Daisy Red Ryder 1938 75th Anniversary Special Edition Review

daisy red ryder 1938

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An American classic.

You shoot one.

Your dad shoots one.

Your grandfather shoots one.

For 75 years, generations after generations have enjoyed the fun the Daisy Red Ryder brings. For most of them, this BB gun has become part of their childhood that goes with unforgettable memories. A part of  the American history has integrated into the good, old Red Ryder rifle.

Here are the interesting facts that you don’t know about the history of the most popular air gun in the world

1. Its original name is the Red Ryder Carbine model 40 (from 1940 to 1942). The manufacture of Red Ryder was postponed in the time of World War II (1945 to 1954)

2. The model 94 Red Ryder was made from 1954 to 1957

3. The 1938 Red Ryder re-entered the line in 1972 and became the 1938 A and 1938 B in 1979, when they add a mechanical safety into the gun. From that time, it got the name model 1938 till today.

4. Model 1938 was chosen because that’s the year when Stephen Slesinger and western artist Fred Harman (who illustrated the Red Ryder comic book character) approached Daisy with the idea of making a Red Ryder pistol (which later become a famous rifle instead)

5. That 1938 conversation led to what is probably the longest lasting still-existent licensing agreement in Amercan business history. The licensing agreement was initiated in 1938, signed in 1939 and the first gun produced in 1940

6. Some of the earlier special editions were based on the 1938 date. For example, a 50th Anniversary came out in 1988, and the 60th Anniversary gun was sold in 1998.

7. In 2005, Daisy began celebrating anniversaries based on the first date of production (1940), with a 65th anniversary gun. The 70th anniversary model came out in 2010.

This 75th anniversary gun is dated 2015, but it debuted just before Christmas in 2014.

Allright, that’s enough for nostalgia, let’s check it out this newest version of the Red Ryder!

Gun Type

Daisy Red Ryder 1938 75th Anniversary

Daisy Red Ryder 75th Anniversary is spring-piston, level- action air rifle. As the name suggests, there is a coiled spring and a piston inside the chamber. When  you cock the gun, you pull the piston backward and make the spring compress until the small hook of the rear of the piston is locked in the sear. When you pull the trigger, you release the hook, causing the piston to move forward inside the barrel. As a result, the compressed air propels the projectile out of the barrel in the blink of an eye.

This air gun uses under-level cocking system meaning that the level for cocking is located under the forearm. Unlike break barrel gun in which you have to open the chamber to load the ammo, with this cocking mechanism, you can quickly get the Daisy Red Ryder back in action with only one, simple level pulling step. And it requires so little force to do so even a 10 years old child can do this steps quickly and easily.

The caliber (the internal diameter of the bore, measured in inches) is .177 (4.5 millimeter). .177 is the most common caliber with flat trajectory (the path the bullet travel before it hits the target) and flat trajectory makes accuracy simple for everyone, even a newbie shooter.

While the cocking level is made of aluminum (an upgrade compared to plastic level on non-special edition of Daisy Red Ryder), the barrel is smoothbore, steel barrel so it make the BB fly smoothly. You don’t have to worry about wearing out your barrel overtime with BBs since there is no groove inside it.

This gun is a repeater which means that you can shoot multiple shots at a time. No manually reloading after each shot is required, just pour the BBs in and enjoy long-hour of fun plinking.

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Daisy Red Ryder 1938 75th Anniversary stock

The stock is made of stained solid maple wood stock with golden band in the forearm. It gives the gun handsome look, adds rigidity to the holding feel and provides you true connection with your air rifle. However, a hardwood stock can expand or contract due to changes in temperature so sometimes you have to perform glass bedding (filling gap in stock with epoxy based material ) to keep it in shape.

What makes 75th Anniversary edition stood out is the 75th Anniversary laser-engraved graphics embedded in the stock. Very eye-catching and gorgeous design in my opinion. It catches anyone attention and reminds them a proud history of this starter BB gun since 1940.


Daisy Red Ryder 75 Anniversary use .177 BB as its only source of ammunition. BB is dirt cheap: you can buy thousand rounds of premium BBs for just few bucks so it’s very cost-effective when you do target shooting and plinking a lot.


Daisy Red Ryder 1938 75th Anniversary sight

This gun comes with traditional open sight: The front sight is fixed blade and ramp while the rear sight is adjustable for elevation (allow you to adjust the sight up and down). This feature disappointed me a little bit, I have thought that at this memorable anniversary of the 3 quarters of the century , Daisy would make the fully adjustable rear sight but it seems that they don’t think it’s extremely important for shooters.

Cocking and loading

Step 1: Put the SAFETY ON and load BBs

Push trigger safety from left to right so no red is showing. Tilt gun to its right side, place thumb on arrow, push load-door in and up . Cup hand under barrel and slowly pour in new Daisy BBs, and then close the loading door.

Step 2: Cock the gun

When cocking, raise muzzle with sight up. Firmly grasp the cocking lever and pull outward until it is fully cocked. At this point, a BB could be loaded into the ready to fire position and your gun must be handled with care. Close cocking lever and your gun is ready to fire

Step 3: Feed BBs

Your Daisy has a gravity feed system. To ensure proper operation, you should always raise the muzzle up while cocking to ensure that a BB rolls into firing position. When raising the muzzle, be sure the front sight is pointed upward since the gun will not feed properly if it is on its side

Step 4: Ready and fire

Aim at the safe target, put the SAFETY OFF, and gently squeeze the trigger to shoot.


The velocity of Daisy Red Ryder 75 Anniversary rifle is 350 FPS. This is not high velocity compared to other BB guns on the market and it doesn’t even have enough power to drop birds so this gun is suggested for fun plinking and target shooting

Shooting Ability

The effective shooting range of The Red Ryder is 5 meters away – about 16.5 feet. This BB gun can be used for plinking, shooting paper target and for training new shooters how to properly and safely handle an air rifle.


  • Caliber: 0.177” (4.5mm)
  • Velocity: 350 FPS
  • Loudness: 1- Low
  • Barrel Length: 10.85”
  • Overall Length: 35.4”
  • Shot Capacity: 650
  • Cocking Effort: 13 lbs.
  • Barrel: Smoothbore
  • Front Sight: Blade and Ramp
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for elevation
  • Scopeable: No
  • Trigger: Single-stage
  • Buttplate: None
  • Suggested for: Plinking/Target shooting
  • Action: Lever-Action
  • Safety: Manual
  • Powerplant: Spring-piston
  • Function: Repeater
  • Body Type: Rifle
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Quiet
  • Magnificent Nitro piston technology
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Outstanding accurate
  • Awesome power
  • Adequate scope
  • Imported from another country

Customer review

The Daisy Red Ryder has lots of customer reviews with positive ratings. Almost the reviews show how people love this BB gun, how it brings back their childhood memory and plenties of them is buying for their children. There are very little negative reviews of this rifle and no major issue is found.


The price for Daisy Red Ryder 75th Anniversary Rifle is only 50 bucks. It’s so cheap if you think about how much America history imbued in it.

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True legend lives forever. From the page of comic book to the big screen the Daisy Red Ryder 75th Anniversary Special Edition remains faithful to its original design. This level-cocking rifle is lightweight, easy to cock and durable. It’s great gun for introducing your kids to shooting sport and for displaying in your family room as part of the air gun collection.


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