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When salmon crush a fishing lure it can be one of the most exciting fish fights that an angler will ever experience. Alaska is arguably the number one sport fishing destination for catching salmon on fishing lures in the entire world. Whether fishing for all species of salmon including chinook (king) salmon, coho (silver) salmon, pink (humpy) salmon, chum (dog) salmon, or sockeye (red) salmon, Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle specializes in designing some of the best salmon fishing lures in the sport fishing industry.

G.I. Spinners – One of our best Salmon Fishing Lures

G.I. Spinners are the flagship steelhead and salmon fishing lures that put Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle on the map 20+ years ago. After all these years, Kodiak Custom G.I. Spinners are still filling freezers and catching more salmon and steelhead than any angler has a right to!

The G.I. (general issue) spinner is our base model spinner-type fishing lure, but don’t be fooled! Unlike most, “use once and destroyed” spinners on the market, this compact fish-pounding unit is engineered with monstrous durability and is designed to withstand the abuse that saltwater corrosion and hard fishing will dish out. Kodiak Custom G.I. Spinners are available in a wide variety of enticing color patterns and offered with treble or single hooks. These are killer salmon fishing lures!

Skirt Spinners

Once upon a time, an inline spinner crossed paths with a spinner bait and Kodiak Custom hybrid skirt spinners were conceived! These salmon lures quickly became another favorite that many anglers consider, “the best salmon fishing lures in Alaska”!

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Skirt Spinners are Kodiak Custom’s rendition of a fly presentation on steroids, with the luxury of using a bait casting or spinning rod. A silicone skirt provides extra buoyancy for the lure, pulsating lively features, and slow retrieval capabilities that no other weighted inline spinner can achieve. Salmon anglers can master numerous presentations under a variety of conditions with this versatile casting and trolling spinner. There are no salmon fishing lures like the Kodiak Custom skirt spinner!

Trolling Spoons

Trolling spoons are effective salmon fishing lures when salmon are feeding and concentrated in open water. Kodiak Custom’s elite team of Top Secret Fishing Agents cracked the code on the best spoons for catching chinook and coho salmon in open water. We used that intel and concocted the heaviest hitting variations for our product line and the results are staggering! These are amazing salmon fishing lures!

Kodiak Custom premium quality hexagonal scale patterned trolling spoons are hand painted on both sides in unique color combinations that simply catch more salmon. The trailing hook configuration with a barrel swivel between the hook and split ring increases hookups and landing percentages with our lure. A small spinner blade is attached near the hook to enhance noise, vibration, and tail flash that mimics wounded or panicking bait fish. Kodiak Custom trolling spoons are rigged up for fast action salmon fishing and dialed in to win derbies! Outfish your buddies and win the derby with Kodiak Custom Trolling Spoons!

Casting Spoons

Casting spoons are another heavy hitting tool that should be in every hardware angler’s tackle box. When lock jawed salmon appear to be off the bite for good, try spoon feeding them with Kodiak Custom hammered finish casting spoons.

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Our casting spoons are air brushed on both sides with enticing displays of superior flash, glow, and bling that finicky salmon can’t resist! Kodiak Custom casting spoons are available in numerous sizes and employ the same trailing hook configuration as our trolling spoons.

Sockeye Rigs

Sockeye salmon can be one of the most difficult salmon for unseasoned anglers to figure out how to catch on a fishing lure. However, they can be the easiest salmon to catch with the proper drift fishing setup. We took the guesswork out of tying the right gear for sockeye flossing in permitted waters and it’s all but ready to go straight out of the package.

Kodiak Custom Socko Loco sockeye fly rigs are tied on approx. 5-1/2’ of 30 lb. test monofilament line and equipped with everything needed to floss sockeye salmon, except for a sinker. Tie your main line to the 3-way swivel, then attach your sinker weight of choice onto the duo-lock snap and it’s ready to flip! Socko Loco Fly Rigs are available with 4/0 hooks and 3/8” gap hooks that comply with Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Russian River sockeye fishing regulations.

Best salmon fishing lures that catch more fish!

Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle is the #1 brand of salmon fishing lures in Alaska, and it’s worth trying in your home waters too!

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