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I had to get my own Grundens Deck Boss Boots after Luis and Rita had a great experience with the Grundens Deck-Boss Boots. However, the boot might be out of its element on some jobsites no matter how well it does in wet conditions. But now, the company has introduced a more appropriate version for that kind of use, the Grundens Safety Toe Deck Boss Boot. I couldn’t help but upgrade to these new boots, and here’s what I found out.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Improved grip
  • Foldable upper
  • Silicon band to strap down pant legs
  • Puncture-resistant
  • ASTM-certified safety toe


  • Whole sizes only
  • Same price point as premium work boots

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One of the nice things about Grundens Deck Boss line is that they’re designed to fit more like a regular pair of boots than the clumsy cheap ones you pick up at Wall-Mart. It’s a more secure fit to go with the more secure outsole grip.

There’s a caveat, though – you can only get these in whole sizes. If you’re an 11.5, you’ll need to order a 12. While that might be slightly inconvenient, that’s the industry standard for every major brand’s water boots.

Performance in Wet Conditions

The new Grundens Safety Toe Deck Boss Boot has all the features that made the original boot such a good Deck Boss. They improved the grip from the previous generation, which is a big deal if you’re working on slick boat decks or floors.

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When you’re ready to cast fashion aside, the pliable upper has some benefits as well. You can roll it down to easily get your pant leg in for one. You can also use the silicon strap to set them in place above the waterline. Neither one will make you America’s next top model, but they will keep your pant legs dry.

If water does manage to find its way in by wave or by rain, the bilge design in the sole keeps your feet from marinating in water.

More than Just a Safety Toe

“Safety Toe” sells the new Grundens boot a bit short because there’s also a puncture-resistant steel shank. I’m glad Grundens acknowledged that danger on the job doesn’t just come from above. Coupled with the Herkules Grip, the steel protection gives you a sense of confidence on uneven and wet ground.

I met up with PTR mason, Daniel Elms, on a local job site and saw a bobcat slinging around huge chunks of concrete and other foot-unfriendly stuff. With all the chunky muck around, the Grundens Safety Toe Deck Boss Boot was the perfect combination to keep my keep dry and safe.

The trade-off with a safety boot, especially one that’s steel and not composite, is increased weight. The Grundens Safety Toe Deck Boss Boot is heavier, for sure, but it’s not obnoxiously heavy. For the benefits of puncture protection in the sole a safety toe protection, it’s worth the trade-off.

A Little Fashion Sense Goes a Long Way

During the course of my review, I didn’t have time to change my footwear before a meeting. One of the people I was meeting asked me what kind of boot I was wearing, tried mine on, and immediately wanted a pair for himself. All that and they look pretty good with jeans!

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Price & Value

The Grundens Safety Toe Deck Boss Boot runs $154.99, a $36 premium over the regular Deck Boss. Grundens may seem to be on the high end, but they’re in line with other premium water boots, including some with steel toes and a few with steel shanks. Safety aside, what you’ll gain by moving up into that price range is a more shoe-like fit and features like the silicon strap, bilge sole, and better slip resistance.

The Bottom Line

From now on, the Grundens Safety Toe Deck Boss Boot goes with me to every job site I visit. Its combination of complete waterproofing and safety features makes it a legitimate option where standard safety toe boots just get too wet.

Grundens Safety Toe Deck Boss Boot Feature Set

  • Herkules Grip Compression Molded Rubber Outsole
  • 15 inch Foldable Upper
  • 2-Part Dry Deck Insole
  • Durable Silicone Boot-Band
  • ASTM Certified Steel Safety Toe
  • Puncture Resistant Steel Shank
  • Made in the Pacific Northwest

Grundens Safety Toe Deck Boss Boot Specifications

  • Item Number: 60004
  • Synthetic Rubber Technology
  • Sizes: Men’s 3-14, Women’s 5-16 (Whole Sizes Only)
  • Prices: $149.99
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