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If you’ve been looking at the Jase Robertson Pro Series duck call by Duck Commander you might have a couple of questions.

You could be looking for the absolute best Jase Robertson Pro Series duck call review out there, with every little detail, or maybe you just want to find the lowest prices (which I’ve done for you below).

Holding the Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call while testing it out in the marsh.

Well, no worries my friend. I promise you’re not going to find a better, more detailed review out there. After testing alongside several other duck calls and ranking according to five factors, here’s a few things I noticed about the Jase Robertson Pro Series duck call.

Call Quality (35%) – 10

Out of any of the calls we tested, the Jase Robertson Pro Series duck call sounded the best. We tested out this call using three different mallard hen sounds, and it handled each call like a champ. The quacks sounded great, and they were plenty raspy and sounded authentic. The greeting and feeder calls were great as well, with this call outdoing any other call we tested.

Volume (20%) – 8

This Duck Commander call was plenty loud. It had more volume than the Primos Mean Mallard but not quite as much as the Sheducktress. However, we found this call to be sufficient when reaching out long distances to call in ducks.

At lower volumes, the call is really raspy. However, when you add some more volume to the call it becomes a little cleaner, but that nice, raspy tone is still there.

Variety (20%) – 9

We gave the duck calls we tested scores according their ability to perform quacks, greeting calls, and feeder calls, and the ease in which you could transition from call to call. We found the Jase Roberston Pro Series duck call to do really well in this area. Feeder calls weren’t difficult to make, and transitioning from feeder sounds to greeting calls was relatively simple.


Durability (15%) – 8

This duck call performed well in our durability section. We purchased and tested the acrylic version of the Jase Robertson Pro Series duck call and were very much pleased with it’s tough nature. Pulling the call apart to let it dry was difficult, and having it split in two while in the field doesn’t seem very likely. Every fits tightly inside the call, and we can’t foresee anything breaking in future years.

Learnability (10%) – 8

Learning how to use this call from Duck Commander was much simpler than most other duck calls we tested. It’s plenty raspy, and by using your hands, figuring out quacks was simple. Greeting calls took a little more time, and feeder calls were actually pretty simple with this call. It takes a lot less air and effort to really get a good call going.

The instructions that come with the Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call.

The call’s packaging came with some relatively simple instructions on how to quack and then string that together into a greeting call using the word “ten”.

Overall Score For The Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call – 89

Out of 100 this Duck Commander call came in with 91 points, a strong score. We were actually really impressed with this call, and weren’t expecting this type of quality coming from Duck Commander who’s pumping out thousands of calls a year.

We would definitely recommend the Jase Robertson Pro Series duck call if you’re looking to get into duck hunting or need a new mallard hen call. If you have something else to add, please let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out the lowest prices or some more small details below!

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Low Prices (For Acrylic Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call)

  • Amazon – $45.94
  • Cabela’s – $59.99
  • Walmart – $45.75

More Details About The Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call

Little things matter. That’s why we’ve also included a section in this review that details every little thing you might want to know about this call.

The Engraving On The Mouthpiece Looks Great

Duck Commander was sure to include a laser-etched engraving on the mouthpiece, and it actually looks really nice. It’s just the Duck Commander logo with the name of the call, but it sure does add to its looks.

The engraving around the end piece of the Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call.

Cleaning The Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call Is Simple

Cleaning this call is simple. You first pull the end of the call from the mouthpiece, which is a little tough and requires some tugging. However, once you remove the horn, you can then disassemble the reed and reed block and leave them to dry.

The seperate pieces of this duck call.

When reassembling the call, ensure the reeds tabs are facing up and that the reed is centered over the end piece. Then, put the reed block back in place and insert the assembly back into the mouthpiece.

The Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call Does Not Include A Lanyard

It doesn’t come with a simple lanyard, but it does have a deep groove that you can use to attach one.

The groove that the lanyard can fit into around this duck call.
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