Mossberg 590 Tactical Review

Video mossberg 590 flex review

What is FLEX Technology From Mossberg?

One of the most revolutionary and creative designs belongs to Mossberg with its FLEX Toolless Locking System (TLS). The whole point of the FLEX TLS is to give shooters the ultimate customization ability for their guns. It’s a series of 3 (patent-pending) connectors that allow shooters to adjust or swap out the stock, forend, and recoil pad without any tools.

FLEX TLS gives each shooter the ability to customize their gun for an endless amount of shooting applications. For example, if you want a light, laser, and optic for SWAT or military use, you can simply change the standard forend to the FLEX Tri-Rail.

The FLEX TLS can swap out stocks for an overall shorter shotgun/rifle and you can change the recoil pad to your desired length. The FLEX TLS can be used in conjunction with almost every Mossberg created to enhance your capabilities and ensure you are 100% comfortable with every aspect of your gun.


Mossberg has the FLEX TLS incorporated fully into both the 500 and 590 models, but you don’t have to have one of those models to take advantage of the system.

FLEX was designed to be purpose-driven and guide each shooter to find the best combination of parts for their style or purpose of shooting. I can’t recommend a better system to customize your shotgun than the FLEX TLS.

The fact that you don’t need ANY tools and takes minutes to install makes a world of difference for those who value time.

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Mossberg FLEX Tactical Tri-Rail Forend - Black Synthetic 95213

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Mossberg 6-Position Tactical Stock

The 6-Position FLEX Stock will fit any 12/20 gauge tactical series shotgun with no additional tools and installs within a few minutes.

This pistol grip and stock will instantly improve the ergonomics of the gun by providing a tighter grip and adjustable LOP for specific purposes. It even comes with a hook for a sling attachment to avoid carrying your shotgun for long periods.

This specific attachment is compatible with the FLEX 22 Model due to the specifications of that model.

Mossberg Flex 6-Position Tactical Stock, Black Synthetic - 95219

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Mossberg Flex 590 Tactical Shotgun

The Mossberg FLEX 590 Tactical is my favorite of the tactical shotgun because of the incorporated FLEX technology and the 9-shell capacity. The 590 FLEX Tactical Shotgun sets itself apart by its ability to be customized for dozens of applications.

This shotgun is already equipped with the FLEX TLS for quick and easy installation of everything from optics, scopes, lights, and lasers. The FLEX model is lighter, but it’s also about 5-7″ longer than most other tactical models.

The reason for this is to enhance the capabilities and allow shooters to collapse the stock if they want the length shortened.


  • Easily customizable
  • 20″ barrel provides a longer range for a bigger area to clear
  • 9-shell capacity is more than enough to get the job done
  • Tri-Rail system provides a lightweight and stable platform for a multitude of attachments


  • Ambidextrous safety lever mounted on top
  • 20″ Barrels with Stand-Offs, Muzzlebrakes
  • Free Gun Lock/10-Year Limited Warranty Included

Why Should I Buy The Mossberg 590 Special Purpose Tactical Shotgun?

The 590 FLEX Tactical Shotgun is perfect for a 3-Gun shooting competition held by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). This shotgun is the jack of all trades when it comes to self-defense and military CQB operations.

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If you’re in the market for a Tactical shotgun and want to be able to customize the shotgun to fit your exact needs, this is the gun for you. I’m a little biased because this is the tactical shotgun that I own for my personal defense in case I have to defend my family.

I can tell you that this shotgun is smooth, accurate, has a low felt recoil, and works great with a light and a red-dot sight attachment.

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