Tennessee Turkey Season 2024: Complete Hunting Guide – Dates, Bags & Regulation!


The Tennessee turkey hunting season is almost approaching, and hunters are preparing for an exciting and fulfilling day in nature. The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission changed the season, so hunters must be informed of the new rules if they want to help protect the wild turkey population in the state. The modifications include a later start date, a smaller bag limit, and limitations on when birds may be collected. Despite these modifications, hunters can still anticipate a thrilling season filled with chances to put their abilities to the test and forge relationships with the natural world. This article will examine the seasons, permits, bag restrictions, and other rules for a productive turkey hunting season.

Tennessee Turkey Season 2024

A few changes will be made to Tennessee’s next spring turkey shooting season in 2024 to help the state’s wild turkey population. The season will begin two weeks later than in prior years, and the bag limit has been decreased from three to two birds. The fact that just one of such birds may be captured during the first seven days of the season should also be noted by hunters. The regular season will start the next month and last until the month after the Young Sportsman Hunt, which will take place statewide in that month. With these changes, hunters will be able to enjoy the thrill of turkey hunting while also helping protect the state’s wild turkey population.

TN Spring Turkey Season

Spring Turkey SeasonStart DateEnd Date Young Sportsman8-Apr-239-Apr-23 Shotgun/Archery15-Apr28-May-23

TN Fall Turkey Season

Fall Turkey SeasonStart DateEnd Date Archery24-Sep28-Oct Archery31-Oct4-Nov Shotgun/Archery15-Oct28-Oct

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Bag Limits

TN Turkey SeasonBag Limit Spring1 bearded turkey per day Fall1 bearded turkey per county

Bag Restrictions

Spring Turkey: Hunters may take one bearded turkey every day during the spring turkey season, with two bearded turkeys taken throughout the whole hunting period. Only one of the two turkeys, however, can be a Jake. (a male turkey with a beard shorter than 6 inches). The presence of white banding on the wing feathers, tail feathers the same length, a beard longer than 6 inches, or spurs that are at least 1/2 inch long are indicators of an adult gobbler that is legal to harvest. It’s crucial to remember that every turkey taken during the Young Sportsman Hunt counts against the two-turkey quota for the spring season.

Fall Season: In the counties of Bledsoe, Bradley, Crockett, Dyer, Giles, Haywood, Lake, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Lincoln, Loudon, McMinn, Monroe, Polk, Shelby, Tipton, Unicoi, and Wayne, hunting for turkeys in the fall is not permitted.

Turkey Licenses

In Tennessee, you must possess a Sportsman or Hunting and Fishing Combination license and a supplementary license, which varies depending on the hunting gear you use. The complete list of turkey hunting permits is available on the tn.gov website.

Hunting Regulations

  • Tennessee’s spring statewide turkey season allows shotguns with No. 4 shot or smaller, longbows, recurve bows, compound bows, and crossbows. Night vision, infrared, and other artificial light equipment are restricted; however, scopes are permitted. During the season, hunters may utilize Airbows to fire arrows.
  • Hunting is only permitted from 30 minutes before dawn until legal dusk.
  • Turkey’s hunting prohibits rifles, pistols, electronic calls, live decoys, and ammunition bigger than No. 4 shot. Baiting is prohibited. Dyer, Haywood, Lauderdale, Obion, Shelby, and Tipton restrict boat-based turkey hunting. The General Regulations list forbidden activities.
  • Tennessee spring turkey hunting has these restrictions. A licensed hunter may help a permit holder but cannot have turkey hunting firearms. A 21-year-old non-hunting adult must accompany young Sportsman Hunt participants. Public land-hunted turkeys count against statewide bag limits and must be intact until tagged and turned in. WMAs prohibit turkey farming.
  • Some Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) limit turkey hunting dates or quotas. All WMAs restrict turkey calling from March 1 until spring turkey hunts.
  • An adult gobbler must have one of these: a beard longer than 6 inches, equal-length tail feathers, a spur at least 1/2 inch long, or wing feathers with white barring to the tip.
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FAQs related to Tennessee Turkey Hunting Season

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