Master the Artillery Hold Technique


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artillery hold

artillery hold air rifle

The artillery hold is a shooting technique commonly used with air rifles to improve accuracy and consistency. It involves holding the rifle loosely, allowing it to recoil freely in a controlled manner. This technique is particularly effective with spring piston air rifles, which have a unique recoil pattern compared to other firearms.

The key to the artillery hold is finding the right balance between grip and relaxation. The shooter should maintain a firm grip on the stock with their dominant hand, while allowing their non-dominant hand to lightly rest on the forend or support handguard. The goal is to minimize any interference that could disrupt the natural movement of the rifle during firing.

By adopting the artillery hold, shooters can mitigate the effects of spring vibration and recoil, which can negatively impact accuracy. This shooting technique helps dampen excessive movement and allows for more consistent shot placement. It requires practice and experimentation to find the optimal grip and position for each individual shooter, but once mastered, it can significantly improve shooting performance with an air rifle.

In conclusion, the artillery hold technique is essential for mastering accuracy with an air rifle. By maintaining a loose grip and allowing the firearm to recoil naturally, shooters can significantly improve their aim and consistency. Practicing this method consistently can make a noticeable difference in overall shooting performance, making it a valuable skill for any air rifle enthusiast.


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