Ammo is currently the most powerful .22 Ammo in the market.

It comes with a 32-grain CPHP bullet that gives a muzzle velocity of 1640 FPS.

You can easily shoot a squirrel with this powerful ammo. 

How Many FPS Does a .22 Air Rifle Shoot?

The muzzle velocity is the speed at which the bullet leaves the rifle.

On that note, a .22 air rifle gives a velocity of 1125 FPS on average.

The speed will differ according to the rifle and parts used.

However, the maximum distance still lies around 150 meters for the .22 air rifle. 

Which is Better .177 or .22 Air Rifle?

The choice depends on the usage of the customer. .177 is much better for shooting small mammals.

Also, it is great for target shooting in the backyard or a shooting range.

The .22 air rifle works great for better game hunting and precision shooting ranges. 

The pellets that come out of .22 air rifles are with a slower velocity when compared to .177 air rifles.

Hence, opt for the one according to your need.

Which is the Best .22 Pellet For Raccoon Hunting?

H&N Hornet Pointed is the best pellet for a .22 air rifle to take raccoon targets easily.

The main point of using air rifles is to take down these animals in the most humane way possible.

These pellets do just that. 

Sean Campbell’s love for hunting and outdoor life is credited to his dad who constantly thrilled him with exciting cowboy stories. His current chief commitment involves guiding aspiring gun handlers on firearm safety and shooting tactics at the NRA education and training department. When not with students, expect to find him either at his gunsmithing workshop, in the woods hunting, on the lake fishing, on nature photoshoots, or with his wife and kid in Maverick, Texas.


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