5 Tools to Get Your Deer Out of the Woods

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“Now the work begins” is an adage that resonates in my mind each time I recover a deer I’ve arrowed. Rarely have I dropped deer in places I can drive to with my Chevy. More often they fall in hard-to-reach places far from the nearest road. And that, my friend, is “work” no matter how you slice it. Of course, I love venison and I’m not complaining. But I’ve ended my share of successful bowhunts with pins-and-needles back pain, a parched mouth and sore feet. Yes, taking a deer can mean hours of laborious work, especially if you travel to bowhunt and are faced with completing the job solo.

Fortunately, outdoor companies are ramping up their offerings to provide bowhunters like you and me with products that simplify the entire recovery process. Let’s review five of them now.

Hawk Hunting Crawler

In locations where ATVs aren’t allowed, especially on public lands, a quality deer cart is a must-have item. Hawk’s Crawler is one of the market’s finest. 360° Dual Pivoting Axles with large wheels provide the sturdiness to be pulled over obstacles such as logs and rocks. Never Flat Tires are filled with micro-cellular polyurethane foam for reliability in varied terrain. The Crawler’s heavy-duty steel frame boasts a stunning 500-pound weight rating. Now, your deer cart can double to haul gear and firewood to remote camping areas.

MSRP: $149.99


Viking Solutions SwiveLift

Viking Solutions’ SwiveLift is truly a back-saver. Designed to help individuals load deer into a truck bed using a platform and hand winch, all parts of the SwiveLift incorporate powder-coated steel for the durability your hard-earned dollars deserve. The setup weighs 54 pounds, yet lifts objects up to 300 pounds with minimal user effort. Not only can the SwiveLift load deer, but other bulky objects such as coolers that would typically require another person’s strength and stamina. Once you winch your deer to tailgate height, simply pull it off the platform and into your truck bed. It’s that simple.

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MSRP: $169.95


Allen Dual Harness Deer Drag

Dragging is the most basic way to get your deer out of the woods, and economically, the price is right (it’s free).

However, one inexpensive gadget that removes strain from hands and arms is the Dual Harness Deer Drag by Allen. The harness’ waist belt and shoulder straps feature beefy 2-inch web material, and the harness is hunter orange for safety during open firearm seasons. A sternum strap further enhances the harness’ effectiveness. A steel D-Ring connects the harness to the drag rope. The best part: The Dual Harness Deer Drag fits conveniently in your daypack.

MSRP: $10.49


Trophy Tow All-Terrain Transport Sled

This functional sled is constructed from heavy-duty plastic that simply glides across the ground. The sled can be pulled by hand or with an ATV. It includes heavy-duty ratchets that quickly tighten the sides of the sled around your deer to protect it during transportation.

The Trophy Tow All-Terrain Transport Sled includes a weather-resistant carrying bag with a shoulder strap for storage and transportation to the field.

MSRP: $47.99


Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Deer Quarter Bags

Mule deer and western whitetail hunters: packing out your kill is a real possibility. Doing it quickly ensures fresh results, and the proper meat bags will decrease or eliminate possible contaminants from contacting your precious venison.

And in the environments where we handle venison, bacteria abound. Enter Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Deer Quarter Bags. Each package contains four large 8 x 40 stretch bags infused with a proprietary blend of all-natural and tasteless bacterial inhibitors. Koola Buck Game Bags reduce spoilage-causing bacteria by up to eight times more than competing game bags. You worked hard for your shot, now protect your meat for the pack out with Anti-Microbial Deer Quarter Bags from Koola Buck!

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MSRP: $24.99


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