FX Impact M3 Review


Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifles are a hit among hunters because of their modern design and easy affordability. 

While cheap rifles are additional forces to your experience and love for the game, like any other enthusiasts, if you invest more in something, the results would be far better.

Hence, while the FX Impact M3 might be one of the high-budget PCP guns, it’s a machine that gives you everything of the highest quality. It is no doubt the most advanced PCP in the market with features you did not even know you needed. 

If you are interested in how magnificent the rifle sounds, continue reading this review!

FX Impact M3 Silencer

The Swedish manufacturer of guns, FX Airguns is a renowned producer of the best air rifles and FX Impact M3 is perhaps one of its best models. 

It has everything that a basic PCP should have, along with many features like dual Adjustable Match Precision (AMP), external micro and macro hammer spring tension adjustment, regulators, interchangeable calibers, and much more.

There are many barrel lengths available and a unique stackable moderator system puts the user in control of the sound as well. If this does not sound like a dream PCP gun, we do not know what does.

The table below represents FX Impact M3’s performance with the various caliber versions that it comes with:

CaliberMax Power Magazine Capacity
kMwg2tOv29hUBJSdpiznoh99ekaknJdcos895Z xLK9RL9KRZFHtBoYgGApDS3jJuHPEGauN3fT2iYbrnOnH9T7RurWHJl7dY9maoDIcllIDJa2cjjZn7ZJt18Y2TBpj5L z8ByWSlvpbrncGg FX Impact M3 Review

FX Impact M3 Rifle Details

The following is a detailed review of the features of the FX Impact M3 air rifle and how it fares in terms of velocity, accuracy, and in comparison with other great rifles. 

1. Gun Type

The FX Impact M3 Rifle is a Pre-Charged Pneumatic type of air gun that has side-lever type action and a two-stage adjustable trigger. It is a great gun for all kinds of shooting practices – hunting, target practice, and casual plinking. Its wide capacity of 38 shots a round allows it to shoot accurately and consistently. 

It also has a maximum capacity of 375 pellets per cartridge and has a repeating type firing, it is a delight to have for any gun enthusiast. 

2. Stock

The stock of the FX Impact M3 is an innovative idea for airgun enthusiasts. The buttstock is adjustable and even has a hidden monopod which helps your gun aim at 3 points of contact when shooting using a bipod. It has a solid grip and is capped with a vertically adjustable butt pad. 

3. Sight

There are no sights on the FX Impact M3, but there are a lot of mounting options for scopes, night vision aim devices, or red dots. The rail of the scope is Picatinny and has 20 MOA to give those who shoot from long rangers a vertical adjustment that is usually required. 

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When attached with FX No Limit Rings, you can also widen the angle and find the perfect shot with your scope. 

f2 FX Impact M3 Review

4. Performance 

The FX Impact M3 has a maximum velocity of 1020 FPS at .77 caliber. With a wide range of 38 shots per magazine rotation, it is an impressive number that will allow you to shoot swiftly and silently. Reviews have said that it is insanely accurate even up to 70 plus yards. 

With the right bullet, the rifle can outdo what is expected of it, which is why we have compiled this table of pellet tests with some of the good brands out there. 

PelletVelocity (FPS)FPEAccuracy
H&N Field Target Trophy Green (10.03 Gr.)130638 Best
JSB Jumbo Exact (14.35 Grain)1091 37.94 Great
Crosman Premier HP (14.3 Grain)1093.82 38 Good
RWS Hobby (11.9 Grain)1199.06 38 Great
H&N Field Target Trophy Green (14.66 Grain)1080 37.98 Good
Gamo Raptor Platinum (9.7 Grain)1328.0938 Best

The Gamo Raptor Platinum, being a light pellet, works best for the FX Impact M3. Together they create a velocity that far exceeds expectations. Apart from these, the more feasible option would be to get H&N pellets. 

5. Trigger

The trigger of the FX Impact M3 is one of the most impressive features of the rifle. It is a two-stage adjustable trigger that has a pulling weight of exactly 2 lbs! That weight in itself is impressive, but you can adjust it to be even lighter, making pointing and shooting very easy. 

Even the side lever is placed right on the grip to make the process very easy. You can fire multiple shots over a short period of time. 

6. Cocking and Loading

Loading and cocking are extremely easy on the FX Impact M3 as the rifle is made to be user-friendly. You can also change the barrels and calibers easily as you have a wide variety of options in .177, .22, .25, and .30 caliber. The process is made simple, but if you want to change the probe, you will have to use a 1.55 mm Allen Key. 

The rifle also has a great Hogue grip which ensures stability and long rounds of shooting with the 38 magazine capacity. With its forward-mounted reversible cocking lever, it will allow you to fire shots with speed. 

7. Loudness

Being a PCP rifle, the FX Impact M3 is definitely more on the quiet side. Its noise level is ranked at a 2-Low-Medium which is considered good for airguns. The .25 cal model makes a sound of up to 65 dB and the .22 cal version makes a 70 dB sound.

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It is quiet enough for a backyard shooting session and also good for hunting as the sound is not loud enough to startle prey. 

f1 FX Impact M3 Review

8. Shooting Ability

FX Airguns are known for the sharp accuracy of their guns. It is no doubt that this new model with all its features excels all rifles in performance. Weighing only 6.85 lbs, the rifle is easy to hold and can provide good accuracy with all sorts of pellets. 

All FX airguns have a rotary magazine that has a convenient mechanism that rotates counterclockwise. You put the first pellet in skirt first from below and then rotate the wheel around to fill the rest of the mag. This is very convenient for loading and shooting. 

The large rotary mags hold a capacity of 21 rounds in .177 cal, 18 rounds in .22 cal, 16 rounds in .25 cal, and 14 rounds in .30 cal. Its adjustability, changeability, and shooting comfort are what make it worth the heavy price. 

9. Maintenance

No detail has been ignored in the design of the FX Impact M3. The initial cost is probably the most difficult price to pay, but after you get the rifle, it is easy to maintain as any PCP is. 

With the different calibers available and the flexibility of the pellets it can use, the rifle is not hard to adjust and will give you great performance with even cheap inputs. 

10. Accessories

The FX Impact M3 has many accessories and does not need any additional items. However, adjusting items is very easy as you can add moderator sections, swap barrel calibers, and stock up magazine capacities as well. Even lights, lasers, and illuminators are easy to add to the rifle.

A recommended item is the Evolution Bipod to lengthen your gun range. The FX company also manufactures FX No Limit Rings which allow you to angle your mounts and find the perfect scope. 

Apart from this, the FX Impact M3 is a high-functioning gun that does not really need accessories to perform impressively. 

11. Specifications

The following is a quick table to help summarize all the specifications and details of the FX Impact M3. 

ManufacturerFX Airguns
Max Caliber.177
Velocity1020 FPS
Ammo TypePellets
Barrel StyleRifle
Fire ModeRepeated
Gun Weight6.85 kg
Overall Length38.25 inches
Barrel Length4.5  inches
Loudness2-Low Medium
Magazine Capacity38 rounds
Front SightsNone
Rear SightsNone
Shots Per Fill 375
Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
Trigger Action0
UsePlinking, target practice, hunting

12. Price

Priced at around $2200 (may vary according to sellers), the FX Impact M3 air rifle can seem as expensive as regular shotguns, but the features far excel those of normal rifles. 

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Even in most reviews, the flaws reported have just been about how pricey it is, but even those are followed by a comment centering around ‘’perfection does not come cheap”. This is definitely not a gun that you would want to get as a beginner, but not if you are not sure about whether you like shooting or not. 

Moreover, the FX Impact M3 is worth the price due to its impressive power. It can give up to 40 FPE, which is enough for small, medium, and sometimes, even big game hunting. 

It does not make sense to get the FX Impact M3 if you just want to test out shooting and will not use it often. In that case, go for a good entry-level PCP that will cover basic necessities. 

Customer Review

There are times when the numbers and features of a rifle do not match up to its expensive price. This is not the case with the FX Impact M3. You will get what you invested in and be impressed by seeing it shoot accurately even up to 70 yards.

According to most reviews, the FX Impact M3 has been a hit among its buyers and the only negative reviews have been about how pricey it can be to buy in one go. To help summarise all the good and bad things about this rifle, here are the major reported pro and cons. 

  • Incredible accuracy up to 100 yards
  • Well-built and lightweight
  • Quiet and backyard-friendly
  • Large rotary mag
  • Great Interchangeable Barrel System
  • Lots of available aftermarket parts and upgrades 
  • A longer Picatinny rail would be nice

How Does The FX Impact M3 Compare To Other Air Rifles?

If you are on the lookout for the perfect rifle and are considering the FX Impact M3, you might be interested in knowing how it fares when compared with other rifles. Here are a few tables that sum up the little details about some of the latest guns that are in the same range as FX Impact M3. 

FX Impact M3 vs FX Maverick

CategoryFX Impact M3FX Maverick
Barrel StyleRifleRifle
Fire ModeRepeating shotsRepeating shots
Dimensions48 x 6.25 x 2.5700 mm (length)
Loudness2-Low Medium3-Medium
Magazine Capacity3821
Shots Per Fill375180
Velocity1020 FPS (.177 cal)20 J (.177 cal)

FX Impact M3 vs FX Impact M2

CategoryFX Impact M3FX Impact M2
Barrel StyleRifleRifle
Fire ModeRepeating shotsRepeating shots
Dimensions48 x 6.25 x 2.5600 mm x 500 mm
Loudness2-Low Medium2-Medium
Magazine Capacity3838
Shots Per Fill375325
Velocity1020 FPS (.177 cal)900 FPS (.177 cal)

FX Impact M3 vs FX Crown

CategoryFX Impact M3FX Crown
Barrel StyleRifleRifle
Fire ModeRepeating shotsRepeating shots
Dimensions48 x 6.25 x 2.512 x 45.1 x 4.2
Loudness2-Low Medium3-Medium
Magazine Capacity388
Shots Per Fill375250
Velocity1020 FPS (.177 cal)650 FPS (.177 cal)

FX Impact M3 vs Daystate Red Wolf

CategoryFX Impact M3Daystate Red Wolf
ActionSideleverBolt Action
Barrel StyleRifleRifle
Fire ModeRepeating shotsRepeating shots
Dimensions48 x 6.25 x 2.545 x 23
Loudness2-Low Medium3-Medium
Magazine Capacity3813
Shots Per Fill37570
Velocity1020 FPS (.177 cal)820 FPS (.177 cal)

As you can tell from the observations, the FX Impact M3 outdoes all rifles with its numbers. It’s a sharp and accurate shooter with a great magazine capacity that lets you shoot fast at 1020 FPS.

Since it is one of the latest models of the FX company, it is no doubt packed with the best appealing features. 


The FX Impact M3 might be an expensive deal, but all the investments in the gun would be a justifiable purchase. It is just too excellent a rifle and as many users of the weapon have said, they do not regret spending their buck on this gun as it’s one of the best air rifles for medium game hunting.

Recommended use:

  • Pest control: Squirrels, rats, pigeons, rabbits, iguanas, raccoons.
  • Small/medium/big game hunting: Squirrels, rabbits, goose, woodchuck, deer, hog.
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