Best Coyote Traps – Foothold, Snares, and Live Traps

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When I started trapping I went down to the local farm store, Cal Ranch to and Sportsmans Warehouse to see what traps were available to buy. There was not much of a selection and it was just a little corner of the store.

I didn’t have a clue what was a good trap or a better trap and why I should get one over the other. In this article, I will be presenting several coyote traps. Hopefully, you can find the best coyote trap for your needs.

The best and most popular coyote trap is the MB 550. It is big enough to hold coyotes and is one of the strongest leghold traps on the market. It comes ready to use out of the box.

Coyote Foot in Trap
Coyote Leghold Trap

Coyote Leghold or Foot Traps

MB 550 Coyote Trap

The MB 550 is at the top of my list for trapping coyotes. This trap was specifically designed to be the best trap on the market and other brands of traps have tried to copy its success making similar traps.

There are a few reasons why I think the MB550 is the best trap on the market.

  • It is a cast jaw trap that keeps coyotes from bending the trap as easily.
  • It comes ready to use out of the box. Just need to boil the trap to remove some scent.
  • As I read through forums and trapping groups it appears to be the most recommended trap.
  • It is a multi-animal trap and will hold coyotes, fox, and raccoons.
  • See more information on the MB 550 trap (coming soon).

Where To Buy MB 550 Traps

MB 450 Coyote Trap

The reason the MB 450 is lower and in the second spot on the list is that it is a size one and a half trap. It is smaller than the MB 550 but don’t underestimate its power.

In most cases, the MB 450 would work for trapping coyotes and if I got a bunch of them I would not have an issue using them on coyotes, but they were not designed for coyotes.

So if I was trying to target smaller animals such as fox or raccoons and had a high possibility of catching coyotes I would consider the MB 450.

  • It is a cast jaw trap that keeps coyotes from bending the trap as easily.
  • It comes ready to use out of the box. Just need to boil the trap to remove some scent.
  • We did a survey on the MB 450 and found that it was voted the best fox trap that workes well for coyotes. See the survey results here.
  • It is a multi-animal trap and will hold coyotes, fox, and raccoons.
  • See more information on the MB 450 trap.
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Where To Buy MB 450 Traps

See All MB 450 Trap Prices on eBay

Duke 550-OS

The Duke 550-OS or offset jaw trap is the Duke version of the MB 550 trap. Duke came out with their 550 trap soon after Minnesota Brand traps came out with them.

These appear to be the budget cast jaw trap and probably will perform similarly to the other cast jaw traps listed above. Here are several reasons why they would be a good trap.

  • Duke traps are usually cost less than the Minnesota Brand traps. Similar trap less money.
  • It is a cast jaw trap that keeps coyotes from bending the trap as easily.
  • This Trap is on my list to compare to the MB 550. I have heard several trappers recommend them and the price might seal this one as your choice.
  • It is a multi-animal trap and will hold coyotes, fox, and bobcats.

Where To Buy Duke 550 Traps

Duke No. 2 Coil Spring Trap

The Duke No. 2 coil spring trap is an excellent starter trap. I started out using these and still use them when trapping. I found them at the local farm store and bought a bunch of them.

I went out to try my luck with them and they worked. It took a while but I finally caught a coyote and several raccoons in them. If you take care of them they are a good trap.

Some trappers will not use them simply because they are not cast jaw traps and they might bend a little occasionally when you catch a coyote. I haven’t had a huge problem with them and would recommend them for a new trapper.

  • The Duke No. 2 traps are cheaper than the cast jaw traps. You may be able to get double the traps for the same price.
  • They may be slightly less durable than the cast jaw traps but they will last if you take care of them.
  • It is a multi-animal trap and will hold coyotes, fox, and raccoons.
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Where To Buy Duke No. 2 Traps

PriceWhere to buy

Coyote Sets To Make With A Foothold Trap

There are several sets or ways you can bury a foothold trap and get a coyote to step on it. When you position and bait a trap for a coyote to get caught in you are making a set.

Knowing different ways to make sets is very helpful. Sets like a dirt hole set or a flat set are good options when trapping coyotes.

I wrote an article about a bunch of different coyote sets so that you have some options for different weather and locations. You can find that list of coyote sets and how to make them here.

Coyote Snare Trap

When snaring coyotes the brand of snares is not as important. Most people who are selling snares for coyotes are making very similar products.

Most snares are one-time use traps and will be bent out of shape by a coyote when they are caught. The cable is usually the only thing that breaks on a snare and the parts can be put on a new snare and used over and over.

The nice thing about snares though is they are faster to set up and are much cheaper than any of the other types of traps we will discuss. They are usually between one or two dollars if you buy them prebuilt.

If you make your own snares it can be way cheaper than that because you can buy the parts in bulk and build your own for less than a dollar.

  • One type of snare is a cable restraint just catch the animal around the neck and hold it there until the trapper comes.
  • Another type of snare is a nonrelaxing snare. This snare gets tighter and tighter as the animal pulls on the snare and dispatches the animal if caught.
  • Snares are placed along coyote trails and will catch them as they move down the trail. Where these trails cross fence lines is often one of the best places to place a snare.
  • It is a multi-animal trap and will hold coyotes, fox, and raccoons.
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Where To Buy Coyote Snares and Cable Restraints

PriceWhere to buyOne Dozen Coyote SnaresTwo Dozen Coyote Snares and SupportsOne Dozen Cable Restraints

See All Coyote Snares On eBay

Coyote Live Trap or Cage Trap

The hardest trap to use is a cage trap or live trap. Coyotes don’t like going in them because they can see the cage. I have never tried to catch a coyote in a live trap so I think it would be a fun expierement.

I think you would be more likey to catch a fox, bobcat, skunk, or raccoon in a live trap than a coyote. This is a hard thing to do.

I checked on Youtube and tried to see how many people have actually caught a coyote in a live trap. I found two, one the coyote escaped and the other was a good catch. There are tons of other videos though of coyotes being caught in the other traps listed above.

The nice thing about a cage trap though is it is easier to transport and release the coyote. They can go in a truck or car very easily and can be released in a new location.

Coyote Live Trap Size

The recommended size of a live trap for a coyote is at minimum two feet tall, twelve inches wide, and three feet long. A coyote does not like being boxed in so bigger is better.

How To Trap A Coyote In A Live Trap

  • This is a very big trap. Coyotes can be big animals and don’t usually like small places.
  • You can pick a trap with a sliding door or a swinging door. Both will work very well.
  • Covering the trap with sticks and brush will make the coyote feel more comfortable entering the trap. You may also cover the bottom before the trigger plate with dirt to help the coyote feel more comfortable.
  • It is a multi-animal trap and will hold coyotes, fox, bobcats, and raccoons.

Where To Buy Coyote Live Traps

PriceWhere to buy

See Extra Large Live Traps On eBay

Quick Coyote Trapping Tips

  • Check your trapping laws before you start trapping.
  • Use gloves to hide your scent. Coyotes don’t like human scent on the trap.
  • Bait, lure, and urine are all good to use at the trapping location.
  • Check out my article on more coyote trapping tips and coyote trapping mistakes.
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