New Crossbows for 2024

New Crossbows for 2024

(Photo courtesy of TenPoint Crossbows)

Knock ‘Em Dead — TenPoint Flatline 460

TenPoint Flatline 460

A compact crossbow that’s built to unleash bolts at blistering speeds, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ Flatline 460 combines maneuverability, accuracy and hard-hitting impact into one dynamic package. Thanks to its reverse-draw assembly, RX8-Cam system and 14-inch power stroke, this crossbow has a tight profile — only 26.5 inches long and 7.5 inches wide when cocked — yet it’s capable of launching the included EVO-X CenterPunch 16-inch, 400-grain carbon bolts at an impressive 460 fps. The crossbow’s Vector-Quad Cable technology uses four cables instead of two to help eliminate cam lean and produce straight nock travel, while the 16-inch MICRO-TRAC barrel reportedly reduces string contact by 50 percent, furthering string life and boosting downrange accuracy.

The Flatline 460, which weighs 7.5 pounds without accessories, is topped by TenPoint’s EVO-X Marksman Elite 2-8X variable-speed scope that promises precision accuracy out to 100 yards. TenPoint also has teamed with Burris Optics for the Flatline 460 Oracle X, essentially the same crossbow model but topped with Burris’ Oracle X laser-rangefinding scope that produces dead-on aimpoints with the simple push of a button. Other Flatline 460 highlights include the S1 two-stage, zero-creep trigger offering a consistent, crisp 3.5-pound pull and the TEC-TACTICAL stock with adjustable butt plate. The bow, which is available in Veil Alpine Camo, also comes with an integrated string stop system, six bolts, 6-bolt Tech Quiver, Sentry Bowhanger to hang your bow in the stand and a bubble level to prevent canting. TenPoint’s ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system is also included in the package. $2,599.99 (Marksman Elite), $3,299.99 (Oracle X) |

Deadly Big-Game Killer — Excalibur Assassin Extreme

Excalibur Assassin Extreme

The latest addition to Excalibur’s Assassin crossbow line, the Assassin Extreme is more maneuverable than previous models thanks to its reduced weight, yet it still delivers hard-hitting impact and superb accuracy to take down a variety of game. The Micro High-Output Express Limbs and 15-inch power stroke combine to propel bolts up to 400 fps, while the included Charger EXT cranking system reduces cocking effort to 22 pounds. The bow, which weighs 6.9 pounds without accessories and 9.6 pounds fully loaded, is available in Flat Dark Earth finish and comes with a Tact-100 scope, four Quill 16.5-inch bolts, four 100-grain fieldpoints, 4-bolt quiver, R.E.D.S. Suppressors, CeaseFire de-cocking aid and more. A second model, available only at dealers, comes in Flat Dark Earth or Realtree Excape (pictured), with an Overwatch Scope, four ProFlight 16.5-inch bolts, four 100-grain fieldpoints, 4-bolt quiver, R.E.D.S. Suppressors and CeaseFire de-cocking aid. $1,399.99 |

New Looks And Feature — Ravin XK7 Series

Ravin XK7 Series

Ravin Crossbows continues to expand its innovative options for crossbow hunters in 2024 by adding the new XK7 Series, featuring the King’s Camo XK7 pattern and a new Speed Lock feature on the company’s illuminated crossbow scope. An orange ring on the scope that secures the speed dial after the bow is sighted in and calibrated, the Speed Lock is designed to ensure you remain on-target by preventing the scope from moving or accidentally getting bumped out of position during transit. The XK7 pattern and Speed Lock will be available on Ravin’s signature R500 series crossbows, as well as the R10, R10X, R5X, R26X, R29X and R29X Sniper. Price Varies by Model |

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Lighter, Faster Constrictor — Bear X Constrictor Pro

Bear X Constrictor Pro

The Constrictor Pro from Bear X is lighter, faster and more compact than previous Constrictor models. Only 10 inches wide when cocked (12 inches at rest), this 32-inch-long crossbow boasts a narrow profile yet is capable of achieving blistering bolt speeds of up to 420 fps. The 4-bolt, top-mounting quiver sits on a 360-degree pivot, allowing it to be mounted on the left- or right-hand side of the bow and providing convenient, easy access whether you’re a righty or southpaw. Finish options include Stone/Veil Whitetail and Stone/TrueTimber Strata. The Constrictor Pro weighs 9 pounds with accessories, and it comes with three Bear X TrueX Max bolts, quiver, illuminated reticle/speed-adjustable scope, sling, arrow lube and string wax. $699.99 |

Sneaky Assassin — TenPoint Stealth 450

TenPoint Stealth 450

Billed as TenPoint’s fastest forward-draw crossbow ever, the Stealth 450 sends bolts downrange at up to 450 fps when using the 400-grain bolts that come with the bow. The crossbow checks in at only 6.5 inches wide when cocked, with a length of 33 inches and a weight of 7.5 pounds without accessories. Helping the Stealth 450 achieve its exceptional downrange accuracy are the EVO-X Marksman Elite 2-8X scope and new scope struts that reportedly increase rigidity and strength by 80 percent. The scope struts, along with the longer scope-mounting dovetail, provide exceptional stability for a range of scopes including heavier laser-rangefinding and thermal scopes. The Stealth 450, like all TenPoint models, comes as a fully-assembled, ready-to-shoot package with three Pro Elite 400 Carbon Crossbow bolts, integrated string stop system, 6-bolt Tech Quiver, Sentry Bowhanger, bubble level and more. It also features the ACUslide system for easy cocking of the bow — reducing the draw weight to 5 pounds — and for safe de-cocking. Bowhunters looking for the ultimate in accuracy will appreciate that this crossbow is also available with the Oracle X laser-rangefinding scope from Burris. $2,099.99 (Marksman Elite), $2,799.99 (Oracle X) |

Retro Look, Modern Performance — Excalibur Wolverine


Excalibur Crossbow is celebrating 40 years of crossbow excellence this year, and to honor its rich history, the company is paying tribute to its first-ever crossbow with the new Wolverine. This lightweight, dependable bow checks in at just 8 pounds with accessories (6.4 pounds without accessories), measures 31.5 inches long and sends bolts downrange at up to 360 fps. It comes with an Overwatch Scope, R.E.D.S. Suppressors, Rebolt Quiver, four ProFlight 16.5-inch bolts, four 100-grain fieldpoints, a rope cocking and de-cocking aid. Leading the safety features is Excalibur’s CeaseFire technology that ensures the bow can’t be fired unless a bolt is loaded, the safety is off and the trigger is pulled. In keeping with the retro theme, the Wolverine comes in Mossy Oak Bottomland, the pattern that started Mossy Oak more than 35 years ago. $1,099.99 |

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Lightweight Big-Game Slayer — Wicked Ridge Rampage XS

Wicked Ridge Rampage XS

Wicked Ridge’s lightest crossbow ever, the Rampage XS combines performance, dependability and affordability, making it an excellent choice for new archery hunters and veteran bowhunters alike. Molded from glass-filled polypropylene, the Rampage XS stock features strategic cutouts to reduce bow weight and improve balance. The bow, which is 4 inches shorter than the previous Rampage, marries a 175-pound draw with 11-inch WRX laminated limbs and heavy-duty 5S cams to launch bolts up to 390 fps. Safety features include TenPoint’s Dry-Fire Inhibitor that prevents the string from accidentally firing if a bolt isn’t loaded as well as large safety wings above the foregrip to prevent fingers from accidentally sliding into the flight deck. The crossbow, which is 31.5 inches long and 15 inches wide when cocked, comes in Peak XT Camo. It’s available with either the XS Stock with a built-in ACUdraw cocking device or a tactical stock with an AR-style, adjustable butt stock (2.5 inches of adjustability) and rope sled. The tactical stock setup weighs only 5.8 pounds, while the XS Stock with the ACUdraw checks in at 6.5 pounds. Three bolts and TenPoint’s ProView Scope are also included with the package. $649.99 with ACUdraw; $549.99 with rope sled |

An Invaluable Value — Bear X Domain 410

Bear X Domain 410

If you’re on the hunt for a crossbow that’s not only accurate and dependable but also won’t break the bank, the Domain 410 is an excellent option. This new-for-2024 horizontal bow is only 12 inches wide cocked (14 inches at rest) yet features a 185-pound draw weight, helping to send bolts on their way at 410 fps. The bow, which is 35 inches long and weighs 9 pounds with all the accessories, comes as a ready-to-shoot package, complete with three Bear X TrueX Max bolts, illuminated reticle/speed-adjustable scope, manual cocking aid, sling, arrow lube, string wax and more. It’s available in a Stone/Mossy Oak Country DNA finish. $549.99 |

Made For Tight Confines — Exclaibur Micro Extreme


Bowhunters who find themselves in tight spaces such as a ground blind or foliage-rimmed treestand will appreciate the versatility, maneuverability and lightweight design of the Micro Extreme. Designed to propel bolts up to 360 fps, this crossbow measures 31.5 inches long and weighs only 8 pounds fully loaded (6.4 pounds without accessories). CeaseFire technology ensures you can’t accidentally fire the bow without a bolt in place and the safety off, while the heavy duty design means the Micro Extreme is built to last. A Dead Zone scope, R.E.D.S. Suppressors, four Quill 16.5-inch bolts, a 4-bolt quiver, four 100-grain fieldpoints, rope cocker and a CeaseFire de-cocking aid complete the setup. $949.99 |

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Sleek And Powerful — TenPoint Viper 430

TenPoint Viper 430

The next step in the evolution of TenPoint’s popular Viper S400, the Viper 430 is 30 fps faster than the original Viper and features a narrower frame (6.5 inches wide when cocked), a big plus when hunting tight areas. TenPoint is able to achieve better velocity and enhanced accuracy with this model via new scope struts that improve stability, RX6-Cams that rotate 340 degrees and an increased power stroke of 13 inches, resulting in bolts flying 430 fps when shooting the 400-grain Pro Elite 400 carbon bolts that come with the package.

As with the majority of newer TenPoint models, the Viper 430 comes equipped with the ACUslide Cocking and De-cocking System, which includes an auto-brake gear system that locks the handle in place if you let go or your hand accidentally slips off while cocking or de-cocking the bow. The crossbow also features the new RangeMaster 100, a 2-7X variable-speed scope that features higher quality glass for better clarity and brightness and aim points out to 100 yards. The Viper 430 comes fully assembled and ready to hit the range, with three bolts, a 3-bolt quiver, Sentry Bowhanger and much more. $1,699.99 (Moss Green), $1,799.99 (Vektra Camo) |

Perfect For Any Hunter — Bear X Trance 410

Bear X Trance 410

Designed to hit game hard without doing the same to your wallet, the Bear X Trance 410 is accurate, reliable and fast, yet checks in at less than $500. The Trance 410 boasts a narrow profile — only 12 inches wide when cocked (14 inches wide uncocked) — and fires bolts 410 fps thanks to its 185-pound draw weight and 14.5-inch power stroke. The bow sports a black finish and comes with a manual cocking sled. Three Bear X TrueX Max bolts, 4×32 illuminated reticle scope, 4-bolt quiver and sling are all included. $499.99 |

Top-Notch Starter Package — Wicked Ridge Blackhawk XT

Wicked Ridge Blackhawk XT

A solid option for someone just starting out in crossbow hunting, the Blackhawk XT is not only fast, accurate and affordable, it’s also available with the ACUdraw integrated cocking device that reduces the 175-draw weight to a mere 5 pounds of force, making cocking the bow super easy. Capable of launching bolts up to 380 fps, this horizontal bow measures 35 inches long, 15 inches wide when cocked and weighs 6 pounds without the scope and accessories. It comes with a TenPoint Multi-Line Scope, three Match 400 Carbon Alpha-Nock bolts, 3-bolt quiver and more. In addition to the ACUDraw, the Blackhawk XT is also available with the ACUdraw 50, an integrated rope-cocking device that features self-retracting cords/hooks that magnetically store in the butt stock when not in use. If you want to introduce a youth or new hunter to archery hunting, this entry level model is packed with positives! $549.99 (with ACUdraw), $449.99 (with ACUdraw 50) |

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