Can a felon own an air rifle in Ohio?


“Unveiling Ohio’s Air Rifle Ownership Regulations for Felons: What You Need to Know”

can a felon own an air rifle in ohio?

f1 Can a felon own an air rifle in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, felons are prohibited from owning firearms, including both traditional firearms and certain types of air rifles. According to Ohio law, individuals who have been convicted of a felony offense are generally restricted from possessing any type of firearm or dangerous ordnance. This includes air rifles that meet certain criteria, such as those with a caliber larger than.177 or those that utilize compressed air or gas for propulsion.

However, it is important to note that there may be exceptions to this rule. In some cases, felons may be able to possess an air rifle if they have obtained a Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE). This certificate serves as a form of relief and allows individuals with felony convictions to possess certain types of firearms for employment purposes only. It is granted on a case-by-case basis and requires meeting specific eligibility criteria outlined in Ohio law.

Therefore, while felons are generally not allowed to own an air rifle in Ohio, there may be limited circumstances where possession is permitted under the conditions set forth by the Certificate of Qualification for Employment. It is essential for individuals with felony convictions to thoroughly understand their rights and restrictions regarding firearm ownership in order to avoid potential legal consequences.

In Ohio, felons are prohibited from owning firearms, including air rifles. The state law treats air rifles as firearms, subjecting them to the same restrictions and regulations. Therefore, individuals with felony convictions are not legally allowed to possess or use air rifles in Ohio.

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