The Reason Ted Nugent Gave Up His Two Children For Adoption


Rock veteran Ted Nugent initially gained fame as the lead guitarist of The Amboy Dukes during the early times of his career. The rocker embarked on a solo career following his band’s break-up and has been releasing successful records such as ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ ‘Free-For-All,’ and ‘Tooth Fang and Claw’ since then.

Perhaps one of the things that is as famous as his music career is Nugent’s private life. The musician mostly makes the headlines with his controversial conservative political views. In addition to this, he unapologetically supports gun ownership rights and hunting.

When his interesting opinions are combined with his successful music career, finding something unique about the musician’s life is almost inevitable. In fact, there was one time when Nugent gave his first two children for adoption and met them for the first timeafter four decades, thanks to his daughter. Let’s dive into this one-of-a-kind story together.

Ted Nugent Gave His Two Children Away

ted nugent with long hair The Reason Ted Nugent Gave Up His Two Children For Adoption

Ted Nugent has been married twice in his lifetime and currently has six children with four women. When he was a wild and young rock star, the musician had a son and a daughter with his then-girlfriend in the late 1960s before his first marriage.

Since he was a very young artist who couldn’t take care of a kid, Nugent gave up his children for adoption when they were firstborn. The siblings were adopted separately and had no contact with one another. Furthermore, they didn’t know anything about their father and each other until 2010.

In one of his articles, Nugent looked back on those times and said he didn’t want to give away his baby, Theodore Fleetwood Nugent. However, he and his girlfriend knew they weren’t ready for parenting. After their break up, the rocker kept thinking about his kids but preferred to stay away from their lives.

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Recalling those days, Nugent penned:

“My girlfriend was at the hotel with our brand new son, Theodore Fleetwood Nugent, and we both knew that we were not ready to raise a child, so we reluctantly handed off this beautiful baby to a Catholic adoption agency, certain we were doing the right thing.

Life blazed on, and his mother and I drifted apart as teenage lovers are wont to do, but I never stopped thinking about little Fleetwood throughout the very intense adventure that my amazing career provided. The adoption papers were sealed, so the last thing I wanted to do was intervene and possibly disrupt the life Fleetwood was living with his new family.”

The entire situation wasn’t made public until 2010 when Nugent’s daughter Louisa found out about her biological father and requested to contact him. The following story is incredibly touching as both children, who are now grown-ups, found out that their father is a rock star.

Ted Nugent Met His Son After 42 Years

Ted Nugent With Son Theodore Nugent The Reason Ted Nugent Gave Up His Two Children For Adoption

A New York restaurant owner who was adopted as an infant was shocked when he discovered that his biological father is Ted Nugent. When Nugent’s daughter found out about him through the adoption agency, she also found his brother and wanted to see her biological family. Thus, one day, Theodore Fleetwood Nugent got an unexpected phone call from a sister he never knew he had.

The two siblings reached out to Ted Nugent, who also penned this emotional experience in his article. On Theodore’s 42nd birthday, they got together for the first time, which was a heartfelt and incredibly happy reunion, according to Nugent. The rocker stated that his children were raised by great families who turned them into amazing Americans.

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In his article, Nugent wrote:

“Well, long story short, on October 28, 2010, on his 42nd birthday, the planets aligned, and with the help of his sister Louisa (another amazing story unto itself) the three of us met together for the very 1st time since his birth, and what a wonderful, glorious, emotional and incredibly happy reunion it was!

Both Fleetwood and Louisa were raised by wonderful, loving families, and the fact that they both grew into great Americans is testimony to the love of adopted families.”

Since then, Ted Nugent has been close with his two children. He even recently celebrated his son’s 53rd birthday, saying he’s loved by everybody around him. It appears that their touching reunion over a decade ago bonded the father and son for the rest of their lives.

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