Top Thermal Imaging Scopes for Hunting Hogs and Coyotes


For generations, hunting has been a beloved activity for countless enthusiasts all over the US. And when it comes to hunting in the country, coyotes and hogs tend to be the most popular pick for those who want a little more challenge. In fact, it’s generally estimated that roughly 500,000 coyotes are hunted yearly, and with the large population of boars in key areas of the nation, they are also a very common pick.

However, if you want to bring your coyote and hog hunting to the next level you’ll need the right tools, and that means you’ll have to pick a good thermal imaging scope.

What is the best thermal scope for coyote hunting?

If you are looking for the ideal thermal imaging for hunting you don’t need to look any further than the Mileseey TNV10. The TNV10 is a compact and lightweight thermal imaging monocular that packs a range of up to 550m, which means you’ll never need any other visual aids if you have it at your side.

The range is of course one of the best features, as Coyotes are very fast animals and you want to know full well where they are before they run away or towards you. But thermal imaging is also essential because their size and agility mean identifying them without a thermal signature will be considerably challenging.

How to use a thermal hunting scope for coyote hunting

The first step in any hunt is to scout the area and to know where the potential game could be. So make sure to travel the area before starting to hunt and if you plan to hunt at night then always make sure to pre-scout during the day.

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Once you have found a good spot where there’s a wide open area to check you can begin scanning your surroundings with the thermal scope. The key advantage of these scopes is the thermal signature, which will allow you to identify coyotes even if you don’t actually “see” them yourself, after all a bright red spot on a scope is hard to miss.

When you have tracked your game you can follow up with your preferred technique. Some people insist to halo the animal, while others would rather aim their rifles at this point. Regardless of your preference, there’s no denying that being able to identify coyotes with thermal imaging will save you a lot of time and potential surprises.

What is the best thermal scope for hog hunting?

While coyotes and hogs are very different animals we still recommend going for the Mileseey TNV10 as the perfect thermal scope for hog hunting, and there’s a good reason why. Hogs like coyotes are dangerous animals that are willing to attack back in certain circumstances, and that means that identifying them before they do you is essential for a safe and enjoyable hunting trip.

However, since hogs are at the end of the day relatively fast animals, and since they can meld so seamlessly with their environment relying on your sight or a zoom alone won’t be enough. So get a thermal scope that truly warns you of any hogs in the area to remain safe.

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How to use a thermal hunting scope for hog hunting

One of the unique peculiarities of hogs is that they are not only highly adaptable, but they can make calls in a very quick manner. And this means that your hunting habits will have to adapt to them as much as they are adapting to them.

Of course, our recommendation is to scout ahead of time the area and scan as soon as you begin your hunting remains in place, but there are a few extra things you need to keep in mind with hogs in specific. Hogs can and will adapt their habits in response to a predator, and that includes humans. So don’t be surprised if hogs start changing their active schedule in response to you.

So be prepared to hunt at twilight or even into the night. On one hand, this means a thermal scope will be even more essential, as it’ll become your only way to successfully spot targets. But it also means you’ll need to be even more careful, and make sure you set yourself up in an area where your back is covered and you have a clear view of any possible threats from your thermal scope.

Mileseey TNV10 Infrared Night Vision Thermal Imaging Monocualrs

The Mileseey TNV10 is undeniably built for hunting and this can be seen in the quality and performance of its components. A top-grade germanium lens provides a wide field of view so you can see any potential game before it can see you, the entire design is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the weather, and its compact size and lightweight make scanning as easy as it can be.

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As far as features go the TNV10 offers 5 unique color palettes to make sure you find a mode that suits you the best, 4x zoom so you can bring out detail on any distant sight, and a 256*192 infrared resolution which will make sure to capture the heat signature of any animal as soon as it’s on the range. In short, it’s everything you could need from a thermal imager in a compact and affordable presentation.

Wrapping It Up

Hunting begins with the right preparation, and that means choosing the right tools for the job is your first and foremost responsibility to ensure you have a good hunting trip. So if you are hunting wild animals like coyotes and hogs which are both fast and potentially dangerous you’ll need a thermal scope.

A thermal scope ensures that you can see your game before you do, as well as that you can track it even at the night or at large distances. So don’t think it twice and get a thermal scope from us right now. WIth more than 12 years of mastery in laser and visual technology, Mileseey has always been at the forefront of innovation throughout this time. Our mission is to provide high-quality tools and devices at more reasonable costs.

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