Best Air Rifle Under $200: Why The Hatsan 95 Is A Must Have!


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The Hatsan 95 air rifle has been at the top of my review list for quite some time now. I’ve heard great things about it, and until I tried it for myself, I assumed that most people were exaggerating. To say I was blown away, is an understatement.

Technical Specs

Let’s start by talking about the technical stuff first. This gun comes in three calibers: .177, .22 and .25. It’s a spring-piston break barrel single-shot air rifle with adjustable rear sight and a 3-9×32 scope. With a Turkish walnut stock and gold plated trigger, this is a beautiful air rifle.

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Powerful Shot

Because we have three calibers with the Hatsan 95, power will depend on which rifle you choose.

  • The .177 has a velocity of 1,000fps
  • The .22 has a velocity of 800fps
  • The .25 has a velocity of 650fps

The .177 shoots faster than the other two calibers, but the .22 and the .25 will have a greater impact.

With that much power, this is a rifle that can easily be used for hunting or just plain fun plinking. At 50 yards, I had no problem taking out a squirrel with the .22. I’m still amazed by how powerful and accurate this rifle is.

Accurate and Durable

Even without the scope, this rifle is consistently accurate. At 40 yards, I was shooting with dime size accuracy.

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Once the scope is sighted in, the accuracy gets even better. Fixed TruGlo fiber optics in the front and adjustable TruGlo rear sight help to further improve your accuracy.

I like the two-stage trigger on this rifle. It allows for pull weight, length of travel, first stage and second stage adjustments. The stock is ambidextrous, so any shooter can use this gun comfortably. The grip is checkered, so it won’t slip. The rubber pad on the forearm absorbs shock and reduces recoil. Just about every aspect of this gun is designed to improve accuracy.

But what about the quality of the build? A rifle can be deadly accurate, but it’s not worth buying if it only lasts a few months. The Hatsan 95 is a rifle you’ll have around for quite some time. The stock is made of Turkish walnut, the trigger is gold plated, and the barrel is made from German steel. It’s a bit on the heavy side at 7.8lbs (without the scope), but I’ve shot heavier air rifles.

Check out the beautiful detail in the walnut stock and also the trigger! (Click to enlarge pictures below)

Hatsan 95 Detail Hatsan 95 Trigger


The Hatsan 95 really surprised me. It’s an underrated gun that’s powerful, accurate and well-made. You have three calibers to choose from and it comes with a decent 3-9×32 scope and mount. It’s hard to find an air rifle that’s as well built and powerful as the 95 in the under $200 price range.


Like other air rifles, this one is loud. It’s a little heavy even without the scope at 7.8lbs. And it also takes quite a bit of force to cock it. Hatsan puts the cocking force at 35-40lbs.

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I’m not really sure I would consider these cons, but they’re things you should be aware of. Most air rifles are about the same weight (or heavier even) and just as loud. Sure, it takes some force to cock this rifle, but it’s not something a typical adult couldn’t handle. And you probably don’t want kids shooting this gun anyway.

The Final Verdict

The Hatsan 95 is an accurate, powerful and well-built air rifle that looks just as good as it shoots. For under $200, this is one of my best air rifle and is easily worth double its price and is right on par with the big name rifles on the market today. I’ve had people unfamiliar with the brand think the rifle was worth well north of $400!

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