Best Hooks for Catfishing


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Fish hooks are quite intricate. They are the smallest part of your fishing gear, and yet they are the ones where the success of your fishing trip lies. Essentially the fish hook is just a piece of metal bent into a particular shape.

Sounds simple enough, but if you’ve ever been in a tackle shop, you will find an overwhelming display of fish hooks on display.

These hooks come in a lot of different styles, sizes, and weights. But, in this article, we are talking about the best hooks for catfishing.

Don’t worry; there is a way for you to make a breakthrough here. And hopefully, you will be able to find yours from our list here.

Our Top Pick of The Best Hooks for Catfishing

Our top pick is the 120 Large Fishing Hooks Assortment from Big Worm Fishing. These are great for catching fish in both saltwater and freshwater. There are about 8 different sizes of hooks in this one set, and we think that these are an incredible addition to the tackle box of any dedicated fisherman.

These are made of carbon steel, and they are resistant to rust and corrosion. This ensures that they are going to last a long time in your arsenal and bring you a lot of success on your fishing trips. They are definitely the best hooks for catfish, and they are an absolute must-have set in your kit!

7 Best Hooks for Catfishing

It can be pretty daunting to have a glimpse of so many tiny pieces of bent metal with such a big range for the disparity. But there’s no reason to worry – we are here with a list of the 7 best fish hooks for catfishing, and we can help you choose.

1. 120 Large Fishing Hooks

Worried about getting the wrong hooks? Well, big assortments packs always help, don’t they? So here you have one! This is a pack of 120 best hooks for catfish that are fit for use in both saltwater and freshwater.

There are 8 different sizes in this pack, and you will get 15 hooks of each size inside. They come in size 1#, 1/0#, 2/0#, 3/0#, and so on till size 8/0#. There are circle hooks inside that you can use to catch fish like trout, tuna, carp, sheepshead, bass, catfish, and some others.

These hooks are very high quality; you don’t have to worry about them breaking apart. They are made with carbon steel, which is highly resistant, very strong, extremely hard, and also bearably ductile. These don’t break off, but they do get bent if too much force is applied.

But the bent tip at the pointed end means that they will have a high likelihood of keeping their catch even if they do get bent.

This is the perfect assortment of hooks to add to your collection. They don’t rust, they don’t break, and they certainly, open up opportunities for you to catch a huge variety of fish no matter where you are.


✅ Made with super-strong, resistant, and durable carbon steel

✅ Each set has 8 different types of hooks for different kinds of catch

✅ There are 15 hooks of each type inside the pack

✅ Perfect for adding to your fishing gear set

✅ They don’t damage the fish

✅ End at extremely sharp points

2. Sougayilang Fishing Hooks

There are hooks that work well in some bodies of water and don’t work at all in others. Well, that problem happens due to the natural salt content of the water. There’s nothing you can do about it except get high-quality fish hooks like these Sougayilang fish hooks. These hooks are great because they are fit for saltwater and freshwater alike.

They are made with high-carbon steel – which is something that has a great level of strength, resistance, and durability. All of these traits are highly desirable in fish hooks, and they increase the chances of your fishing trip being a huge success.

There are 50 hooks in this pack – it’s a mini set of hooks with barbed hook points. They have special anti-skid barbs on them, which are not as vicious as to rip through the fish, and neither are they delicate enough to lose a fight with the hooked fish. Your chances of getting the catch once it hooks on are very high.

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The sizes included in the set are sizes 1#, 2#, 1/0#, 2/0#, and 3/0#. You will get 10 hooks of each type inside. These are great additions to your fishing gear because, due to their bending angle and strength, they are the best jig fish hooks for catfish in the market right now.


✅ You get 50 pieces in one set

✅ 5 different sizes come inside

✅ Very sharp and pointy end at the barb

✅ Hooks onto the fish without damaging it

✅ Their angle and weight make them suitable for catching a variety of fish

3. SouthBend, 1005 Treble Assorted Hook for Catfish Rigs

These are some assorted treble hooks, and they will each triply increase your chances of catching a catfish out in the water. It’s not a huge set; there are only 20 hooks inside. These hooks are pretty small, so we wouldn’t recommend them to you if you have your eyes on big catfish.

But when it comes to small fish, we would say that these are the best treble hook for catfish rigs. These rigs are tiny themselves, and they will hook onto the mouths of small fish readily. They are good for crankbaits that are about 1 to 1½ inches in size.

These hooks won’t survive big fish, but you will definitely get some interesting finds with these for sure.

The best part of these hooks is how smoothly they hook into the fish. They don’t cause any damage whatsoever and are easy to pull out as well.

They come in a dial box that keeps everything organized. The lid of the box is transparent, which makes it easier for you to see what you are picking out.


✅ 20 hooks of different sizes

✅ Comes in a dial box with a transparent lid

✅ Sharp and pointy yet they do not damage the fish

✅ Easy to unhook from the fish

✅ Very organized and simple set for high efficiency

4. Heavyweight Catfish Hooks – Offset Octopus Circle Hooks

If you are looking for the best octopus circle hooks for catfishing, these Sumo hooks are exactly what you need! Doesn’t the name already indicate how reliable and strong these would be? Well, the name doesn’t lie.

These hooks are made with forged steel, and they are extremely durable. Forged steel has great tensile strength, so it can resist great forces. They have fine grains and very little porosity, which makes them ideal survivors in both freshwater and saltwater.

In each set, you will find 25 hooks, all of size 8/0#. These are octopus circle hooks, and they are designed to lodge at the corner of the fish’s mouth where the fish cannot exert much point pressure for a strong pull.

Therefore, when you are going into large water bodies, you can rest assured that big fish like catfishes won’t be a threat to these hooks; in fact, these hooks are going to ensure that no big fish can swim away from you.

Another great aspect of their design is that they have very sharp hooks which do not destroy the fish by any measure.

The eye on these hooks is quite small, so they will be good at protecting your line. They will be able to resist violent snags from the biggest fish without breaking.


✅ Great quality offset hooks made with forged steel

✅ Have very sharp ends that hook into fish effortlessly and closed eye protects the line really well

✅ Keeps fish intact, doesn’t wrench the guts out of the fish

✅ All 25 hooks in this set come in size 8/0

✅ Works perfectly in both saltwater and freshwater

5. Catfishing Sweeper Hooks – 8/0, 25-Pack

These Sumo sweepers have a longer shank than the octopus circle hooks above. They also have a steeper angle on the bend, and by the merit of this angle, they can catch bigger fish with deeper mouths.

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The hook is a bit more rounded as well – this gives them the advantage of hooking deep into the mouths of their catch.

These hooks are made with forged steel, and they can withstand the conditions of both saltwater and freshwater. Their sharp pointy ends do not cause any damage to the fish, and thus the fish always comes out in one piece.

The angle of the bend is a bit extreme on these hooks, so be careful while pulling it out of the fish. Honestly, the finish on these hooks is simply incredible. They are coated with black nickel, which keeps rust away from them and thus gives them incredible durability.

There are 25 of these hooks in each set, and they are all of size 8/0#. They are the best sweeper hooks for catfish, and with these in your arsenal, you won’t have to fear losing fish anymore.

They are great hooks with superior build quality, and they are a valuable addition to any tackle set for sure.


✅ 25 hooks come in a set. These are all size 8/0#

✅ These are made with forged steel and coated with black nickel

✅ Can be used in freshwater and saltwater

✅ Can pull up big catfish without a miss

✅ No chances of rust or corrosion

6. Mustad UltraPoint Demon Wide Gap Perfect In-Line Circle

These are hooks for all the big fish out there. They have a wide gap, but they are still at the perfect size ratio.

The shank is not extremely long, but it smoothly blends in with the bend at the end, which enables it to sit deep into the mouth of the fish without going in too far. In fact, these hooks are more inclined to pierce the corner of the fish’s mouth and thus harness more momentum on it while the fish stays helpless.

This is a cleverly designed hook for the ultimate catch and release. They don’t damage the fish, and 50% of their catches remain alive after being brought up.

These hooks are made with Mustad nor-tempering, which is an extremely durable material. They are made by fluctuating the temperature very carefully during production so that they are at least 30% stronger than the average wire used for making such hooks.

With these hooks, a large range of fish will be vulnerable to you. You can get everything from catfish, tuna, sailfish, wahoo, halibut, striped bass, and much other fish such as these.

You can take these hooks for fishing in saltwater and freshwater alike. They are ultra-sharp, and they never let a catch go regardless of how strong it is. With such a wide variety of potential catches, these hooks really are the best wide-gap circle hook in the market.


✅ Made with the process of Mustad nor-tempering

✅ Lighter hooks that are 30% stronger than standard steel

✅ Have the perfect bend to catch big fish

✅ Can hook into fish by the corner of the mouth without any damage

✅ Has a molded resin pin at the endpoint

7. Senyu, Stainless Steel Fishing Hooks

If you want to get your big catfish game on, these stainless steel hooks are highly recommended for your success! Keep in mind that these are the best for saltwater hooks, but can be used in freshwater as well. They are specially coated with an anti-rust powder so that they are extra durable.

The ends of these hooks are extra sharp. They are very good at hooking into the fish and staying firm in their place while pulling the fish in through the water against the currents.

You will get about 5 of these in a set, which is enough to last a long time because they are super durable and incredibly reliable as well. They are a size 10/0#, and they are ideal for big fish like bass, and they are also extra strong hooks to catch catfish!

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Part of their success is because of their angled hooks at the end. They are great at holding on to anything that they get their grip on.

Make sure that you keep them away from children; they are piercingly sharp for human flesh as well.


✅ Five sizes 10/0# hooks come in a set, but they last a long time

✅ Great for hooking onto big strong fish

✅ Extremely sharp with a barbed end

✅ Made with the super durable stainless steel

What To Look For Before Buying

There are rows upon rows of fish hooks that come in all different shapes and sizes. If you don’t lock into desirable features suited to your particular needs, then you are going to feel like a lost puppy among all the available options.

In this section, we are going to discuss how to identify the best catfish hooks so that you can pick and choose with wisdom.

Point-End Variations

The tip of the hook is the sharp pointy part of the hook that goes into the fish so that you can drag it in. These tips can come in a multitude of different styles. Each type of tip will be slightly different in performance.

So, make sure you check the tip of the hook before you decide to buy it. There is the bait hook, treble hook, circle hook, siwash hook, and so on. The list is quite long, with each of these hooks having a particularly shaped pointy end.

The kind of hook you need depends on the size of fish you expect to catch in your selected body of water.

The sharpness of the Pointy End

This is a definite no-brainer, but you must absolutely check the sharpness of the pointy end before you buy it. The best hook for catfish is never a blunt one. Hooks generally get dull with use, but if you start with a blunt hook, then you are just getting a bad deal, to begin with.

Size of the Hook

The range of sizes of hooks in the market will make your head swirl for sure. There are too many to choose from.

Small bait can easily go into the fish quickly and catch on, but the problem is that small bait is often too weak for fish that are too big, so it might break off before it can pull the catch in.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you should get the largest hook you can find. Large hooks are strong, but they don’t clamp into the fish readily enough.

That is why you need to get a fish hook that is mid-sized relative to the size of fish you expect to catch. Not too small, and neither too big.


It’s important to check who you are buying from. If you get the hooks from a reputed seller, there’s a high chance that you’ll be getting quality products. So, always try to purchase hooks from a well-known brand.

Types of Hooks

There are a great array of hooks in the market. Let’s discuss some of them below so that you don’t get confused during the time of purchase.

Circle Hooks

These hooks are generally quite popular. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they don’t damage the fish when they hook.

If you don’t know what type of hook to get and are not sure about the kind of fish to expect, then circle hooks are the easier way to go.

You will need to be patient with these circle hooks because they will take some time to get firmly lodged into the fish.

Weedless Hooks

These ones are very popular for fishing in lakes and ponds where there is an abundance of fish. Their thin guard helps them to clasp into their target without digging in too deep.

The result is that your fish will be caught in the hook, and after you pull it out, the hook can be easily removed from the fish’s mouth.

Treble Hooks

These are triple-pointed hooks. With these, you will have higher chances of getting a catch. But despite the increased chances of a catch, you will see that there ain’t that popular.

The reason for that is legit. These hooks increase the chances of a catch indeed, but unfortunately, they hook too lightly, so even if you get a catch, don’t be surprised if your fish unhooks itself and swims away.

Siwash Hooks

Now, these are used as the alternative choice to treble hooks when used in conjunction with spoons, plugs, poppers, and spinnerbaits.

These hooks are plain, but they have long shanks and a slight angle to their pointy ends, which makes them efficient at hooking into the fish’s mouth and also easy to be removed later on.

Octopus Hooks

The shank on an octopus hook is slightly angled, and a bit rounded toward the end. Now the size of this shank is smaller than that of a siwash hook, and the overall effect is that these hooks are a bit lighter- they can hook into big fish without letting out when the fish moves.

Ultimately, the octopus hook is better at catching big fish than the treble hook.

Kahle Hooks

If you are in a big waterbody with big fish, go for Kahle Hooks. Their gaps are very wide, and they have quite a heavily built body as well. They are made to keep hooked into big fish without letting up. It will be very difficult and almost unlikely for fish to unhook themselves from a Kahle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Words

We hope by now you have grown a bit more familiar with the diverse world of fish hooks. All the hooks we have mentioned in this article are popular among regular fishermen – they are the best hooks for catfishing that you can currently find in the market.

Let go of that overwhelming feeling and just dive into the fishing world with any of the 7 fish hooks mentioned here. You will definitely have a great time; best of luck!

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