What Does Forrest Fenn Mean by Home of Brown?


mile high city What Does Forrest Fenn Mean by Home of Brown?In the search for Forrest Fenn’s million dollar treasure chest, Colorado doesn’t get as much attention as the state of New Mexico or the areas surrounding Yellowstone National Park. However, I have considered that Colorado could hold a major clue for understanding the line in the treasure poem of ‘Put in below the home of Brown’. Now I don’t mean to suggest I think it is hidden there (although it could be), but just that one meaning for home of Brown could originate from there.

It is only a possibility. There are numerous times when thinking about the lines of poems I apply different meanings to them. I don’t ever want to rule out options, and never want to insist on any one line to definitely mean only one thing; no matter how much I like it. As it has been said over and over again, until you hold the chest, it is all speculation. So the following is merely that, a possible meaning for ‘home of Brown’ that I like to keep in mind.

Forrest Fenn has said his poem, if followed precisely, will lead someone to his hidden treasure. The poem acts like a map, and so once understood, a person will be able to follow the stanza’s instructions and go right to the secreted location. In thinking about this, and wondering how Forrest might give ‘precise’ enough directions within his poem, I have come up with ways on how this could be done.

One approach is by equating a distance with something else. For example, if I wanted to give the direction of, ‘walk six feet’, I might say something like ‘leave behind the distance of the dead’. Unless they are the walking dead, they should be buried about six feet and so no matter how bad an example as that is, it is a way to I could cryptically say, ‘walk six feet.’….lol….

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I feel there is a similar (albeit better) possibility in the poem, and it involves the line ‘Put in below home of Brown’. I have thought the line might be Forrest’s way of cryptically saying ‘go about one mile.’

When researching the many possible meanings for ‘Brown’, the name of Molly Brown comes up as a reasonable option. Molly Brown, famously known for surviving the sinking of the Titanic, lived in both Leadville, and Denver, Colorado, during her life. And although she was born in Missouri, she spent much of her time in Colorado. Today, there is the Molly Brown House Museum located in Denver and I know many searchers have mentioned this as an option for the home of Brown.

I have considered, however, that if Brown refers to Molly Brown, and since Denver (home of Brown) is known as the ‘mile high city’ that one further interpretation for ‘put in below the home of Brown’ could be put in below ‘a mile’. Denver=a mile/5280ft=home of Brown.

So, for me, when ‘beginning where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, not far but too far to walk, put in below the home of Brown, I am going to put in around the mile marker and at least check if from there it’s no place for the meek….

The intention and interpretation for ‘home of Brown’ may not be to find a particular place to put in below, but be a precise distance clue. Many searchers have liked ‘spots’ and have said ‘but I couldn’t find any ‘home of Brown’ or ‘there wasn’t a home of Brown nearby’. But the above interpretation for ‘home of Brown’ fits for any place a searcher is looking. It is not saying to ‘find the home of Brown to put in below’, it could be interpreted as saying, ‘walk one mile’. Is this why some searchers were known to have solved the first two clues and then went right past all others, because they were trying to ‘find a home of Brown’ when there isn’t one on site?

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Best of luck in whatever you seek….

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