10 Most Expensive Fishing Rods You Can Buy


Fishing has been around for a while. For thousands of years, humans have been catching aquatic creatures for food — so fishing rods are a pretty ancient invention. The tool was used throughout China, Egypt, and Greece in 2000 BC, but rods were invented even earlier than that.

Before rods, prehistoric humans probably caught fish with their hands or other traps. Eventually, fishing hooks were carved from wood or bone to catch fish more easily. Then came fishing rods that were much more similar to modern inventions. By the 15th century, deep-sea fishing was underway and seafood was a typical part of the global diet.

Today, fishing is a popular pastime and a common source of food. Learn more about the most expensive fishing rods you can buy with this top 10 list.

Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Spinning Rod

Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Spinning Rod photo source: americanlegacyfishing.com

First we have the Champion Extreme HP Spinning Rod by Dobyns. This high-end system has a lot of nice touches that boost the price. Each rod features “Kigan titanium frame zirconium insert guides” and classic hook keepers to avoid tangles. The rod also offers high-quality cork on the handle.

Dobyns rods are designed by Gary Dobyns himself — a legendary tournament fisher. Buyers enjoy a lifetime warranty and all the benefits of a rod designed by a pro.

Did you know?

Dobyns says he wasn’t satisfied with what the fishing rod market had to offer, so he made his own designs. With decades of experience, Dobyns rods are some of the best out there.

The Legend X Series Casting Rod

The Legend X Series Casting Rod photo source: fishermanswarehouse.com

Coming in at number nine is the Legend X Series Casting Rod by St. Croix. This high-end rod offers classic design details combined with advanced technology. St. Croix says the rod is “built upon a super-high modulus graphite blank with FRS in the lower section,” giving users a high-strength and durable rod that’s simultaneously light-weight.

At more than $400, this fishing rod is one of the most expensive on the market.

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Did you know?

St. Croix has been around for over 70 years. The business operates in Wisconsin and Mexico, producing a range of fishing rods for freshwater and saltwater fishermen.

50W 2-Speed Reel on a Bent Butt Tournament Edition Rod

50W 2-Speed Reel on a Bent Butt Tournament Edition Rod photo source: eatmytackle.com

This tournament-level rod and reel combo stands out with high-end design and careful craftsmanship. Stainless steel, saltwater resistance, and smooth finishes make this rod extremely expensive. Sold by Eat My Tackle, the setup costs an eye-popping $734.99 — making it the eighth-most expensive fishing rod you can buy.

Did you know?

So what’s the point of the bent butt design? It comes down to how the rod is used. Bent designs are good for heavy drag and heavy tackle while straight designs are better in most other cases. Bent butt rods are also useful for people who have trouble controlling the rod, like kids or smaller adults.

The T&T Paradigm Fly Rod

The T&T Paradigm Fly Rod photo source: tridentflyfishing.com

Up next is this beauty from Thomas & Thomas (T&T). The classic design may look simple, but expensive touches like authentic American maple details and T&T’s attention to detail boost the rod’s appeal — and price. At more than $900 apiece, these rods are the seventh-most expensive on the market.

T&T rods are handcrafted in the U.S. The company was founded in 1969 by Tom Dorsey and Tom Maxwell. For decades, T&T has been at the pricey end of the fly fishing market.

Did you know?

T&T fishing rods were given to President Regan and First Lady Nancy Regan to be gifted to the Royal Family.

Sage R8 Core Fly Rod

Sage R8 Core Fly Rod photo source: gorgeflyshop.com

The R8 Core Fly Rod by Sage is a corrosion-resistant design that sells for more than $1,000. The pricey rod offers easy control and connection with the water so users can feel subtle movements without the risk of losing their catch.

Sage says this rod is focused on “maximum versatility and applies new revolutionary material technology.” The durable design features Ziricote wood, anodized aluminum, and real cork. The whole setup makes it easy to gauge the power you need in each cast for precise fishing and careful catching.

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Did you know?

Sage says this rod promotes “zen-like awareness” of quiet movements in the water so users never miss a fish.

The G. Loomis Asquith 690-4 All Water Fly Rod

The G. Loomis Asquith 690-4 All Water Fly Rod photo source: americanlegacyfishing.com

Next up is the Asquith 690-4 by G. Loomis. The fly rod offers durable materials that avoid ovalization and a saltwater-friendly reel system. Overall, the entire rod system costs a whopping $1,175.

Loomis says its mission is to “heighten angler experience through creating tools that expand tactical opportunity.” The brand offers a range of products, including cheaper options like this rod which sells for less than $300.

Did you know?

Historians say the oldest references to fly fishing date back to the 13th century in England. These early fly fishers used their rods to catch grayling and trout.

2021 XOS GT’n’Doggie 7’6 Expedition

2021 XOS GT photo source: fishingandboatingdeals.com

Hamachi’s 2021 Expedition rod is designed for travel. The system easily breaks down for easy storage so users can fish all over the world, but the design is strong enough so you never lose a fish. With “a parabolic rod rated at PE 5-10, with a max drag of 22kg@ 45 degrees and 18kg@ 60 degrees,” the Expedition is ready for anything.

All those cool features come at a price though — at more than $1,200, this rod is the fourth-most expensive on the market.

Did you know?

Deep-sea fishing showed up around the 15th century, but fishing was an important part of the human food supply long before that.

Penn’s Creek Full-Flex Split Bamboo Fly Rod

Penn’s Creek Full-Flex Split Bamboo Fly Rod photo source: orvis.com

Heading into the top three we find the Penn’s Creek rod by Orvis. This fishing rod costs an eye-popping $2,998, but the optional personalization feature boosts that price by $45.

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This rod is known for its light-weight feel and beautiful design. Orvis used real bamboo for flexibility and durability, making this a great option for avid fishers or collectors.

Did you know?

Orvis was founded in 1856 by Charles F. Orvis. The brand was established in Vermont and provided fly fishing equipment. Now, with over 160 years in the history books, Orvis offers a range of outdoor gear — including expensive fishing rods.

Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods

Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods photo source: oysterbamboo.com

Coming in at number two are Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods. These pricey fishing rods are made by Bill Oyster, a famous fly rod maker who has crafted rods for people like President Jimmy Carter. Each rod costs about $5,760 and buyers have to provide a $1,440 deposit before the creation process begins.

Each Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod is custom-made when a customer puts in their order. As such a skilled craftsman, Bill Oyster has worked with students from across the globe to teach the careful art of making fly rods.

Did you know?

President Jimmy Carter said, “It is obvious to me that this Oyster rod will be my favorite.”

The Hermès Fishing Rod

The Hermès Fishing Rod photo source: vogue.com.au

The Hermès fishing rod is the most expensive fishing rod you can buy.

At more than $13,000, this fishing rod by the luxury brand Hermès is by far the most expensive rod on the market. The crazy-expensive design features pricey materials like sycamore and leather.

Hermès might be mostly known for its fashion, but the company regularly offers pricey non-clothing items. Beyond this fishing rod, Hermès sells lures and a satchel that’s perfect for carrying your bait — if you can afford it, that is.

Did you know?

Hermès was founded in the 1830s. To this day, the brand is family-run and independent. The brand is known for high-end designs and pricey products like this $12,000 jacket for men.

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