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airforce texan big bore air rifle review

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AirForce Texan Big Bore brings happiness for all the people eagerly waiting for something that is entirely made in USA. Here is your favorite air gun that does make shooting great again. Air force Texan is a name you cannot deny when it comes to accuracy or energy. They offer you dead-on accurate shots which will mix with your skill and do wonders.

It has always been difficult to choose the best air gun for shooting or gifting your close one who is fascinated about air rifles. However, air force Texan will do your job smoothly. Here, I will discuss in detail the features of this terrific air rifle, its pros and cons so you can decide your move easily.

AirForce Texan Big Bore is all about power and accuracy. If you are a regular hunter, you will know how these two can change your shooting experience altogether. PCP rifles are gaining popularity these days and for all the right reasons.

Here we will first talk about the gun type then review every single part for better insight, and see why AirForce Texan Big Bore is one the best PCP air rifles in 2019.

Gun type

AirForce Texan Big Bore is a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifle that creates air pressure mechanically rather than having any chemical reaction inside the tank which is the power house of the entire system. If you are new to PCP guns, I recommend you read this post to see if PCP air rifle is the best choice for shooting enthusiasts

The air compresses and creates havoc pressure, which is later used to throw projectiles. Air force Texan big bore allows air pressure as high as 3000 psi to give its best performance.

Being an air rifle, AirForce Texan comes with an exotic air tank. I can leave all the power and accuracy aside. The outlook of this particular rifle is enough to steal the show. If you take a seat among air rifle enthusiasts frequently this is going to earn you some high level of jealousy.

AirForce Texan Big Bore is one of the best PCP air rifles in 2019.

AirForce Texan Big Bore air tank is filled in various ways. You can use a hand pump or a compressor. Conventional hunters are still huge fans of using hand pumps but let me warn you that is going to be very tiring. If you are not very confident of the physical work, I suggest you leave it up to a compressor. There are numerous compressors available in the market. I will be sharing the details in the later part of this Air Force Texan big bore air rifle review.

Now that you have filled the tank, the valves inside the reservoir create blockage and due to this the pressure increases. When you pull the trigger, the pressure releases through a comparatively narrow path turning all the potential energy into velocity. Thus your projectile lands in the desired location.

The pressure and performance of the air rifle are not proportional though it may look so from the principle. Way too high air pressure which is out of the range of the gun may cause permanent blockage making it completely nonfunctional.

AirForce Texan Big Bore is a single-shot gun. This means you have to load the gun for every shot. Though there are multi shot guns available in the market, the accuracy of single shot guns is still unbeatable. From another point of view, it makes you a better hunter. You know you have to go through all the work and hassle before you could take another shot. Therefore, you try your very best to make that one shot count. Regular use of single shot guns improves your focus, target and ultimately performance.

The barrel of AirForce Texan Big Bore is not shrouded making it pretty loud. It is not okay if you plan to shoot in silence in the backyard or want to take a couple of squirrels down. However, there’s more to air force Texan big bore and do not lose heart as I got the solution for loudness. Continue with the air force Texan big bore review and discover the wonders it can do.

Moving on to next part of the rifle, this particular model of air force Texan offers you two-stage nonadjustable triggers. Though their position can be adjusted according to your need. The trigger section contains a detailed review of the trigger and makes the sir clear for the beginners.

AirForce Texan Big Bore is available in four different calibers. They offer you 0.257, 0.30, 0.357 and 0.45. The power, velocity, accuracy varies from caliber to caliber. It also provides you with commendable safety. The textured grip deserved to be mentioned as well.

So far, I gave you an overall idea of the rifle and what are the main features you will be dealing with in case you get an air force Texan big bore. Now let us do some detailed research work on every single part to make a smart buy.

AirForce Texan Big Bore is available in four different calibers: 0.257, 0.30, 0.357 and 0.45


AirForce Texan Big Bore comes with a synthetic stock. Now I know a lot of you will stick up your nose hearing synthetic stock, but they are much more realistic than wood stock. Nothing can outshine the class of a wood stock but they are heavier than synthetic ones.

When it comes to air guns, your first priority is performance and convenience not the look and to be truthful air force Texan big bore is absolute beauty even with its synthetic stock. They are lighter than the wooden ones which you can handle easily and carry from one place to another as well.

The textured grip adds more uniqueness to it. The butt plate can be rotated from left to right for some cast on or cast off adjustment.

AirForce Texan Big Bore’s Sight

Sight is one of the most important features of any shooting equipment. Airforce Texan comes with no open sight though it offers you 11 mm dovetail rail on the upper part of the body. It is very important to put your illumination parts, surveying equipment and range on sync for a successful shoot.

AirForce Texan Big Bore gives you full freedom to choose your own scope. Do not rush into something popular just because people are saying it works well. Air force Texan lets you use a very wide range of accessories where the price range also satisfies all kinds of pockets.

You would not need some high rated scope that is used in air guns usually as air force Texan big bore has very fewer reverse recoil. Go with something that serves your purpose and is affordable at the same time.

You can also think about picatinny or weaver rail but in that case, you will need an adapter for air force Texan to accommodate those scopes. There are numerous dovetails to pica tinny or dovetail to the weaver adapter available in the market, and it would cost you around $40-50 to get a generous one.

Velocity, accuracy and power

Hands down we are talking about the most powerful air rifle of the world. Whoever talks like “just an air gun” has definitely no clue about the power of air force Texan big bore. To start with, you take a lead bullet of .45 caliber and air force Texan will deliver it with 500 ft lbs energy at a speed of 100 fps. Now who talking about power! I will give you a detailed chart of velocity and energy air force Texan produces in case of different pellets.

Here are some of the test results that will give you a better idea of the power and velocity in relation with certain ammos.

The table below shows the results when the tank was fully filled to 3000 psi initially.

Ammo tested weight Shot1 Shot2 Energy Shots/fill
Round ball 143 grain 902 fps 914 fps 265 ft-lbs 13
Hollow point 200 grain 848 fps 818 fps 319 ft-lbs 10
Round nose 350 grain 791 fps 777 fps 469 ft-lbs 6
Round nose 405 grain 750 fps 735 fps 505 ft-lbs 3

Here are the results Eric Blandford got while testing 5 shot strings with the tank filled at 3000 psi initially.

Ammo tested Weight Shot1 Shot2 Shot3 Shot4 Shot5 Energy
Round ball 143 fps 974 fps 981 fps 972 fps 963 fps 967 fps 306 ftlbs
Hunters specialty .457 310 fps 806 fps 805 fps 802 fps 801 fps 799 fps 457 ftlbs
Hunters specialty .457 350 fps 769fps 769 fps 768 fps 767 fps 764 fps 460 ftlbs
Cast lead #2 alloy 405 fps 721 fps 719 fps 721 fps 729 fps 715 fps 478 ftlbs

Ton Jones Texan performance chart:

Bullet shape Weight First shot Energy
Hollow base 405 750 505.98
Round nose 350 783 476.59
Truncated cone 240 841 377.02
Semi wad cutter 215 880 369.79
Round ball 143 966 296.38

One drawback for air force Texan is that it is new in the market so the ammos available for testing will be limited. However, fear not! This is a great opportunity for the hardcore shooters to be all about getting their own ammos.

Air force Texan is good to take down small to medium range games anytime. In fact, it’s one of the best air rifle for hunting everyone can afford. You can watch the interesting video below from AirgunDepot to know more:


Air force Texan big bore offers you a two-stage trigger, though they are not purely adjustable. You can only adjust the position of the trigger. In simple words, the trigger is crisp and clean. In air force Texan big bore trigger breaks at 32 ounces. Being on the heavier side, you can always tell when the trigger is going to break. This predictability increases the rate of success.

The valve of air force Texan big bore can be tuned to either maximum power or maximum consistency. You can analyze your need and make the right tuning.

Cocking and loading

Cocking and loading in air force Texan big bore is very easy. To start with, the butt plate on air force Texan is adjustable, which gives you highest flexibility against the length of this air gun.

While cocking, you pull the lever out that will cock the gun. Yes, it is that simple. Then load the magazine and pull it back. You are all set to fire your first shot.

You can see a side lever along the body of air force Texan, which when closes the safety automatically enables. This is one striking feature of air force Texan big bore. It offers you incredible security that is enabled automatically.


In this case let me tell you the scenario in very short and simple way. Air force Texan big bore is LOUD! Yes, if you are thinking about squirrel shooting without letting your neighbors know, then this should not belong in your drawing room. The barrel is not baffled neither shrouded so there is no silence mechanism.

However, I have the solution here. There are numerous silencers available in the market which would do magic on your air force Texan. One of the available products is Donny FL Emperor Suppressor which is claimed as quiet as rain drops.

You can choose from the wide variety available in the market and make your Texan quiet and perfect for lawn shooting.

Shooting ability

As I mentioned above, air force Texan is a single-shot air gun. It has an in-built manometer to keep track of the pressure inside the barrel. As with decrease in pressure, you will find the performance deteriorating.


Air force Texan big bore is not very high-maintenance air gun. It was designed to provide you with endless shooting moments with minimum care. There would be nothing for ages and then if you see slugs because of lead pellets, leave a note for your second generation to wipe it clean with a cloth. If that does not suffice, put one or two drop of oil and your air force Texan big bore is new again, ready to serve your grand children.


Air force Texan is a pcp gun with a 490 cc tank which offers maximum pressure of 3000 psi. If these numbers make any sense to you, then you already know what I am going to say next, if not let me clarify the fact that you need an external source to fill the tank.

You can use a hand pump but practically that would be very tiring so go for air compressor and choose one available in the market.If you don’t know how to choose the right air source for your PCP rifle, I suggest you use only compressed air or dry nitrogen for your air force Texan big bore tank.

Apart from the air pump, you will need a sight as it comes with no open sight. Same as the tank there is a wide variety available in the market for sight and scope so you can choose the perfect one according to your need and mood. The Texan comes with a dovetail rail though with cheap adapters you can use pica tinny or weaver ring.

To eliminate the loudness you can use a silencer on the barrel and spending a little would not hurt as these accessories are here to last long.


I have discussed in details all the features but while picking the air gun, I know you could be in hurry, so I am here to sum it all up. Here I am giving you the product specifications at one go.

  • Complete made in USA.
  • This is a pre-charged pneumatic rifle, which works on compressed air pressure.
  • The body offers a side lever for better and easy access and loading.
  • Air force Texan is a single-shot rifle.
  • It comes with a 11 mm dovetail ring for attaching your favorite scope.
  • The barrel of air force Texan big bore is 34” long.
  • Two-stage trigger and the position can be adjusted.
  • Automatic safety, which can be controlled manually as well.
  • The grip is textured.
  • Air tank is 490 cc with maximum pressure of 3000 psi.
  • Air force Texan offers pressure relief device.
  • In-built manometer to keep track of the pressure inside the tank.
  • Optic rail is extended for better mounting.
  • The power of the rifle could be adjusted according to your need,
  • Pull length is between 13.825” and 15”.
  • Butt plate can be adjusted depending upon your body weight and size.
  • There is no silencer, which makes the air force Texan big bore a loud air gun.


  • The undeniable best feature of air force Texan big bore is its power, it is one of the most powerful air guns ever made and it really narrows the distance between the power of a firearm and that of an air rifle.
  • Accuracy is unbeatable with air force Texan big bore air gun.
  • Automatic safety to avoid any accident.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Synthetic stock for extreme weather usage and light weight as well.

Air force Texan is good to take down small to medium games anytime


  • This rifle is not silenced. The loudness could be an issue in some gaming.
  • No scope attached with this air force Texan.
  • The air tank is right below your face increasing risk of mishap.


Air force Texan will cost you around $1000 to $1200 depending upon your caliber choice. If you add the accessories like air tank, sight and silencer, it would cost you another $300-$400 but considering the power and accuracy of the rifle it should not be an issue.

This durable air gun is a one-time purchase and with proper accessories, you can have the best shooting experience. Not only that, an air force Texan is a legacy you can leave behind.

Customer review

Air force Texan is the name you can trust and so does the world of hunters. The positivity and high spirit that surround air force Texan are always confidence booster for new buyers. They have done everything right with the air gun, and all that you would spend on this air gun will be totally worth the quality according to all the customers.


At the end of this Air force Texan big bore review all I can say is that I have provided you with all important and authentic data. Now it is your choice to make a decision and take your gun out to head to the woods because Air force Texan is the American dream in the world of air rifles, which offers you durability, power and accuracy in a single box.


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