Quiz: 25 Fun Trivia Questions About Hunting

a hunter in front of a taxidermy bear

Hope you’ve got your hunting cap on — it’s time for a trivia quiz about all things hunting! How much do you know about this subject? Take a shot at these 25 trivia questions and find out!

1. Which state has the largest deer population?

A. Texas

B. Wisconsin

C. Pennsylvania

D. Michigan

2. In what year was the first recorded fee for a hunting license?

A. 1783

B. 1864

C. 1889

D. 1905

3. What is the biggest animal that can be legally hunted in North America?

A. Bison

B. Moose

C. Elk

D. Grizzly bear

4. Which of the following is NOT a method of hunting?

A. Baiting

B. Bowhunting

C. Hunting with dogs

D. Shooting from a vehicle

5. Which president was an avid hunter?

A. Teddy Roosevelt

B. Abraham Lincoln

C. James Buchanan

D. John F Kennedy

6. Which animal is NOT hunted for its fur?

A. Beaver

B. Raccoon

C. Bobcat

D. Squirrel

7. Which of the following is NOT a type of hunting dog?

A. Beagle

B. Boxer

C. Setter

D. Pointer

8. What is the most popular game bird in North America?

A. Turkey

B. Grouse

C. Pheasant

D. Duck

9. In what year did the United States ban whale hunting?

A. 1820

B. 1920

C. 1940

D. 1971

10. Which state has the longest hunting season?

A. Alaska

B. Louisiana

C. Maine

D. Virginia

11. Which of the following animals can be hunted at night?

A. Raccoon

B. Opossum

C. Coyote

D. All of the above

12. For what animal is the term “trophy hunting” most often used?

A. Whitetail deer

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B. Moose

C. Bighorn sheep

D. Buffalo

13. How many antler points does a bull need to have before he can be legally hunted?

A. 4

B. 6

C. 8

D. 10

14. Which of the following is not an endangered species?

A. American bison

B. Peregrine falcon

C. Whooping crane

D. Black-footed Ferret

15. Which state has the highest percentage of hunting license holders?

A. South Dakota

B. Texas

C. Vermont

D. Louisiana

16. Which organization was founded in 1961 to protect wildlife and their habitats?

A. The Nature Conservancy

B. National Wildlife Federation

C. World Wildlife Fund

D. Sierra Club

17. Which of the following animals is NOT a game animal?

A. Raccoon

B. Gray squirrel

C. Red fox

D. Striped skunk

18. What is the minimum caliber rifle that can be used to hunt deer in most states?

A. .22

B. .24

C. .26

D. .28

19. Which state has the most deer per square mile?

A. Mississippi

B. Wisconsin

C. Pennsylvania

D. Michigan

20. Which of the following animals can be hunted with a crossbow?

A. Deer

B. Turkey

C. Bear

D. All of the above

21. Which country has the most hunters per capita?

A. United States

B. Canada

C. Ireland

D. Russia

22. In what year was the first issue of Field & Stream magazine published?

A. 1895

B. 1905

C. 1915

D. 1925

23. What are the two most popular types of rifles used for deer hunting?

A. Lever-action and pump-action

B. Bolt-action and lever-action

C. Semi-automatic and bolt-action

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D. Pump-action and semi-automatic

24. What does “bag limit” refer to?

A. The maximum number of animals that can be killed in one day

B. The size of the animal that can be legally killed

C. The minimum caliber rifle that can be used to hunt deer

D. The amount of time a hunter can spend hunting in one day

25. What does “Skunked” mean?

A. When a deer smells a hunter and runs away

B. When a hunter is unable to kill an animal

C. When a hunter shoots an animal and only wounds it

D. When two hunters shoot the same animal

There you have it. I hope none of these questions were a complete “miss” for you. Did you get skunked? Let me know how you did in the comments below. And if hunting isn’t really your thing, check out my other trivia quizzes. There’s bound to be one that’s more your speed. Thanks for playing!

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