Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock (Gen 2)-Perfect Mix of Superiority And Affordability

benjamin marauder synthetic stock generation 2 air rifle review

Years ago, we have seen Crossman and Benjamin Marauder come along in the world of air guns. Later, Crossman took over Benjamin but the name was kept intact, and day by day it got stronger and as Crossman predicted back then, it did nothing but adding brand value to Crossman. When it comes to air guns, Benjamin Marauder has always been the undisputed star on the market.

Be it power or accuracy, Benjamin Marauder is going to take your shooting experience to another level. For every shooter who takes their shooting seriously, Benjamin Marauder is an asset, a name you can trust. This silent PCP gun not only offers you the best performance but also goes easy on your pocket. That is the right thing that Crossman has been doing with Benjamin Marauder since ages.

The first generation of Benjamin Marauder (a.k.a Benjamin Marauder Gen 1) comes with a wood stock. This second generation Benjamin marauder is a treat to shooters of all levels with a much lighter, synthetic stock. The upgrade offers you a wide range of the caliber that comes with a wider range of experience. Here, I am going to review Benjamin marauder synthetic stock generation 2 (gen 2) with all its features in detail so you can make a wise choice while buying the best PCP air gun.

Gun type

Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 is a pre-charged pneumatic gun. Like all PCP guns, it works on compressed air. For the shooters, who are in the field of air guns, don’t get overwhelmed with all the technical terms. You can read more about PCP guns in this post .

In pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) guns, the driving power of the system is the pressure generated from compressed air, which is a result of mechanical work inside the system. There is no chemical reaction taking place inside a PCP gun.  So let’s settle this here. It’s all AIR!

Now that you know what drives the gun let me explain how to clear the air. In any PCP gun you will see a tank. That air tank acts as an air reservoir. There are numerous valves alongside the reservoir that keep the air compressed giving rise to air pressure. When you pull the trigger a small pass is created for the air to escape the reservoir. The compressed air escapes the system landing the projectile on the desired target with the pressure of air. Now I think, the picture is clear for everyone.

However, do not get confused with air pressure and performance of Benjamin marauder. Crossman has made a very helpful and detailed manual for Marauder’s enthusiasts, and it clearly states the highest pressure needed for your reservoir. I advise you not to go above that because with extreme pressure, your air gun will be jammed as the passage will be jammed. It is always wise to follow the manual while using an air gun. It will make you understand your weapon complete on a deeper level.

The tank in your marauder can be filled with a hand pump or air compressor. While a hand pump is a cheaper option, it will tire you down to fill a 215cc air reservoir. On the other hand, there are numerous air compressors available in the market that will do your job efficiently and faster leaving you energized for shooting. I will discuss the compressor details in the accessories part.

Benjamin Marauder is a multi-shot rifle. Before I inform you about the shots, you can take with one load I will explain what multi-shot guns are and how they benefit you over single shot guns. In multi-shot guns, you load the guns once and instead of one shot you can fire more than one. In pre-charge dpneumatic air guns, there is a piston and a part of the gas that is extracted to propel the pellets is used on the piston. The motion caused by this piston works on the bolt and makes it fired and with the spring action comes to the previous position to repeat the same action for the next shot.

In any single-shot gun you have to make that one shot count because otherwise you have to go through all the hassle of loading the gun and before you know it the moment is gone. Let’s be honest, there are times when you are not in your best form or simply the timing be wrong, in cases like that you can always use another instant shot. Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 lets you fire up to 10 shots and offers you auto indexing that does not let fall the accuracy level with successive shots.

Benjamin marauder is always celebrated for one feature which it took it to another level altogether. The silent action. A marauder is an extremely silent rifle which is why you seldom hear a marauder during job. Benjamin marauder gen-2 comes with a fully shrouded barrel which does its job of eliminating the loudness perfectly though with the higher caliber it could get comparatively louder. So if you are doing pest control or some squirrel is messing with your garden, I suggest you take up a marauder and deal with it silently without catching attention from your neighbors.

Another striking feature in a marauder is the trigger. I can vouch for this trigger being one of the safest available in the market. This is a two-stage adjustable trigger that works for both accuracy and safety.

Benjamin marauder brings you various caliber choices such as .177, .22 and .25. All the features like speed, air pressure, accuracy and energy changes with change in caliber. The chocked barrel plays a great role in maintaining the accuracy shaping the shot spread at initial stage.

This is the basic anatomy of Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 air rifle, and this serves you better than any conventional spring piston gun, which takes a lot to reload frequently. Now I will give you better insight on some very important part of the air gun so you know it is the right thing for your investment. USA, LLC


As the name suggests this Benjamin marauder gen 2 model comes with a synthetic stock. It is lighter than the gen 1 wood stock. Though it lacks the authenticity of the wood stock, it has several advantages over the first one. The synthetic stock comes with a powder coating of black for better weather resistance. The metal parts have bluing on them as to not get affected by rust. Honestly, the synthetic stock does look less charming.

However, let us discuss the pros of having a synthetic stock. Firstly, they are lighter. You can carry it easily here and there. Get a sling loop and a sling with it and you are all set. The synthetic is an entire pound less in weight than the wood stock.

Secondly, you can use them in extreme weather condition. Wood stock gets affected by weather more, and wood can be easily damaged in snow or rain. Whereas, this synthetic stock will serve you long and has an unquestionable durability.

Therefore, even if it lacks class, it is more practical to get a synthetic as a marauder is not to be shown as a trophy but to improve your shooting experience.

Another feature that marauder offers is ambidextrous stock. This is a huge upgrade compared to other products available in the market. Such inclusive is the reason why a Benjamin marauder stands out in the crowd. You reverse the bolt according to your dominant hand and you are good to go. The stock has padding too so you can have a comfortable experience and a comb that could be adjusted vertically.

Benjamin Marauder Gen 2’s Sight

Sight is one of the most important deciding factors in shooting. Your success depends of the right kind of scope and perfect adjustment of it. The proper alignment of the target, illumination and surveying equipment with range can do magic for your shooting.

In Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen – 2, across the receiver top, there is a 11 mm dovetail rail. It does not come with an open iron scope which should be duly noted. However, you get an open door to choose your favorite scope, which would also fit your purpose and pocket.

If you are getting a marauder which comes with Lothar Walther barrel, then it will feature a picatinny or weaver rail. You can always switch between rails and scope with a simple use of an adapter.

If it gets too confusing for you to get a perfect scope, you can always order a marauder premium package which will include all the necessary accessories. This package offers the scope CenterPoint 4-16x40mm Rifle Scope. Although you can go for Lothar walther barrel with picatinny or weaver rail, I think you would not need one as there is very fewer recoil to handle in Benjamin marauder.

Velocity, accuracy, power

An air gun is chosen for its power and accuracy, and velocity is another important point you simple cannot avoid while judging an air gun assuming the performance. Benjamin maraudercomes with huge possibilities of experience given properly tuned. I am strictly prohibiting anyone who has no profound knowledge of air guns to tamper with the tuning. You only change things when you know what you are doing and what will be the results when you fire. There is a huge potential with simple tuning in this air gun and proper tuning of things like hammer spring tension, striker ravel or valve output would open new doors for you. However, note this carefully, you only change the tune with proper chronograph, profound technical knowledge and ample time in hand do not tamper with the factory setting.

For the rest of us, who are just beginning we are fine to go with the preset tune which also wonderful and keeps your performance level constant.

With tuning, you can get variable muzzle velocity but one thing you must remember is that you have to monitor the air pressure throughout the process, or you will end up with faulty muzzle velocity or air pressure that hampers your system performance.

Here I am sharing my test results of Benjamin marauder .22 calibers with different pellets so you get a thorough idea of its power and velocity along with accuracy. I used seven different pellets of varying weights and got a range of velocities of 1041.83 FPS to 843.85 FPS. Whereas, the power range was from 23.38 ft-lbs to 33.43 ft-lbs.

Weight Pellets First shot muzzle velocity Tenth shot muzzle velocity Average muzzle velocity Average muzzle energy Accuracy
9.70 grain Gamo Raptor Platinum 1057.94 FPS 1030.82 FPS 1041.83 FPS 23.38 FT/LBS GOOD
10.03 grain H&N field target trophy green 1038.43 FPS 1007.23 FPS 1024.70 FPS 25.00 FT/LBS POOR (vertical stringing)
11.90 grain RWS hobby 994.08 FPS 963.31 FPS 980.30 FPS 25.40 FT/LBS GOOD
14.30 grain Crossman premier HP 950.15 FPS 922.70 FPS 935.83 FPS 27.81 FT/LBS GOOD
14.35 grain JSB jumbo Exact 953.59 FPS 929.36 FPS 941.61 FPS 28.26 FT/LBS BEST OF THE TESTED
14.66 grain H&N field target trophy 954.80 FPS 927.51 FPS 941.99 FPS 28.89 FT/LBS GOOD
21.14 grain H&N barracuda match 848.93 FPS 836.84 FPS 843.85 FPS 33.43 FT/LBS GOOD

The accuracy of a Benjamin marauder is unbeatable at any given condition. However, the range changes with change in caliber. The accuracy a marauder offers is much higher than the price range in which it comes. For the same or the nearest higher accuracy, the price just gets doubled or more so from that you can have an idea.

For .25 you can go up to 50-100 yards and try you marauder but while the caliber decreases you have to map your range with it too. .22 is good to go up to 30 yards and small games like rabbit or squirrels are good to go. .177 is suitable for paper shots.

.25 is so far the best suitable one for gaming and with proper tuning and settings with skill, it could get you some coyotes or big games alike.


Can we just all take a second to gasp the fact that Benjamin marauder not only offers us a metal trigger, but they are also adjustable oh don’t let me stop there they are two-stage trigger. Yes! You get a two stage metal trigger that is adjustable between themselves.

When we think about positive let off or crisp functioning of any air gun the topic comes to an end at trigger feature. What kind of trigger your device is having can make so much difference in your shooting, and you will feel this once you get to the field and start the actual job. A two-stage trigger offers you two basic facility that any single pull the conventional trigger fails to deliver.

The first one is accuracy. Two-stage trigger does wonders when it comes to accurate shots. Their working principle is the key here. There are two pulls that is required from your end. If you do not make the accurate target in the first pull then you can pause after it and make the adjustment in position or anything that needs it and then go for the second pull. BAM! That’s your target. The minimal effort required for this inter stage adjustment makes a huge difference in shooting experience and success.

Second advantage is safety. When it comes to shooting and alike jobs, we have to be very careful all the time of accidental or undesired discharge. A two-stage trigger lowers the possibility of such incidents because of its heavier pull weights. It weighs around 3 lbs and unless you pull it with intention, there are very fewer chances of accidental fire. Benjamin marauder also features a safety which is in direct contact with the trigger.

Moving on to trigger settings, you can change the pull weight or trigger blade position according to your need. Crossman manual is very detailed and user friendly with the entire information one might need to make any change in any settings.

However, just like tuning I would suggest you do it only with adequate knowledge. Trigger is something you cannot mess with in any shooting arms. It could lead to several undesired incidents and the worst you can expect is an accident. Do not go hard on your trigger. Change one thing and two at a time, understand what you did, give your system time and let it work on it, and then you understand how it changes the output. Throughout the process keep a sharp eye on the safety. Not for once you leave it unsafe. Carefulness and sincerity will always reward you.

Cocking and loading

Cocking and loading is a simplified process in a marauder. Like all other air guns or rifles, you start with pulling the bolt back, slide the magazines like a pro and push it back to its initial position, and you are good to go.

Now while talking about magazines, I will mention some practical issues, which may seem funny but in real life makes a lot of difference. First, what you should know is the size of magazines and pellets that you will use in you marauder synthetic stock gen2. They are comparatively in the smaller side, and you may end up losing a lot if not being careful throughout the process.

If you have bigger hands which will add to your trouble only. However, this is nothing that could stop you from loading a marauder, just don’t end up wasting too much pellets. They know circular magazines loading could be tricky, so they have an elevated aluminum breech to make it less messy.

The bolt is reversible, which could be a new feature and may take some time, but you will get used to it before you even notice it.


This heading should be quietness because a marauder does not deal with loud business. The barrel of Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 is fully chocked, and this makes this gun awfully quiet just as I mentioned above. In the updated version, they have use an in built depinger which eliminates the sharp ping of a shot, and instead you hear a dull thud.

The USP of a marauder should be quietness and accuracy. People claim to kill squirrels with it without scaring off anything else of the lawn.

Shooting ability

At the beginning of the Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 reviews I mentioned it is a 10 shot gun with auto indexing. Anyone finding it alien fear not, they have single shot trays available too though you will never need one once you start using the multi shot feature and realize how great it actually is.

Another shooting feature present in marauder which steals the show is how it shoes the number of remaining pellets in the magazine. This not only helps you in planning your shots but also keeps you safe from double feeding and jamming. Double feed control is often absent in air guns, and this particular feature comes handy for avoiding jamming.

Double feeding is while you gun fails to deliver a projectile while having another live one in the row. This simply jams the air gun and clearing this stoppage is a different job altogether. Therefore, it is better you keep a track on your shooting. The above feature also helps to eliminate the accidental double discharge.

You can use cheek weld for higher accuracy, and this is possible because of the adjustable stock comb height which I mentioned earlier. This also helps in mounting scopes. The ambidextrous stock helps both the right and left-handed shooters and goes perfectly with a wide range of accessories available in the market.


Benjamin marauder is well known for its durability. This is a gun that will cost you little to be in good shape. A marauder with a little care will keep you busy in hunting for a really long time.

Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 rifle is not high maintenance and could go for ages because of its sturdy parts and high-quality building blocks.


A Benjamin marauder is pretty neat gun and does not demand a lot of side parts. However, being a PCP gun one thing that you cannot ignore is an air pump. The air tank is its powerhouse and for compressed air pressure, you have fill to the tank with air. Now, there are two ways of filling the reservoir. One with a hand pump second with a compressor or scuba tank. If you are not sure, I urge you to read this awesome guide on how to choose the right air source for your PCP air rifle.

First, one is more conventional though it could be very tiring. The reservoir is 215cc, and the air ranges over around 2000-3000 psi. which is some modest amount we are talking about in terms of air pressure. It also depends on your physical ability. You can always use a scuba tank or air compressor to do the job for you so you can use all of your energy in shooting.

Numerous air compressors are available in the market. Some of the most popular air compressors are venturi compressor 4500 psi, Benjamin traveler 4500 psi compressor, air venture nomad portable air compressor etc. but you can also go for marauder value pack if you want something cheaper. In case of hand pumps, air venturi g6 or g7, Hill MK4 could be your options.

Another accessory which you will need is scope as it does not come with one. Scope is an important deciding factor, and you can use your preferred on that goes with dovetail rail that comes with it. You can go with Hawke sports optics, UTG-3 9*32 1” bugbuster scope, Winchester products etc.


As I have already mentioned that Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 is not a high-maintenance air gun. There is very little you have to do to keep a marauder functioning. After some hundreds pellets clean the magazines and cock so there is no lead build up. You can use any good air rifle lube, and it is going to be as good as new.

For other metallic parts, you have one microfiber handy and wipe the gun off occasionally for it to have a shiny and print free look.


A marauder offers you the best price while giving performance same as an elite rifle. When we talk about air rifles, we talk about a price range that starts from some $100 to several thousand dollars. A Benjamin combines the superiority with affordability and presents to you the best.

I am not saying you can’t get a better air rifle, but I bet you can’t get one in this price range. Anything better with same features will cost you at least twice if not thrice this price.

You can get a marauder for something between $500-550 depending on your choice of barrel and stock. The accessories like compressor or scope will cost you another $200-250 but can go up if you can afford higher-quality materials.


So far, I have discussed all the feature of this marauder upgraded model in detail, but in case you are in hurry and have to take all in at a go then here are the specification that you will get in this air gun.

  1. Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 air gun weighs around 7.3 lbs, which is almost 1lb lesser than the wood stock which is about 8.2lbs.
  2. It is about 42.8” long, which is not what is recorded in the manual.
  3. This is a pcp gun with a reservoir of 215 cc.
  4. It uses compressed air pressure, which is around 2000-3000 psi for the best performance.
  5. The velocities can vary depending on the air gun setting, which, in other words, mean this rifle offers you variable velocities.
  6. Benjamin marauder has an in built pressure gauge to keep track of the pressure inside the air tank.
  7. There is a male quick disconnect arrangement on the air tank so while filling the tank you can use one female quick disconnect and finish the job easily.
  8. Internal shroud mechanism makes it one of the quietest air guns available in the market.
  9. The choked barrel is all about accuracy.
  10. Aluminum breech is elevated so as to load circular magazines easily.
  11. This model of Benjamin offers 10 repetitive shots with an auto indexing feature.
  12. It comes with two-stage adjustable metal trigger for better safety and accuracy.
  13. The stock is ambidextrous and suitable for both left and right hand shooters.
  14. The bolt is reversible, which makes it open to all kinds of accessories available in market and can be used by both left and right handed shooters easily.
  15. You get a magazine along with swivel sling stud with Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 air gun.


  • Extremely quiet functioning.
  • Outstanding accuracy and performance.
  • Durable material.
  • Ambidextrous stock.
  • Reversible bolt.
  • Multi shot gun.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Wide range of accessories available.
  • Variable muzzle velocity and energy.


  • With decrease in air pressure, the performance graph falls, and it shows signs of malfunctioning.
  • With the higher caliber this air gun somehow becomes noisy.
  • There is no attached scope.
  • While using hand pump filling the enormous reservoir could be tiring.
  • The synthetic stock does not look classy.

Customer reviews

Customers from all over the world love Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 air guns and there has been little complaint against it. The accuracy, durability and versatility along with affordability has so far secured the greatest fan base among the shooters. Critics and testers that are trusted for their unbiased opinion on air guns worldwide have got nothing negative about this marauder.


Overall, Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 is one of its kind with all the great features, and it will be worth all your money and search and will definitely live up to your expectation. I hope you got a clear picture of Benjamin marauder synthetic stock gen 2 and by now prepared to invest in your ammunition wisely. Cheers to accuracy, power, class and Benjamin marauder!


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