Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Review: Highlighting the Good and the Bad

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How Does the Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Perform When Used in Practice? (Experiences)

To deliver a trustworthy Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Review, we gave the fish finder a test ourselves. It took us about an hour to install the device. If this is your first fish finder, you’ll find the manual easy to follow.

What also caught our attention was the TripleShot sonar which can locate fish at 150 feet around the boat and 300 feet below the surface. Navigating during our kayak fishing was also easier with this fish finder compared to other models out there. One final great thing about Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 is that you can use it in direct sunlight and rain since it’s waterproof.


Hook Reveal 7 display is on a whole other level. It offers a Splitscreen option where you can customize the screen to your preferences.

If you opted for the SplitShot or TrippleShot Sonars, you can include mapping, SideScan imaging, Chirp Sonar, and DownScan imaging – all at once.

The display also introduces a new color specter in the Hook Reveal 7 series, which easily distinguishes underwater structures and provides better target separation. You can customize the colors of your sonar charts and StructureScan to suit your needs.

The 7-inch display comes at the perfect size for a solo fishing trip but also a group one. Up to 5 people can catch a good angle of the screen with this one.


The interface aspect of this Hook Reveal 7 review is not the shiniest. The Hook Reveal 7 has a basic touchpad with a few buttons to help you navigate the device and adjust the settings easily.

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The interface is not complicated nor time-consuming and menu options are well-organized. What you get from this interface is as follows:

  • Home Key. It takes to you to a homepage.
  • Exit Key. You need this key to exit a page.
  • Select Key. This key has the same purpose as an “OK” button.
  • Arrows. Use them to navigate in all directions.
  • Waypoints Keys. These mark a waypoint.
  • Zoom Keys: Two keys for zooming in and out.

As you can tell, it’s a self-explanatory interface, and you won’t need too much time to get used to the device.

But, we do realize that some anglers are either used to touch screens or would prefer a similar interface over a touchpad. If that’s the case, then this Hook Reveal 7 fish finder might not be the best option for you.


The mapping features of Hook Reveal 7 outdo any fish finders for the price it comes at. Initially, you can use the C-MAP Countour+ option to navigate through 24,000 US and Canadian lakes using a foot contour. So, you have pre-loaded maps to get you started and you can navigate freely in many US and Canadian waters.

However, if you need this fish finder for a local lake where you have a fruitful route you want to save, you can do it on Hook Reveal 7. The mapping features allow you to create a custom map. Here, you can mark waypoints and fish arches, or learn which places to avoid. But, the best custom maps option is Genesis Live, a feature that allows you to make contour maps – and chart them while at it.

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The Sonar

All Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 models employ the CHIRP technology and support it with a DownScan. However, not all models are capable of side scanning. The HDI transducer’s capacity is caped on 83/200/455/800 kHz, meaning it’s far from enough for side scanning. The hook transducer offers a temperature sensor, transom mount, and 20-foot power cord.

Otherwise, the CHIRP sonar picks up various information from below the lake surface. Such include objects, fish, vegetation, and aspects of the underwater structure. You have an entire scope of the lake, with readable visuals for both beginner and advanced anglers.

Not to forget, the sonar features of Lowrance Hook 7 include an advanced signal processing Split Flasher that allows you a superb ice fishing experience and Fish ID. You don’t need to be an expert sonar reader to navigate toward the more prolific fish spots. With this feature, the fish finder will detect any fish-dense area and show you the way there.


Inspecting the networking features as part of our Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 review was a must. And, as it turns out, a network connection is a deal breaker for some anglers. Sadly, the Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 comes without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet sharing option.

Essentially, if you want to share data on your Hook Reveal, you have to it old-school. That is, by removing the Micro SD card and transferring it to the desired device.

Who is Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 for?

Lowrance Hook 7 offers a series of products for both recreational and serious anglers. If you have a particular feature in mind, like side imaging or contour, preselect your preferences before you order a product.

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The Verdict on this Premium Fish Finder

All things considered, what makes the Hook Reveal 7 a premium fish finder is the C Map contour. Many anglers enjoy creating their own contour maps because it’s adventurous. Plus, there’s the neat option to save the sonar logs, and share them with other devices.

The final say is yours – we hope our Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Review satisfied your curiosity.


Does Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 have maps?

Yes. All Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 products offer map options that include 4,000 US lakes, C-Map countour+, GPS only, or preloaded maps.

Does Lowrance Hook reveal 7 have a side scan?

Yes. Lowrance Hook 7 TripleShot, for instance, comes in 2D and down imaging.

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