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The ICBM Weighted Long Distance Float – long casting bobber / float – waggler missile will help you reach far-away spots. Goes a long way on light line up to 80 yards and consistently longer than any you have every fished. Try one – Bombs Away.

If you need to launch a float long distance to cover water, the ICBM Weighted Long Distance Cast Bobber is your weapon. Deliver either artificial or live baits long distance with these weighted bobbers. The ICBM offers you the ability to make long-distance casts on spinning tackle to fish your extreme conditions. If you are fishing deep water over 20 ft., or you wish to cast 150 – 200 feet away, these floats will easily work for that distance. A very long-casting float. Long distances can be achieved with very easy casts.

** PRODUCT NOTE -2 Weight size variations are IN STOCK. The float differs in weights and will be either Medium Long (second-heaviest) or Long (heaviest) you may receive different colors when ordering this product. Float tips are all the same high-visibility orange.

These floats have been reinforced and sealed top and bottom with epoxy for added strength and built to last!

The ICBM Weighted Long Distance Float – Bobber can also be fished with 1/32 oz. jig and requires only 2 grams of split shot to balance the float which saves the angler money! The floats are weighted and require the addition of only a couple big split shot to sink the float down lower in the water.

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If you are not used to casting this float, your first casts should be soft-medium so you can feel the power of this missile-style weighted waggler float. Slowly add a little more power on your next casts and see the distances you can achieve. The use of a longer rod and light line will create tools for you to reach far out into lakes and reservoirs and even fish 20 – 30 feet below the surface at long-distance.

This is a great float for fishing plastics or small minnows for crappie, perch, walleye, panfish and trout. This can also be fished with small artificial worms for bass as well as half a crawler, leeches (great), grubs, particle baits, red worm, wax worm or crickets – very versitile float. Carp anglers and catfish anglers will love these bobbers.

We suggest using a Quick Change Float Snap or the Pro Float Connector to fish these at their maximum. You can adjust sizes to match changing conditions and swap out a different weight and size of float if needed. If the wind dies down, you should always go with the lightest float possible. This float is great for high winds and in waves.

Use a longer rod like our 9 foot rod or 10 foot float series rod and a big reel loaded with light line (4 lb. or 3 lb.) line to max out your casts. As you use 6 lb. or heavier lines, the casts will go shorter, but still a long way out from your position. After the float lands in the water, you can quickly reel in with your rod tip below the water and sink the line. Sinking the line will keep your float in place even at a long distance away.

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The float (bobber) comes pre-loaded with it’s own weight which means you won’t have to use as much split shot to sink your rig, saving you money and setup time. At longer distances, you can leave some split shot off to raise the float antenna upward- offering high visibility at long distance. The high-visibility yellow stem can be seen clear across the lake!

Can be fished on Firewire braided or mono filament lines and using many baits including baits up to medium-sized minnows. When casting the ICBM Weighted Long Distance Waggler, you start slow and pick up the pace during the cast. Make sure you aren’t wrapped around the tip- or you will snap you line on the cast. Take your time, enjoy bombing casts!

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