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Seldom in our lives, can we find a product that’s worth twice more than what we pay for it.

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Take a look at the Crosman 2100 in this comprehensive review to see if I’m telling the truth.

Gun Type

To start off, the Crosman 2100 classic is multi-pump pneumatic air rifle. Variable pumps gun has a piston and a cylinder in the chamber. The air in the cylinder is already pressurized and you apply more pressure to it when you cock the gun. When you shoot, the pellet is propelled downrange inside the barrel by  the driving force of compressed air. Multi-pump rifle is generally lightweight, compact, and recoilless. Moreover, it allows you to have control over the power of the gun: Pump it 3 times if you shooting indoor or in your garage and have no need for high power, pump it 10 times in case you need power and want to work out a little bit. Read more about multi-pump rifle’s pros and cons in this post.

The caliber of this gun is .177” (4.5 millimeters) which is the most common caliber for targets shooting and plinking. This Crosman 2100 is a BB repeater. With a BB repeater gun, you don’t have to open up and reload or cock every time you want to shoots BB. Each time you shoot, a new BB is reloaded automatically.

This air rifle is not only a BB gun but also a single-shot pellet gun. Single-shot gun teaches you to make your first shot count because you have only one chance to hit the target before reloading. Moreover, single-shot rifle tend to be cheap and simple to use. You can teach a newbie shooter how to handle a single-shot gun in only few hours.

Having the ability to shoot both BB and pellet, this Crosman 2100 gives you an awesome option to switch from Bb to pellet in case you get bored with shooting BB. Besides, you can teach your kids how to operate a BB gun and a pellet gun at the same time without having to buy 2 types of guns separately.

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The barrel is rifled steel with helical grooves inside the bore to make bullet spin. Spin stabilizes pellet, improves accuracy and enhances shooting range. The receiver is made of metal, too. That’s outstanding feature because BB guns normally don’t have metal receiver. Therefore, you can shoot this gun for years without having to buy a new gun.


The stock is made of synthetic material with metal receiver. Unlike Woodstock which is heavy and easily affected by moisture and temperature, synthetic stock is light and functions perfectly under any kind of weather so it’s great choice for people who live in humidity place and for shooters who don’t want to bother with stock preservation.

This gun has textured grip and forearm to add friction to your hand when shooting, prevent slippage from shooter sweat and add stability when aiming. Besides, it has rubber buttpad to absorb recoil so you can enjoy long-hour shooting without painful shoulder from kicking back of the gun.


Crosman 2100 uses .177 pellet and .177 BBs as its main source of ammo. BB is damn cheap: you can buy thousand rounds of BB for just few bucks. And .177 is one of the cheapest pellets you can find on the market: If you look at the pellet count box, you will see that you’ll get exactly twice as many .177 as .22 for the same price. Besides, .177 pellets have hundreds of types to choose from so this gun is your best bet if you plan to do lots of target shootings and plinking.


crossman classic 2100 sight

The open sight is fiber optic sight: It uses optical fibers for the dot so it gathers and channels ambient light to the rear sight in the way that it’s brighter than dark surrounding. As a result, you will align the sight faster and more accurate, even in the low-light condition like dusk. Furthermore, the rear sight has windage adjustment (allow you to adjust the sight left and right) and elevation adjustment (allow you to adjust the sight up and down). Having both fiber optic front sight and fully-adjustable rear sight provides you more precision in shooting.

Cocking and loading

Pumping the gun: First put the gun “ON SAFE”, open the forearm all the way until it reaches the limit. Then return the foregrip to its original closed position and you just finish one pump. Repeat the process to add more pumps to the gun (the minimum is 3, and the maximum is 10)

Loading the BB: Slide the grip cap toward the rear of the airgun. Pour no more than 200 BBs into the reservoir hole. Close the grip cap. Pull the BB follower stem back and latch in the notch. Then point the barrel straight down. With a hand twisting motion, shake and twist the air gun to fill the visual magazine. Take the stem out of notch and release it to hold BBs in visual magazine. Cock the bolt by pulling it all the way back. The magnetic bolt will automatically pick up a BB. Push the bolt all the way forward slowly (you can see the BB move through the port) and you are done.

Loading the pellet: Pull the bolt all the way back, place one pellet (nose first) in the loading port.  After that push the bolt all the way forward and you are ready to shoot

You can see how easy to operate this gun by watching the video below:

Velocity, accuracy and power

Crosman 2100 has velocity up to 755 FPS with steel BB and 725 FPS with lead pellet. This is medium velocity compared to other pellet guns and high velocity compared to other BB guns so it ensures that you have more than enough velocity for pop up tin can or blow up water balloons.

Chrony tests have given us the following results: For 10 pumps, this Crosman 2100 delivers 559 FPS and 5.2 FPE with Crosman 5.5 grain BB, 625 FPS and 6.9 FPE with Crosman 7.9 grain Hollow point Premiere pellet, 617 FPS and 6.8 FPE with Crosman 8.0 gr Copper head pointed pellet, 537 FPS with Diabolo Basic 7.0 gr, 475 FPS with JSB Exact Monster Diabolo, 647 FPS with Super H Point pellet, 557 FPS with RWS Super Mag 9.3 gr, 603 FPS with RWS Super point extra, 590 FPS with RWS Super dome, 655 FPS with Crosman Premiere 7.9 gr, 608 FPS and 6.9 FPE with JSB Exact 8.4 gr dome, 646 FPS and 6.79 FPE with JSB exact RS, 678 FPS and 5.21 FPE with Crosman Copperhead BB. From the figures above, we can see that this Crosman 2100 generates highest velocities with Crosman Copperhead BB, Crosman Premiere pellet and Super H Point pellet. Furthermore, the average FPE is 6-7 FPE: if you want to deal with squirrel or chipmunk with this gun, you need to be at close range and hit it with the perfect shot placement. And if you want to take care of bird, this gun has more than enough power to drop doves, crow, pigeons, etc because for bird dumper, it works like a charm!

For this multi-pump gun, various shooting tests have been conducted by different shooters with positive results. The common shooting group are: 3/4″ at 25 yards, 1/4″ at 30 yards, 1/4″ at 25 yards, nickel size at 25 feet, 1” at 25 meters, 3/4″ at 30 yards, 3/4″ at 50 feet, 3/4″ at 25 yards, 0.539” with Crosman Premiere lites at 10 meters, 1.05” with JSB Exact RS at 10 meters, 0.809” at 25 yards with Crosman Premiere lites, 0.809” at 25 yards with RWS Superdome, 0.48” with H&N Baracuda green at 25 yards. For plinking, many shooters can shoot soda can at 35 yards, knockdown an old HDD at 40 feet, hit balloon at 10 yards, hit cola cap at 18 yards, hit water bottle at 70 meters, hit ice cube at 40 yards. Some can even manage to hit old car rotor at 80 yards and shoot water bottle at 100 meters. As you can see, this rifle is extremely accurate for target shooting with firing range up to 30 yards and can take down common plinking object with the shooting range up to 100 meters.


This gun is a very quiet gun: It has hundreds of customer reviews without a single complaint about noise so you can take comfort knowing that your plinking day doesn’t bother your neighbor’s afternoon.

Shooting Ability

The effective shooting range of this gun is 30 yards. You can use this gun for target shooting, plinking, and for dropping birds.


  • Caliber: 0.177”
  • Velocity: 755 FPS
  • Loudness: 3- Medium
  • Barrel Length: 20.84”
  • Overall Length: 39.75”
  • Shot Capacity: 17
  • Cocking Effort: 3-10 pumps
  • Barrel: rifled
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
  • Trigger: Two-stage non-adjustable
  • Buttplate: Plastic
  • Suggested for: Plinking/Target shooting
  • Trigger Pull: 4.75 lbs
  • Action: Bolt-action
  • Safety: Manual
  • Powerplant: Multi-pump pneumatic
  • Function: repeater
  • Body Type: Rifle
  • Weight: 4.81 lbs
  • Awesome double function rifle
  • Great metal receiver
  • Beautiful stock with useful texturing grip
  • Breath-taking fiber optic sight
  • Decent velocity
  • Extremely accurate
  • Quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Made in the USA
  • Pumping action takes some time to learn
  • Pumping the gun can be tedious at some points.


Crosman Classic 2100 review

The price for Crosman is only 60 dollars. Considering this is a double function rifle with metal receiver, high velocity and remarkable accuracy, this is a best bang for the buck. And remember that when you buy from Amazon you save 10$ than buying from Crosman.

There are a couple of different listings online with different prices but the listing I found with the lowest price is the cheapest price among online e-commercial sites like Amazon, PyramydAir, Walmart,etc.

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Crosman 2100 is often considered as an under-priced gun. I would not surprise if an air rifle at this high-quality level sells at 100 dollars or more but it is just 60 dollars for the whole package. If you want a fun BB/pellet combo gun that lasts for years, this is a gun to go for.



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