Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 – Top 5 guns get the job done!

Best 5 PCP Air Rifles Under $1000

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If you love air rifles for hunting or target shooting, and you’re unable to decide which you should buy, then look no further. Here, we’ve done the heavy research and compiled a list of the best PCP air rifles under $1000 for hunting.

I have reviewed the best air rifles for you in the top price range, with the best features and their benefits, the speed with accuracy, robustness, and quietness available on the market today. After reading the article, you will be able to decide for yourself which air rifle you wish to buy.

You can find the best air rifles that you can ever have for yourself with our list of best 15 PCP air rifles.


1. Benjamin Marauder

ma1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

In 1882, the St. Louis Air Rifle Company introduced the Benjamin, a highly powered compressed air rifle. The Benjamin Marauder can be adjusted for different velocities, and this PCP air rifle is manufactured for both hunting and target shooting.

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This air rifle is known for its extreme accuracy and reasonable price. With its synthetic stock, the air rifle allows the shooter to have a quieter gun. The Benjamin marauder bolt-action allows 32 shots per fill in .177 caliber.

Here are the specifications of the Benjamin Marauder at a glance:

Benjamin Marauder Specifications:

  • .177” Caliber
  • Max velocity: 1100 FPS
  • Stock: Synthetic
  • Color: Black
  • Grip: Ambi
  • Loudness: 2-Low Medium
  • Barrel length: 20.”
  • Front / Rear sight: None
  • Trigger: Two-stage adjustable
  • Scope: 11mm dovetail
  • Triggers pull: 1.5 lbs.
  • Bolt action
  • Safety manual: Yes
  • Type: Pre-Charged Pneumatic
  • Repeater: Yes
  • Shots per fill: 32
  • Body type: Rifle
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs.
  • Cylinder size: 215 cc
  • Upgrades: Crosman Barrel

Accuracy And Speed

Below are the HAM test results for the accuracy and speed of the Benjamin Marauder air rifle.

PelletMuzzle Velocity-AverageMuzzle Energy-AverageAccuracy
Gamo Raptor Platinum 9.7 Grain1041 fps9.8 ft/lbsGOOD
H & N field target trophy green 14.66 grain1024 fps23.3 ft/lbsPOOR, VERTICAL STRINGING
RWS hobby 11.9 grain980 fps25 ft/lbsGOOD
Crosman premier HP 14.3 grain935 fps
27.8 ft/lbs
JSB Jumbo exact 14.35 grain941 fps28.2 ft/lbsBEST TESTED
H&N field target trophy 14.66 grain941 fps28.8 ft/lbsGOOD
H&NBarracuda match 21.14 grain843 fps33 ft/lbsGOOD

The results are satisfactory as the rifle shoots accurately at lightweight pellets.

Benjamin Marauder Anatomy 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful and accurate
  • Ideal for small game shooting or hunting like rabbits, foxes, deer and pigs
  • High-power Compressed Air gun
  • The internal shroud makes the weapon quieter
  • The gun has a classical design and is manufactured with a sleek hardwood stock
  • Due to the length of 42.8 inches, it is easy to carry a gun on the shoulders while shooting
  • Reasonable price
  • The air rifle can be filled with an optional hand pump and tank
  • It offers .25 caliber for hunting bigger game
  • You have to be careful with the double feeds as the rifle can be a bit difficult to cock
  • No sight


The rifle has an estimated market value of $400-$500. Keeping in view the accuracy and reliability, it’s a great choice for those who want a high performing rifle without breaking the bank.

As a shooter, this is the end of your wait for a reliable and affordable air rifle. Now, you can buy the perfect air rifle at the lowest price!

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Customer Reviews

The rifle has positive customer reviews. Around 90% recommend the air rifle due to its accuracy. The reviews reveal that the air rifle has extreme accuracy for shooting and hunting. Many shooters are even considering extending their backyard area to make full use of the rifle’s attributes.

Moreover, those who are first-time users also find the air rifle very user-friendly and reliable.

In addition to this, the Marauder is being lauded by ex-armed forces members.

Moreover, the customers are very appreciative of the price, which is very low for the features provided.

Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle review 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

Key Features

  • One of the quietest air rifles
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Inexpensive magazines
  • Transfer port and hammer spring allow for adjustment of the power
  • Accessories such as regulators, barrels and air reservoirs are readily available on the market
  • Best for shooters and hunters
  • Reasonable price
  • Sleek hardwood stock
  • Attractive appearance


With outstanding accuracy, reliable performance, and reasonable price, the Benjamin Marauder is the perfect choice for shooters and hunters who don’t want to spend the likes of $1000.

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2. Hatsan Bullboss QE

Hatsan BullBoss QE pcp air rifle 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

The air rifle Hatsan Bullboss is available in .177, .22 and .25 caliber. The manufacturers claim that the rifle has many advanced features. Moreover, the shooter will appreciate the shot consistency and easy use of the rifle for having the safety located inside of the trigger guard.

The rifle is amongst the best PCP air rifles under $1000. .22 caliber allows you to experience 50% less noise as it diminishes downrange. The Bullboss has provided the anti-double pellet feed which prevents more than one pellet loading into the barrel.

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  • Average power: .177 caliber- 27ft/lbs ( 1070 max fps); .22 caliber – 38 ft/lbs (1070 max fps); and .25 caliber – 42 ft/lbs (970 max fps)
  • Manual and automatic safety
  • Fully adjustable 2-stage Quattro Trigger System
  • Quick fill nozzle and air cylinder discharging cap
  • Detachable ten shot .177 or .22 caliber magazine or 9 shot .25 caliber magazines
  • Detachable 255cc air cylinder for 200 bar fill (2900 PSI) with built-in pressure gauge
  • Pre-charged pneumatic power with side lever cocking action
  • Bullpup design for bulldog 357 PCP hunting rifle
  • Hardwood stock
  • Ventilated rubber butt pad
  • Extra magazine
  • Metal trigger
  • Weight is 8.6 lbs
  • Spare air cylinder regulators are available

Pros & Cons

  • Quietness is the main attraction for the people who don’t want to make a racket
  • Small game shooting or hunting is incredible with the use of this air rifle
  • Better accuracy
  • The long-range allows the shooter to go beyond the limit and have fun for small to medium game shooting
  • Two magazines and Hatsan sling
  • Knockdown power
  • Trigger is very smooth while shooting and does not hurt the fingers
  • Odd support with the tripod
  • The rifle is shrouded but not totally silent (your neighbors will hear you)
  • Only 20 consistent perfect shots, after which the accuracy drops

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The .357 air rifle has a market price of $799. HatsanBullboss QE is known for its higher price, so if you’re not too flush, it might not be for you.

Customer Reviews

The feedback of the customers for the .357 airgun is mixed. Some recommend it, while others have actually returned the HatsanBullboss QE. Many users, however, do like the air rifle for its exceptional accuracy.

Moreover, the use of the trigger has also been appreciated as the trigger is much smoother. Finally, the shooting range has been widely lauded.

hatsan bullboss qe trigger 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

In addition to this, shooters do have some complaints as well. For example, they recommend not using the gun unless it is empty.

Due to the higher price, it might not sell as well as the Benjamin Marauder.

The accuracy is commendable, but customers actually find it to be the best bullpup air rifle.

Key Features

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Quietness
  • Smooth trigger
  • 2-stage Quattro Trigger System
  • Hardwood stock with Weight is 8.6 lbs
  • Ventilated rubber butt pad


The above-mentioned description reveals that the Hatsan Bullboss QE is one of the best hunting air rifles under $1000, for users who need an accurate air rifle with useful features. You can see the price is not so low, but it is reasonable given the features and performance.

Hatsan BullBoss QE Air Rifle 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

Unlike our first air rifle, the HatsanBullboss QE does have some undeniable flaws. Therefore, if you wish to buy an air rifle which is accurate, good looking, less noisy and you do not care much about the price. Then HatsanBullboss QE can be among your options.

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3. Airforce Condor

AirForce Condor PCP Air Rifle 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

The Airforce condor is built in the USA. It delivers 600 FPS and is recoilless. The manufacturers claim that the Airforce Condor air rifle is accurate (1” at 50 yards) and exceptionally powerful. Moreover, it comes with a 24” Lotharwalthar barrel (1:16 twist).

It’s worth noting here that .20 caliber pellets are slightly longer than the .22 caliber of the same weight. Moreover, you will need an adaptor to refill the reservoir with air. In terms of volume, there’s no denying that it’s a noisy weapon.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • .177/.20/.22/.25 Caliber
  • Maximum velocity: 1150 fps
  • Noise: 5-high
  • Barrel length: 24.”
  • Overall length: 38.75.”
  • Shooting capacity: 1
  • Cocking effort: 5lbs.
  • Rifled barrel
  • Front / rear sight: None
  • Scope: 11mm
  • Trigger pull: 3 lbs.
  • Bolt-action
  • Automatic safety
  • Max shots per fill: 50
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs.
  • Cylinder size: 490cc
  • Color: black
  • Grip: Ambi
  • Synthetic stock

Pros & Cons

  • Very accurate Lothar Walther barrel
  • 80 FPE is out of the box
  • Made in the USA
  • Highly adjustable power wheel
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to swing around
  • Lifetime warranty which is an excellent feature
  • The removable air supply means extra is possible
  • Interchangeable barrel
  • The stock butt pad is pretty bad
  • Single shot, therefore each pellet must be loaded manually
  • Open sights are an extra
  • The trigger is not that smooth
  • Loud!
  • No pressure gauge
  • Higher price
  • Reverse bolt operation


The market value of the Airforce Condor is $740. If you are seeking a lower priced air rifle, this is likely not for you. However, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not such a high price. See our picks of top PCP air rifles under $500.

Customer Reviews

The reviews for the Airforce Condor are 80% in favor. Mostly shooters appreciate excellent accuracy. Moreover, being synthetic, it’s one of the lightest best long-range rifles under $1000. Therefore, for shooters who wish to have an enjoyable time in their backyard on weekends, the Airforce condor is a great option, as long as the noise isn’t an issue for you.

Additionally, most game hunters are satisfied with the performance, and also the safety as well as power and accuracy.

airforce condor review 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

Key Features

  • Exceptional Accuracy
  • Loud
  • Light in weight, therefore easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Highly adjustable power wheel
  • Lothar Walther barrel
  • Maximum velocity is 1150 fps


A serious air rifle for the serious shooter! It is the best hunting rifle under $1000 in 2020. The accuracy of the air rifle is far better than the Airforce Condor, and if you compare the prices, there is not much difference. The rifle is definitely among the best bolt action rifles under $1000.

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4. Umarex Gauntlet

Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

The Umarex Gauntlet air rifle is an accurate, consistent, silent and magazine feed regulated PCP shooter for the masses, available at under $300. The Umarex Gauntlet is a stand-out HAM gold award winner! Therefore, it is easily one of the best PCP air rifles under $1000.

The Umarex Gauntlet allows you to have consistent shots, even by removing the barrier if worried about the shot curve. Moreover, HAM tested the trigger, which was weak, but it can be adjusted and improved. The Umarex Gauntlet comes with a synthetic stock.


  • .25” Caliber
  • Maximum velocity: 900 fps
  • Muzzle velocity: 45 ft/lbs.
  • Loudness: 3-medium
  • Barrel length: 23.5.”
  • Overall length: 46”
  • Shot capacity: 8
  • Barrel is rifled
  • Scope: 11mm
  • Single stage trigger
  • Suitable for small game hunting or target practice
  • Bolt action
  • Triggers pull: 2.9 lbs
  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Ten shot repeater
  • Maximum shots per fill: 28
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs.
  • Cylinder size: 213cc
  • Synthetic stock
  • Color: Black
  • Grip: Ambi
  • Pressure release key

Accuracy And Speed

Below is the HAM test to check the accuracy and speed of the Umarex Gaunlet.

PelletMuzzle Velocity-AverageMuzzle Energy-AverageAccuracy
Gamo Raptor Platinum 9.7 Grain932 fps36.5 ft/lbsEXCELLENT
H & N field target trophy green 14.66 grain938 fps38.9 ft/lbsVERY GOOD
RWS hobby 11.9 grain880 fps
42 ft/lbs
Crosman premier HP 14.3 grain874 fps43 ft/lbsEXCELLENT
JSB Jumbo exact 14.35 grain865 fps43.2 ft/lbsVERY GOOD
H&N field target trophy 14.66 grain843 fps43.9 ft/lbsVERY GOOD
H&N Barracuda match 21.14 grain779 fps45 ft/lbsEXCELLENT

The results show the accuracy and HAM found the test satisfactory.

Pros & Cons

  • Reasonable price
  • Full shrouded barrel
  • Higher shot count
  • Adjustable cheekpiece
  • Highly regulated
  • Shot speed is 21 foot-pounds of energy.
  • Umarex Gauntlet .22 caliber gives the accurate velocity
  • The trigger is made of metal, and it feels friendly and real
  • Umarex uses the marauder magazine, therefore the design is quite impressive and straightforward
  • Sticky safety level
  • Misaligned bottle cover
  • Jams due to double-feed from the magazine
umarex gauntlet edit table 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!


The Umarex Gauntlet is available for $300. The HAM test has revealed that at this price, the features are very good, and manufacturers have carried out the engineering very cleverly. Therefore, the air rifle offers better performance at such a reasonable price.

Moreover, Umarex claims that the air rifle is tailor-made to perform like $1000 model. The HAM test confirmed that the Umarex Gauntlet works very well all round.

Customer Reviews

Most reviews are heavily in favor of the Umarex Gauntlet. The air rifle has been declared by the users as the most accurate air rifle around for target practice. Moreover, hunters have used it at 50 yards for small pest control.

Many users have compared the Umarex Gauntlet with the Crosman Premier Domed. The shooters also like the PCP regulation.

Likewise, many shooters were in search of an air rifle with perfect features but at an affordable and reasonable price. The Umarex Gauntlet has provided them with quality and price.

Umarex Gauntlet Air Rifle Review 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

Key Features

  • Reasonable price
  • Small and medium target shooting & hunting
  • Fully shrouded barrel
  • Higher shot count
  • Synthetic stock
  • User-friendly trigger


A gun is useless if there is no accuracy. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that an air rifle should be accurate and reliable. The Umarex Gauntlet is a quiet gun, and your neighbors do not get disturbed when you are shooting in the backyard.

The Umarex Gauntlet’s sound suppression system in the form of barrel sleeve and baffles performs terrifically well.

Overall, if you’re looking for an air rifle that would be accurate and reasonable, the Umarex Gauntlet is the best option for you. You can afford it and enjoy it!

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5. Seneca Sumatra 2500

Seneca Sumatra 2500 500cc review 2 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

The Seneca Sumatra 2500 is a pre-charged pneumatic 190cc air reservoir. The Seneca Sumatra 2500 is a high power air rifle for varmint hunting and pest control. This air rifle has been making a spash in the market with profound quality and price.

For maximum knockdown power, the accuracy is exceptional for the Seneca Sumatra 2500. Without any doubt, the Seneca Sumatra 2500 is loud and heavy. The Seneca Sumatra 2500 is the combination of usability, reliability, and value. Based on the performance, the Seneca Sumatra 2500 air rifle received the HAM silver award.

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This air rifle is not family-friendly. The shooters are most welcome to use the Seneca Sumatra 2500 and be the winner!


Caliber.22″ (5.5mm)
Max Velocity1100 fps
Barrel Length24.0″
Overall Length43.0″
Shot Capacity6
Front SightBlade & Ramp
Rear SightAdjustable for windage & elevation
Scopeable11mm dovetail
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Suggested forHunting
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill33
Body TypeRifle
Weight8.0 lbs

Accuracy And Speed

Below is the HAM test to check the accuracy and speed of Seneca Sumatra 2500 air rifle.

PelletMuzzle Velocity-AverageMuzzle Energy-AverageAccuracy
Gamo Raptor Platinum 9.7 Grain1357 fps39ft/lbsGOOD
H & N field target trophy green 14.66 grain1345 fps40 ft/lbsEXCELLENT
RWS hobby 11.9 grain1286 fps43ft/lbsEXCELLENT
Crosman premier HP 14.3 grain1232 fps48ft/lbsEXCELLENT
JSB Jumbo exact 14.35 grain1225 fps 47ft/lbsEXCELLENT
H&N field target trophy 14.66 grain1231 fps49ft/lbsEXCELLENT
H&N barracuda match 21.14 grain1110 fps57 ft/lbsEXCELLENT

The results are satisfactory outstanding as the air rifle produces the high muzzle velocity with dense pellets. It is the best long-range rifle under 1000 dollars.

Seneca Sumatra 2500 1 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 - Top 5 guns get the job done!

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful and accurate
  • Reliable
  • Reasonable price
  • Awesome looks
  • Quality
  • Adjustable velocity, therefore; It can hold long and heavy pellets
  • Loud
  • The rear sight is less than desirable
  • Trigger pull is not that adjustable

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The Seneca Sumatra 2500 has a market price of $650. The air rifle is very accurate and authoritative, therefore if you consider the amount you would love to buy Seneca Sumatra 2500. With this accuracy, the air rifle is reasonable and worth having in your collection.

Seneca Sumatra 2500 Trigger

Customer Review

Most views of the shooters for this air rifle are positive. Customers find the Seneca Sumatra 2500 very reasonable due to its quality at such a reasonable price.

Mostly, shooters are leaving reviews for the Seneca Sumatra 2500 which claims it to be very accurate and authoritative.

Moreover, shooters claim that the Seneca Sumatra 2500 is much louder than other rifles. But the noise is not shown as a complaint. The customers are okay with it.

Shooters with experience of hunting game as big as coyotes have lauded the abilities of the Seneca Sumatra 2500. Customers find it to be the best air gun under $1000.

Key Features

  • Accurate air rifle
  • Loud
  • Affordable price
  • Best for shooting and hunting
  • Hardwood Stock
  • 2 stage adjustable trigger

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The Seneca Sumatra 2500 would be your perfect choice of air rifle if you’re searching for a short and accurate air rifle. It gives you the best experience at the lowest price.

If you hate noise, however, then you must not go for the Seneca Sumatra 2500.

But, if you accept the loud sound and you are concerned with the durability and reliability at a reasonable cost, then the Seneca Sumatra 2500 is your choice.

To conclude, we have gone into great detail about the above air rifles. By now, you should be able to make a more informed choice about which suits your requirements and bank balance the best. From the lowest price and accuracy to the highest cost and outstanding efficiency, you have all the options in front of you to choose between.


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