Which Air Rifles Are Made In the USA?


Air rifles have been around for centuries, but only recently have they become popular in the United States. There are a number of air rifle manufacturers in the country, each with their own unique products. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best air rifles made in America. Whether you’re looking for a plinking gun or a serious hunting tool, there’s sure to be an American-made air rifle that’s perfect for you.

Air rifle brands made in the USA


Walter Benjamin introduced the first Benjamin air gun in 1882. They were one of many high-powered rifles that came about as a result, but this particular design grew in popularity over time and led to him creating his own company called “Benjamin Gun Company.” The name has since been acquired by Crosman who only helped make it more popular than ever before! There are various styles available with updated technologies for both professionals looking for something classic or enthusiasts wanting new challenges alike – all backed up by 24/7 customer service at Crosman.

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Benjamin Airgun selection includes everything from its breakthrough multi-pump pneumatics, break barrels, and even some of the best-precharged pneumatic (PCP) on today’s market (Like the Benjamin Marauder). In addition to their great rifle line up, they also offer a wide variety in pistols as well offering single shots or multiple shots at any time you please!

American Air Arms

Tom Costan had been dreaming of a company that manufactured shooting sports equipment with American labor for years when he finally got his wish. He founded American Air Arms, which specializes in high-quality PCP air rifles and shotguns made from nearly 100% domestic materials – all to ensure customers get only top-grade performance at an affordable price point

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Umarex USA

Umarex USA, Inc. is a premier provider of airguns and airgun accessories to North America, designing, developing, and marketing sport shooting products under the RWS, Walther, Hämmerli, Beretta, Colt, Smith & Wesson, HK, Ruger ®, Browning, Makarov, Tactical Force, and Combat Zone brands.
Umarex USA moved into a new 117000 square foot facility in July of 2010 located at Chaffee Crossing in Fort Smith Arkansas. The new facility is home to its warehousing and distribution operations as well as its corporate offices which include marketing sales and a fully staffed customer service department that handles product refurbishment warranty work and technical advice. Future operations at this facility will also include manufacturing.
Umarex sporting guns can be purchased at many retail locations or your local firearm dealer can order them from several firearm distributors.

Airforce Air Guns

AirForce is a company that specializes in creating the most accurate and high-quality air rifles for all types of shooters. With over 20 years of experience, they have built their reputation on being dedicated to only producing American-made products with passion as well as excellence from both manufacturing facilities located around Texas (Fort Worth) and Tennessee( Minor Hill).

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